(Shounen-AI) Let Me Show You How

Warning buat yang masih di bawah umur!!! Ini salah satu alasan kenapa pake english.. lumayan aman! Jangan bandel yah yang masih di bawah umur!!! >.<

Title: Let Me Show You How
Author: F
Pairing: Onew/Key
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Warning: Guy kissing a guy

Summary: Key wanted to help Onew practice his kissing scene.
Author’s Note: This fic is an expression of my frustration upon Onew’s kissing scene in his upcoming musical. Yes, I’m a desperately jealous and heart-broken fangirl. I’d rather you kiss Key all your life, Dubu! >.<
This is my first attempt at fluff and male-male relationship fic. IT FAILS! IT FAILS! I KNOW IT FAILS!
And why the hell did I write an OnKey anyway? They’re not even my OTP! But they’re just too sweet to resist! Noo I’m turning into an OnKey-shipper!

Onew was whacking his head with his script when Key appeared in the room.

“What are you doing? Trying to make yourself sane?” Key asked. Onew stared at him helplessly.

“Why did I say yes? Why, Kibum, Why?”

Onew looked like he was about to cry.

“Say yes to what? What’s that you’ve been hitting your head with?”

Key took the script from Onew’s hand without bothering for his reply. He read the writing on the cover of the script, “Brothers Were Brave”.

“Ya! This is your musical script! How come you didn’t show me this earlier?” Key shouted excitedly.

“Forget it. I’m gonna resign. I can’t do this musical,” Onew chickened out, but Key didn’t listen, because he was too engrossed in quick-scanning Onew’s script.

“What? There’s a kissing scene? Hyung, are you seriously gonna kiss a girl?” Key questioned joyfully, there were sparkles in his eyes. Onew groaned and his face turned red.

“I was really hoping you wouldn’t bring that up,” Onew said as Key laughed hard in his face.

“Hyung! The only thing you’ve ever kissed is a lamb! How in the world are you gonna kiss a real living and breathing girl?

“That’s exactly why I’m gonna fail this musical. Oh, Kibum, what am I supposed to do?” Onew buried his head in his hands.

“Aw, Jinki hyung, don’t be so upset. I’ll help you practice your lines,” Key said brightly.

“You can’t by any chance help me in the kissing department, can you?” Onew asked rhetorically.

“Oh, yes, definitely!”


“What did you just say?” Onew asked in disbelief.

“Kissing practice, right? No problem.”

Onew nervously laughed.

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“Ya! Are you doubting my kissing skill?”

Onew’s face violently blushed again.

“No, no, it’s not that, but – but – you’re a.. guy?” Onew said uncertainly.

“So what? It’s acting, right? If you kiss me, then you’ll get a double combo: kissing and acting practice. Sounds fair, right?”

He didn’t know why, but Onew’s heartbeat just increased ten folds.

“I gotta go to the musical rehearsal,” Onew told Kibum hastily and left the room.


In the rehearsal room, waiting for the rehearsal to start, Onew unconsciously thought about Key’s offer. Well, for one thing, it would be a shame for SME, SHINee, and himself if his kissing scene failed. To tell you the truth, he really needed that kissing practice. But not with Key, surely? But which girl in her right mind would want to practice kissing with him anyway? But then again, how would it feel it to kiss Key’s lips? Those thin, perfect lips. Those bitchy lips that always said sassy things and…

Onew shook his head. Why was he thinking about Key’s lips anyway?


“So? How did the practice go?” Key asked Onew when he was back in the dorm.

“Fail,” Onew sighed only to make Key laughed his ass off.

“I knew it!”

“But I managed to kiss the floor,” Onew tried to joke.

“That’s probably because you tripped.”

“Aw, Kibum, why do you always have to be so bitchy?”

Wae? That’s how I am, take it or leave it,” Key said much to his chagrin.

“Come on, I was just kidding. Why aren’t you asleep like the others anyway?”

“Who’s gonna cook you dinner if I were asleep? Here.”

Key shoved a plate of warm dinner to Onew’s lap. Onew ate it eagerly. He was hungry, especially after all those failure in kissing scenes. Onew was too lost in eating dinner, he didn’t realize it when Key nudged closer to him.

“So… Have you reconsidered my offer this afternoon?”

Onew coughed as a spoonful of food got stuck in his throat. Key slapped Onew’s back and hurriedly gave him a glass of water, which Onew drank completely in one go.

“Are you okay?”

Onew was still too shocked to answer Key’s question.

“Gosh, Jinki hyung, relax, it’s just kissing.”

Onew looked at Key in wide eyes.

“Just kissing for you, you kissing expert!”

Key laughed hearing Onew’s reaction everytime he mentioned the word ‘kissing’. Onew couldn’t help thinking how Key’s laugh sounded like a ring of bells.

But then, Key moved forward to him slowly.. slowly.. slowly.. and the next thing he knew, they were face to face. Onew could feel cold sweat was starting to collect on his palms.

“It’s not hard, hyung,” Key whispered.

“Kibum-ah, what are you doing?”

Onew wanted to push Key away, but his hands weren’t listening to him. He was trapped at the corner of the living room couch, desperately looking for somewhere to run to, but his eyes were locked onto Key’s cat-like ones.

“Relax” was the last thing Onew heard when Key put his lips on his. Onew felt a sudden jolt of electricity flowed through his body as Key pushed his lips to his. He felt so helpless, giving in to Key’s rhythm as he nibbled and kissed Onew’s lips softly. Key went to his full lips, then moved to his upper lip, before finally settling down on his lower lip.

For something so soft, Key’s lips were amazingly leading Onew’s ones. Onew could feel his jaw moving in harmony to complete Key’s lips. So this is how it felt like. It was true when people said that kissing was a natural born skill, because even a kissing virgin like Onew could do it in five seconds. Or had it been a minute already?

Onew gasped when Key suddenly opened his mouth and darted his tongue across Onew’s tongue. Key’s tongue kept pushing and pushing, brushing Onew’s lips teasingly and all of it just blew Onew’s mind away. Onew gave in, and now he wanted more.

Key was now the one who gasped as he felt Onew grabbed his cheek and pulled him closer to himself. Onew’s tongue moved hungrily for his tongue and soon their tongues were fighting and clashing passionately. At that second, both of them just lost their minds and they wanted nothing more than to kiss each other all night. But that would mean dying from out of breath. So they eventually stopped and stared at each other while gasping for air. The only sound they could hear was that of them panting and breathing.

“You’re right,” Onew said. “That wasn’t hard. Thank you, expert.”

Key smiled.

“I lied. That was my first kiss too.”

It was Onew’s turn to smile.

“Even better. We can practice kissing together.”

Key was about to reply when Onew sealed his lips again. And they both kissed the night away.


And now tell me how much I failed!

P.S: This is the first PG FF that published in this blog. Please don’t misunderstand. Onew and Key.. both of them is not a gay. It’s just a fiction story, just for fun. We using English cause of SHINee image.. you know it’s just… aghh.. just read and comment please..

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