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This blog was build in 1st April but become official in 2010, 9th April, by Lana with her 2 admins Karlie and Ashyta (Ayi). As the time pass by, this blog has upgrade their staff, 1 Free Account, 4 Administrators, 5 Editors, and 10 Authors;

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This blog ain’t about FF only, but also about family. So we’re here to make a family relationship, FOR EVERYONE who love K-POP not only SHINee but all Korean artist even this blog only publish FF with SHINee member as the main cast. Continue reading WELCOME TO SHINING STORY FAMILY

Bodyguard – Prolog

Bodyguard – Prolog

Title: Bodyguard
Author: Ree
Cast: Kim Key Bum, Kim Ki Bum (Super Junior), Lee Taemin, Choi Minho, Hwang Jiyeon (OC), Park Minhyo (OC).

Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff, angst

Disclaimer: I just own this plot and Park Minhyo. Hwang Jiyeon belongs to Ike and another cast belong to their self and agency.. Continue reading Bodyguard – Prolog

Dongsaeng – Part 1

Title: dongsaeng

Author: gemala

Cast: SHINee, Jinri, Mincha, Hyunji, Jaebum, Taehwa

Genre: humor, friendship, family

Type: sequel

n.b: ini cuma ff fiksi karangan saya, kalau ada kesamaan nama tokoh pada dunia nyata dan ff kalian mohon dimaafkan !!!! *bow*

Dengar2 shinee lagi fakum krn mau fokus ke pelajaran mereka, tapi itu bukan alasan sebenarnya(yah..kalau di ff ini memang bukan, tapi in the real life it’s true, may be). Alasan sebenarnya adalah………………..


Nyok kita baca sama2…..



Part Opening


Continue reading Dongsaeng – Part 1

One Week Journey – Under the Same Roof [2]

Title                       : One Week Journey – Under the Same Roof (Part Two)

Author                  : myee

Main Cast            : Lee Hana, Kim Soona, SHINee

Support Cast      : Park Hye Ra

Genre                   : Friendship, Family, Romance

Length                  : Sequel

Rating                   : G

A.N                        : Ini ff pertamaku. Mohon sarannya ya. Maaf kalau jelek hehe (bow) Continue reading One Week Journey – Under the Same Roof [2]