{Shounen-Ai} The Lingery Misery

Title: The Lingering Misery
Author: F
Length: Around 1000 words
Status: One-shot
Genre: Angst What would I write beside angst anyway?
Rating: PG For the concept of love, I guess
Pairing: Broken MinKey, crossed by Taemin
Warning: None
Author’s Note: So I wrote ten (seemingly quite) random drabbles for the iTunes Drabble Meme the other day. You can read it here if you want. A few readers wanted me to continue the 2MinKey drabbles, and here is the result. I’ve written their story in a thousand-word fic. I hope you can enjoy this. I put quite a lot of myself in it. Love does nothing but breaking my heart. And why the hell did I suddenly go emo in this blog?
To those who requested the 2MinKey, this is for you :)

“I hate it, Minho. I hate it,” Key exploded in the bedroom.

“I know, Kibum. I know. Will you please sit down?” Minho told Key soothingly. However, Key kept ranting, as though he wasn’t listening to Minho. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms pulled Key to Minho’s bed. He wrapped an arm around Key’s shoulders.

“How about this?” Minho whispered in Key’s ears. “Everytime you’re doing those girl groups’ dance, think about me. Think about how you’re only doing it for me. Can you do it?”

Key pouted.

“I guess I can,” Key said before Minho enveloped his lips in a kiss.

Right then, Taemin chose to step into SHINee’s shared bedroom. He stopped in his step once he saw the couple in front of him.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. He was about to turn away when Key stopped him.

“It’s okay, Taeminnie. I have to make dinner anyway,” chimed Key. Then, he turned again to Minho. “We’ll continue this tonight,” he promised.


“Hyung,” Taemin started in the middle of cooking dinner with Key.

“Yes, Taemin?”

“Do you love, Minho hyung?”

Key laughed.

“Of course I do, silly.”

Taemin could see stars in Key’s eyes when he said those words.

“Why the sudden question?” Key asked Taemin in return. The magnae shrugged.

“Curiosity, I guess. I was just wondering how it felt.”

“How what felt? Love?”

Taemin gave Key another shrug.

“It feels wonderful. You’ll know when you fall in love.”

“How do you know that you’re in love?”

Key thought about the question for a while.

“I guess you’ll know when you can’t stop smiling like an idiot everytime you think about that loved one of yours. Now get away from the kitchen, you’re ruining my dinner.”

“Thank God! I thought you’re gonna make me stay here for hours!”

Key slapped Taemin’s back playfully before the younger left the kitchen only to join Minho in the living room.

“Where’s Jinki and Jonghyun hyung?” Taemin asked the tallest member of SHINee who was watching the TV.

“Schedule,” Minho answered shortly. Taemin sat down beside him, trying to gain his attention, but he didn’t look at him once. Not even a glance.

“What are you watching?” Taemin tried again.

“Nothing interesting.”


“I’m gonna help Kibum in the kitchen.”

Then, Minho left Taemin without saying another word. From where he was sitting, Taemin could see Minho circled his arms around Key’s waist. Taemin felt like screaming in anger, but he knew he couldn’t. So he crushed the cushions instead.


That night, when everyone was already asleep, Taemin got out of his bed and walked towards Minho’s bed. He just stood there, staring at the flawlessness of Minho’s features. His closed eyes, his nose, his lips, Taemin wanted to touch them all. He wanted to touch everything that was Minho. He wanted to hug him. But he never dared. He could just look at Minho from afar with longing, desire, and lust building up in his chest. He didn’t know when it began. He only knew that he loved Minho at this exact moment. He loved him yesterday, he loved him now, and he would still love him tomorrow. If only his hyung knew how Taemin held back the ache in his heart everytime he saw him liplocking with Key. Even a single eye-communication between Minho and Key could already make Taemin felt like being stabbed right through the heart. How he longed for Minho to be his. But that would mean Key being furious out of his wits.

With the dawning realization that he would never be with Minho, Taemin sat on the edge of his hyung’s bed. Right that moment, Minho turned in his sleep and found Taemin’s fingers.

“Kibum…” Minho said deliriously.

And Taemin cried.


“Taeminnie, are you okay?” Key asked his beloved son in a worrisome tone. Taemin was sitting alone in the computer room. He was staring at something outside the window, but then again, he could be staring into nothing at all.

“Fine,” Taemin answered lifelessly.

“You know you can confide in me.”

Key pulled another chair to accompany Taemin who was still staring at velvet sky. Silence built up between them, for Key didn’t want to push Taemin even further if the boy really didn’t want to talk. But the magnae talked eventually.

“I think I have to disagree with you, hyung.”

The older of the two didn’t answer, waiting for the lead dancer to continue his sentence.

“Feeling wonderful when thinking about your loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in love. You could just be happy over the idea of being in love.”

Taemin’s ‘umma’ laughed softly.

“What do you know about love, Taemin? You’re still too young.”

Taemin turned his head and looked straight into Key’s eyes.

“I know enough that most of the time, the pain of being unable to be with someone is the sole indicator that tells you that you’re in love with that someone.”

Then both of them could hear the leader calling for a band meeting. They both left the computer room with Key patting Taemin’s back softly.

“You know, Taemin, if you really love someone, then go for it.”


“What is it, Minho?” Key asked Minho accusingly.


“I don’t believe it. You’ve been avoiding me for weeks!”

“So what? I’m busy.”

“No way. You got no schedule at all!”

“I’ve been busy with my personal life, okay?”

Key’s lips quivered.

“Am I not a part of your personal life anymore?”

Minho couldn’t say anything.

“There’s someone else, isn’t it?”

Minho could hear Key choked as he held back his tears.

“I’m sorry, Kibum.”

That was all Minho could say. That was all Key needed to leave the room with tears streaming down his face.


It was a quiet day in SHINee’s dorm. Everyone was on their schedule, except for Minho and Taemin. They used the best of their stolen minutes, considering Key hadn’t known about their newly-made relationship yet.

The TV was on. Minho laughed everytime he heard the jokes the gagmen were throwing. Taemin was on his side, staring at him lovingly. He was finally his. Minho was finally his to hug, to kiss, to love.

Taemin nudged closer to his gangly lover, pouting, asking for a hug, which Minho gave the boy ever so willingly. Taemin rested his chest on Minho’s well-built chest, watching the TV along with him.

Seconds later, Taemin’s thoughts were up in the clouds. He could still feel Minho’s warm chest. He could still see the pictures moving on the TV. But he could no longer hear anything, except one thing. The sound of Key silently crying since the night Minho left him for Taemin.


16 thoughts on “{Shounen-Ai} The Lingery Misery”

  1. Wkkk~~
    @author: creatif bgt ff’ny..
    ru nemu crita2 yg ky gini, member SHINee d’pasang2’in
    tp asli, k0cak brt

  2. 4 thumbs up d bwt author’ny (sm jmp0l khaki s’xan haha~ *d’getok author*)
    tp c Taemin gax ktauan gmn bs jd sm Minho y??

    1. Ya enggak mungkin lah…
      Kan si Key udah sama Zika sedangkan Taemin udah sama Novi.. Minho… eeemmmm sama sypa yaaaaa…
      Sama aku juga deeeehhhhhh… ekekekekeke

        1. Oh tidaaaakkk… ANDWAEEE…
          Saia.. saia hany amencoba mempertahankan Minho untuk istri pertamanya.. yaitu Lana…*Lana: Tumben lo belain gw! Mau ngapain gw sekarang?!*
          Jadi kalau mau rebutan suami sama Lana ajyaaahhhhh… *Lana: Hmmm.. bagus! Tega lo!*

  3. ok, well, ehmm….
    two guys in one house?? ckckck
    *come on Minhooooo…give me a break!! hahaha
    you’re such a real player here..ahahaha
    napeun namja!!

    COOL FF ^^b

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