Girl’s Chat (The Chronicles Of Grandpa Grandpa)

Lovely casts ^^ : Onew SHINee, SHINee, Alexis Song, Reese Terry, Cho Reiran

Reader request : Shim Chae Sa (Diya), Kim Sera (Lia “Keylieon”)

Type : One shot

Alexis, Reese, Chae Sa, Reiran, and Sera were sitting around a café brown table and enjoying their latte. They were havin’ a really nice chat about their sweetheart which were Korean teen idols while the idols themselves were on their show. Yeah well,  you know what girls generally talk about when they’re in the same place at the same time.

“My Key always treats me surprisingly. You’ll never know what he does next,” Alexis started while stirring her latte slowly. Her big blue eyes sparkled on and on everytime she told somebody about Key.

“Hopefully Kim Jong Hyun’s gonna be my man ever after. He can replace and shoo the jerk Derek away of my mind. I can even call Derek jerk, huh? He messed with girls’ heart,” Reese replied and chuckled.

“Choi Min Ho keeps catchin’ my breath. So I breathe him in,” Chae Sa added dramatically. Her smile appeared again.

“Wow, the gorgeous Choi Min Ho always catches girls’ breath, doesn’t he?” Alexis held her laugh in order not to irritate Chae Sa. Even though Chae Sa always smiled at everybody in some different circumstances, Alexis didn’t have any idea why she had to suck her.

“How about Lee Tae Min, Reiran? I heard he…well, ehm,…kissed you on…you know…lips,” Reese said carefully to Reiran. Sometimes it’s hard to guess what’s on her mind. Reiran looked like Emily The Strange Girl. Black cat differed them two. Hmph!

“Lee Tae Min? Uh, well. One word about him. Ridiculous. I swear I’ll never trust all of his expression anymore. But I like him,” Reiran answered as well.

“Like? How about your relationship?”. Everybody stared at Chae Sa who just questioned Reiran directly. Reiran drank her latte before she continued.

“Why should we differ “like” and “love”? They’re pretty cool, huh? Or pretty warm. Or another pretty. But hey, people! Just take it as well. We always keep our guys deep down inside, don’t we?” Reiran had started opening her mouth. Hmph and double hmph!

“Wow. I hate to admit it, but I started to idolize you and your words, Miss Chairperson,”

“Na-ah, just don’t wanna sweat a small thing,” replied Reiran calmly.

“Sorry,” Chae Sa apologized. She felt like Reiran was fed up. The investigated girl gave her sweetest smile that day to Chae Sa.

“Nevermind. Put all the blame on Alexis. She started it all. Hehehe,”

Chae Sa smiled again. Then the same question moved into Sera. This cute ice skater girl seemed busy at stirring her latte. Well, pretended to be busy.

“And…?” Reese looked sharply into Sera.


“Sera, you got it. What about the leader? You know what, I really, really envy you. Jong Hyun hasn’t ever kissed me that romantic! Kissing scene on the ice surface. Gosh, it’s superwow!”

“Oh, wake up, Reesie. How come you discuss about kissing over and over again? You can ask Jong Hyun to do that with you someday. I’m near to get sick about kissing topic,” Alexis roll her eyes up. Reese ignored her and continued.



“Errgh, kids. Just answer no matter what my question,”

“You call me what?” Sera got sucked. She hated being called “kid”.

“Listen, I’ll keep calling you kid if you don’t tell us about you and Mr. Leader,” Reese was standing still on her words. Sera exhaled.

“He did that suddenly. I never guessed it at all. I…I was surprised, that was my first kiss and he took it by surprise on the ice. But hey, I’m not a kid! Quit calling me kid! I’m gonna be seventeen this June!” Sera still kept protesting.

“Shut up,”

“And never try to shut me up!”

“Alright, I’m shutting my mouth up,”

“Take your words back!”

“Hey, hey, hey! Who are you to order me?”

“Okay, stop!” Chae Sa cutted it out.

“After she takes her words back!”

“Reese, take your words back!” Alexis ordered her childhood pal.

“Alright, alright, Kim Sera…I take my words back. You’re not a kid, you’re a girl, and you’ll be on your supersweet seventeen this June. And could somebody please tell me what could be the next?” Reese was cooling the situation down.

“Hey look! They’re over there! Wish the show runs well!” Chae Sa pointed all SHINee guys with her chin.

SHINee guys crossed the street to meet their queen as soon as possible. Even Sera and Reese forgot their little girlfight when Jong Hyun and Onew smiled sweetly. Okay, who needs a benz or mercy when the guys put their eyes on you?

“Sorry for letting you girls wait,” said Key.

“Oh! That’s really okay. We had a nice conversation while waiting you all,” replied Chae Sa. She gave Min Ho her half-glass latte and he drank it in.

“Oh wow, fancy hearing that! What was you’re talkin’ about? Or you’re talkin’ about us?” Key teased Alexis. The girls chuckled and saw one another and said like a choir.

“Just a girls’ chat,”




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38 thoughts on “Girl’s Chat (The Chronicles Of Grandpa Grandpa)”

  1. aku suka dooong aku suka dooong.
    Aku gak bisa ngebayangin gmn tatapannya minho ke chaesa yang. udah pasti, mesti, kudu, wajib, coool bangeeeeet!
    onnieeeee daebak!

    1. ryyyneeee!!! iya nih…aku pengen jd chae sa. hahaha *dilempar diya (chae sa) pake panci*
      ryne sayang, gomawo udah komen baca dan komen ^^

    1. annyeong,hyun yoo ^^ salam kenal ^__^
      judulnya grandpa2 itu maksudnya cerita ini bagian dari lanjutan/sequel nya grandpa2nya aku ^^
      gomawo udah baca dan komen ^^d

  2. uaaa….. lucu2….
    cewek2 pada ngerumpi….
    hahaha XD #plakk
    bagus onn ffnya! bahsa inggrisnya juga bagus banget banget….
    nice!! ^^

    1. kekeke~~ mudah2an part berikutnya itu partnya kamu ya,di. kekeke. soalnya mestinya nih cerita publish setelah kelima anak shinee nemuin yeoja mereka *admin : ih si eci kok ngatur?* ahehehe.
      gomawo diya udah baca dan komen ^^

  3. Mwuahahahaha….
    Sebenernya belakangan ini aku lagi males baca FF nya Eci eon /BLETAK
    Tapi berhubung aku suka Grandpa, Grandpa jadi aku baca aja deeeehhh… ekekekeke
    canda canda ..
    Aku cuma gak suka aja sama FF eci eon yang MATO.. soalnya selalu bikin brother complex ku kambuh tapi kalau FF yang ini… akuuuuu HWUEEEEEE
    Panas sama Jjong – Reese dan Sera- Onew..

    Overall i love Grandpa, Grandpa and so the author

    1. ayeeeiiiyyyy!!! ih komen lana romantis deeehhhh…fufufufu. sini lan, aku kiss. *lana : (langsung ngindar). akhirnya kamu comeback ya ^^ nice to see that. gomawo udah baca dan komen ya,lan ^^

    1. annyeong hanmimi *eh aku lupa deh panggilan kamu apa*, aku seneng banget, soalnya kamu masih mau komen di FF aku ini. gomawo hanmimi ^^ *kiss hanmimi*

  4. Wuah umma !!
    Keren ff ny..
    Untung aq ngerti bhasa inggris..
    Kq lia un sma onew??
    Kq gx sma key # pletak
    Key uda sma alexis..
    Ff ny daebak ^^d
    Good job umma !!

    1. sebenernya ya,si lia itu mau aku pasangin sama nicole aja (lho???) hahaha. becandaaa…, iya, dy nge-request soalnya. jd ya aku masukin aja ke GG. kekeke. gomawo yessi udah baca dan komen ^^

  5. Hohoho umma!!
    Ini rumpian di page talk talk ya?
    aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih aku gak bayangn pas
    “I heard he…well, ehm,…kissed you on…you know…lips”
    Aku langsung bayangin mulut taemin!!
    Umma…aku suka banget sama grandpa grandpa plus chronicle nya!!DAEBAK!!

    1. annyeong,jooooeeee…anakku nomor kesekian! *apaseh eci*. hahaha. dialog satu itu emang paling uehem! suka GG yg ini? Alhamdulillah…, gomawo, joe ^^

    tau ga???? aku bela-belain bolak balik buka google translate cuma buat baca ff iniii..
    hiks naseb ga pinter bahasa inggris..
    kamu tau??
    hanya satu pertanyaanku…:
    kok shinee nya dikit..

    tp gpp..
    ff echi always daebaaaakkkkkk…

    1. kekeke. pertanyaan wiga sama kok sm pertanyaan beberapa reader. ini aku bikin dari segi yeojanya aja. nanti kapan2 bikin boys’ chat. kekeke.
      ah wiga mah jago inggrisnya, paling juga bentaran nengok google. hehehe. tapi gomawo ya wiga udah baca dan komen ^^ plus bela2in nongkrongin google translate buat baca nih FF gaje…*kiss wiga

  7. Huaaa bagus *acungin jempol*
    Uuh untung ngerti walopun mesti nguras otak *ketauan bloonnya xDDDD
    Tapi baguuss *meluk author
    Salam kenal >.<

    1. salam kenal juga yeonhee ^^ gomawo udah baca dan komen di FF aku ini *sukasukasukasekalideh* ^^d *acungin jempol juga buat yeonhee

  8. huwaaaaaaaaaaaa
    kagak ngarti…………..
    cm ngarti seiprit huahahahahha
    ane gerti kiss2nya doang huaahahaha




    1. haghaghag! jd inget pas aku bilang di yahoo : “…biar GG panjang kayak rel kereta senja”. ahahaha. nyante…aku juga udah ketagihan ngarang GG *apadeh eci*. gomawoooo ^^



        tapi aku pengen cerita yang mereka ber10 tuh lagi bareng2……

  10. nahkan aku telat komen lagi.__. *dilempapanci
    aaaaaa tapi ini daebak! XD
    seru banget bacanyaaaaa kaya bener22 lagi nonton cewek22 lagi ngobrolin cowok22 mereka bhahaha

  11. aku paling suka saat mereka ngomongin kissing. hahahahahaha
    untung aku ngerti, yah walaupun ada yang ngerti juga sih. hehehehehe 🙂

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