A Fight Is The Flavor Of The Day

Title: A fight is the flavor of the day
Author Pen Name: Lucivier
(Should I rate this? PG-13??)

I was so afraid of those guys who’s been eyeing me from afar, its supposed to be just fine for me to come home by myself tonight, I can do it, its not that hard, me.. Walking home alone at night.. Damn.. Why r those guys always giving me the creeps, errrr~ why the hell they r whispering and looking at me?? Omg.. No, help!! Grabbing my phone and I’m dialing the first name that pop up in my mind..”Onew” (I told him to come and pick me up, cause I think those guys r intending bad things to me, he sound so worried and angry at the same time “don’t get near them!! Stay at d nearest open store with lots of people!” He demand, and I did wait for him in the 7eleven store) few minutes latter he is coming storming right at me and grabbing my hand.

“y ddnt u call me b4 kyon?? U should’ve ask me to send u home! Now look what happen? What if I didn’t asnwer ur call???”
*onew is in rage,hes walking so fast and then turns around to faced her*

“its.. Its late… And I’m a big girl now, y would I ask u for something like send me home?”
*shes looking at her feet now, seems her shoes r more intresting than anything*

“its almost midnight! Did u or did u not have brain? Ur a big girl.. And still a girl! What if.. ”
*hes yelling now.. And scolding her like lil child*

“cut the what if! Nothing happen! I shouldn’t call u then!”
*she yells back”

(Inserted conversation by dialogue)

O.ohh?? And?

K.I should’ve call d cops

O.and why did u call me?

K.I was freaking out!


K.this is stupid, I should’ve call d cops

O.u should right? U should! But uve called me, not d cops

K.so what u wnt me to do!

O.ask me for help..what a guy to do if his girl can do anything, u simply didn’t need me.

K.*sigh* what now?

O.I don’t know

K.I’m sorry?

O.yeah, I think that’s a good idea

K.fine.. I’m sory 😦

O.for what..

K.for.. I don’t know… Wat do u think?

O.for being stupid

K.I’m not stupid!

O.yes u r!

K.I’m not!

O.don’t argue with me!


O.good..now I’m taking u home


O.do this next time, I won’t come when u call me again and having this situation..

K.u will?????

O.u know I won’t! Gosh!


O.why d hell r u cryng


O.I forgive u,ok


O.I’m sory I yelled at u


O.-___- stop it..


O.o my god! I have a crybaby as a gf!

K.u hate it????

O.no I don’t

K.then y r u complaining!!!!

O.I’m tired, I don’t haave time for ur whiny behavior now

K.I hate u

O.yea yea..I hate u too

K.u did????

O.seriously! *he kissed her* shut up! Gosh.. Ur giving me headache.. Get in d car

K. -_- stupid.. Kiss didn’t solve everything..

O.it did..aren’t u shutting up right now

K.no I’m not..

O.did u need another kiss to shut u up?

K.no need

O.r u sure

K.I’m sure

O.don’t lie

K.I’m not lying

O.ur sulking

K.I’m not!

O.u did

K.I am not sulking u stupid!

O.yes u did.. Look at u

K.shut up onew! whatever..
*gets in d car*

O.seat belt

K.my place, just 2km away, I don’t need seat belt..

O.put it on

K.stop being a jerk onew

O.put it on, if u didn’t I won’t start d car

K.fine.. Don’t start d car.. I’m walking home

O.who told u, u can walk home

K.me! Who else..
*grabbing d car door handle*

O.what is so dificult with putting on a seat belt!
*he lock d car, and grab her hand* sit..!

K.open it up! Onew! Let go!

O.I will never let go!
*he grab d belt and put it on*
done! U couldve making this easier! *and drive d car home*


K.*looking angrily at him and open up d door, she walks round d car, and onew suddenly opens d car’s door walking up to her,grabbing her upper hand and pulled her into his hug* …

O.stop being so stubborn!!

K. …

O.ur giving me silent treatment now

K. …

O.*he kissed d top of her head* I love u too much.. And ur always making it hard for me to express that..
K.then don’t

O.I can’t! I like hugging u, kissing u.. Touching u

K.*she wrinkled her brows*
ur making it sounds like a pervert
O.*he clears his throat*
I mean in a nice way..

K. Right..

O.be cute in a time like this

K.I can’t do cute

O.ur cute when u cry

K.so u want me to cry??


K.what!! U said I was a cry baby! Get off me..

O.but I didn’t say that I hate it right?

K. ….

O.goodnight, sleep tight

K. Fine *he let go*


*she turn around from him*

O.that’s great

K.what now
*she looked back*

O.u didn’t kiss me! Thts great

K.should I?

*now his turn to sulks,he got back to his car,and drove off*

K.what the..
*she called him by phone*
get back here..


K.get back here!


K.I left something

O.I didn’t c it

K.get back!!

O.fine!! Don’t yell!

*a minute then he’s back*


K.get out *she ordered*


K.get out from d car

O.what for

K.get out!!

O.what is it with u and yelling?
*he gets out of the car*
now? What did u left behind? I didn’t c anything in d car

K.I hate u

O.r u breaking up with me? If u did I swear I”ll.. R u breaking up with me??
*he put his hand on his hips*

K.ill think about that..
*she fold her hands over her chest*

O.What??? Ok, u confused me there
*hes folding his hand too*

K.don’t be, ur poor brain needs to rest

O.how can it resting if thres still u hang around in my life..

K.do u want it to rest?

O.that’s a trick question

K.omg ur dumb


K.shuuuut uppp onew!
*she grabs his colar and pulled him into a hard kiss*
now go home..
*she let go*

O.what is that for

K.u said u want a kiss.. So I give u one

O.ohh.. *he placed his hand over his mouth*

K.go..its past midnight..shoo

O.okay… Ur wasting my time there

K.ex cuse me? *face hardens*

O.u told be to get back here just to do that.. Wasting my time

K. … *jaws drop*

O.*he put his hands on either side of her face and pulled in closer*
that’s wasting my time, and u think its enough? I demand more..
*he move forward to catch her slightly gaping mouth,he kissed her open mouthed.. Battled their tongues out and and making the cold air around them heatened up..by reflects she circled her arms around his neck and grabbing his newly dyed hair,pulling him closer,one hand down to her waist and d other supporting her neck..trying to prevent her to pull away easily..the lack of air is the reason for them 2 distangeled their make out session*
*he said eyes closed and breathing heavily*

*she enjoy d warmth of his breath tickles her cheeks in chill air*

O.ur existence, right now.. Doing bad things for my brain.. I must go b4 my sanity wears off..

K.what if its wears off?
*she asked innocently or teasingly he is not sure of it*

O.Stop torchering me..I don’t wanna hurt u.. Don’t give me that opportunity.. Now please.. Walk in.. And goodnight..

K.good night.. Drive safe
*she kissed his cheek*

O.I’ll try..
*still having a heavy breath*

K.*she giggled* then u must stay if ur not sure u can drive safely or not

O.don’t tempt me now..get in Kyon

K.okay2.. Bye
*she walks into her house, she waved at him b4 she enters d door*

O. O my GOD.. Now I really need a long cold shower..
*few seconds he stares at her door,fighting the urge not to break it down and causing him to be toss in jail for breaking in and attempting crime towards the VERY dearly daughter of the owner of the house(read Kyon’s parents :3) he shake his head off*
Damn it..
*he literally grabbing his hair like a frustrated man and get into his car to get back home, slightly praying that he won’t  hit into something or worst someone*

The End~
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22 thoughts on “A Fight Is The Flavor Of The Day”

  1. Oh god damn it!!!
    ini ff
    kagak nahan bener daaah~
    yaaa tuhan harusnya ini masuk pg 15 fufufu
    entar ku edit deh~
    eh iya, ini ffnya eci eon kan?? *sotoy

    whoever it’s still nice! but it would be better if u use a complete sentences ^^

  2. wah! keren abis nih FF! inggrisnya gape sangat! jempolan! jd penasaran sama authornya ^^
    authooorrrr…kenalan dong. kkk~ *ngomong apa si eci ini*

  3. Jyahahaha..
    nih crita ngegemesin amat yah..org pacran tp eh kea tikus n kucing,bentar2 brtngkar,trus bbrpa mnit kmudian baikan lg,romantis2 lagi,tp bbrpa dtik kmudian lg eh brtengkar lg..ckck..
    mreka ini org pcaran atw gak sih..
    aneh2 aja..hehe

    tp jujur yakh,gak tau knp kok aku ngbayangin key yg jdi cewe.y onew yah..abis sfat.y tuh cewe mrip bgt ma key yg suka mencak2 plus tereak2 geje..hahahaha

  4. wahahahaha ada akang onew ^O^
    ini sama banget kaya saya sama pacar kalo berantem
    tapi g pake adegan yg itu tuuuh hehe taulaah
    inggris nya oke banget deeeh, saking oke-nya saya jadi berasa baca pake bhs indonesia gituu *halah lebay*
    tapi serius bagus!
    sbenernya saya udah baca ini di blog tetangga hehe
    niiiiiiiiiiiice ^^

  5. lana onnie, gumawo uda di publish.
    ff ini bikinan onnie ku :3 kalo readers mau tau orangnya, mention aja ke twitter ku nnti ak kasi tau twitternya author :3 aku yg wakilin bles komennya ya :3

    @yiya : silahkan chingu ^^ yg pntg nyaman aja bcanya :3 gumawo ya :’D

    @twinka : me too~gumawo for rcl ya :*

    @choiPUTRIshawolelf: kkk~kan bsa pke gotrans seperti yiya di atas :3 tpi ntar klo authornya sempet ak suru dia bikin deh #plak #ketauantukangnyuru² gumawo komennya :*

  6. @lana on: PG15? wkwk ak jstru ngira ini PG17. cz c nyunyu mencium dg penuh napsu XD #plak #ketauanbejat ini sbnrnya kebiasaan dy ngtik via hp. pas jdi dia lgsg copast dan krim ke email ak, mntak pndapt . ak blg bgus. knp g dpblish aj. gtu dia stju lgsg ak krim kmri :3 kkk~ gumawo onnie :*

    @An99iie : kkk~ gumawo chingu :*

    @shayleeshr : wkwk, ma fve quote whn onew said ‘y so diffclt with pttg on a seat belt’ and whn kyon asked onew ‘get back here’ pffft XD gumawo ya :*

  7. @Yessica : wkwk gumawo gumawo :*

    @Gem A La : wkwk ntr ak mrahin c authornya d :3 gumawo chingu^o^

    @Pepperminlight: woh, kyonnie psti lgsg flyhigh d bca kmnnya :3 ntr ak blgi dy d, ad yg mau knlan XD gumawo y eci on :3

    @shimi : kkk~ yes, in ths story onew had a gf named kyon :3 tysm :*

    @Lia ^keylion^: eh? O.O #cengok emg ap hubnya chingu #akgamudeng wkwk gumawoyo:*

  8. @keyholic : wkwk emang kek kucing dan anjing mrka #dicekekauthor
    nahlo nahlo, kyonnie jd kek key XD pfft, chingu demen yaoi ya? #bakbokbakbok #ditabokelpiji kkk~ gumawo y :*

    @dheenavieravioli: ayolooh ayolooh ketahuan #plak asik dong pcrnya chingu :3 fleksibel dy, cz selain pcran bisa di ajkin brntem #plaklagi
    di ffindo kh? hehe iy, mmg dipublish dsna jga :3 gumawo y uda bca n komen di 2 blog itu :* #hugkisshugkissbertubitubitubi (?)

  9. @leena : prtma kli ak bca juga ad bbrapa yg smpet mampet gatau artinya :’D #curhatterselubung wkwk gumawo ya :*

    gyaa~ saya juga ikutan mupeng aah~ /plak #ikutanditabok
    wkwk gumawo ya :*


    mian admin ga bles perkotak, sya blesnya dri hpe u.u #bersimpuhmintamaap (?)
    jeongmal gumawo sama semua yg uda baca :*

  10. huaaa aku ga jago b.ing 😥
    yah walopun translate-an nya google berantakan but ya ampunnnn ni ff keren deh ^^
    thumbs up buat authornya ^^

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