The Sweet Escape – Part 4

The Sweet Escape – Part 4

Author            :           Park Kyungjin

Main Cast      :           SHINee – Kim Jonghyun

Park Kyungjin a.k.a author

Other Cast     :          SHINee – Lee Taemin

Genre              :           Angst, Romance

Rating             :           PG+15

Disclaimer  :           This story is mine!

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AUTHOR                   : Kan Ah Ra (dubudays) and Shin Cha Ra

MAIN CAST              : All member SHINee

*psstt, there is KEY’s conflict in this part keke*

SUPPORT CAST       : Kan Ara, Lee Chara, Hyukjae.



Amso: sapi

Yomso: kambing

WARNING: we don’t own SHINee, they belongs to God, but we do own the story. We hate you plagiator!!


2010  ©SF3SI



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She’s My (EX)Wife – Part 18

She’s My (Ex)Wife

Part 18


Author: Zika

Main Cast : Kim Kibum (Key), Kim Hyeo So & Choi Minho

Support Cast: SHINee, Super Junior, Jun & Shina

Length : Sequel

Rating : General

Genre : Romance, Friendship

N.A: Aku ada pesen di bagian bawah ^-^, tapi bacanya terakhir aja ya~

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