Love Letter For You

Tittle : Love Letter for You (Oneshot)

Author : Lee Chira

Length : Oneshot

Rated : General (smw blh bc!!)

Cast :

SHINee – Kim Kibum (Key)

Lee Chira

A/N : SHINee Key belongs to SHINee and SM Ent. Lee Chira belongs to me. I do own the plot based on my imagination.

Klo ad slh2 pnlsn, mian..soalx aq g sempet bc lg ff ini stlh dketik.. hbs bc,, komen y!! key? ^^b

Inspiring : MC Mong ft. Lisa – A Letter I Write To You

(Sudah sekian lamanya tapi tetep aja g bosen2 dger nih lagu tiap hari)

Girl’s Chat (The Chronicles Of Grandpa Grandpa)

Lovely casts ^^ : Onew SHINee, SHINee, Alexis Song, Reese Terry, Cho Reiran

Reader request : Shim Chae Sa (Diya), Kim Sera (Lia “Keylieon”)

Type : One shot
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