I Love Him, Cause He Is KIBUM

I Love Him, cause he is KIBUM…

Judul   : I Love Him, cause he is KIBUM…

Author : Kim Hyun Ri

Main cast :

Kim Kibum SHINee a.k.a Kibum or Key

Kim Hyun Ri a.k.a Hyun Ri or YOU

Other cast:

Girl a. k. a Key’s Cousin (Her self)

Gendre            : Sad, romance, life etc.

Type/Length    : Oneshot

Rating             : General

Desclaimer : Kibum di sini bukan Key SHINee atau siapapun… Kibum di sini adalah Kibum… Hyunri only my imagination, dan semua cerita hanya karangan belaka… jangan sampe yang fiktif jadi nyata… huaaa, gak mau….


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Family Game – Part 4

Title                 : Family Game (Part 4)

Author             : Park Ha Ki a.k.a Nysa

Main Cast        : Lee Jimi (imagine you), Choi Minho, Lee Jinki

Support Cast   : Kim Yongsoo (father), Park Eunjoon (mother), Song Eunmi (grand mother)

Length             : Sequel

Genre              : Humor, Family

Rating             : General

Summary         : 6 orang asing akan tinggal satu atap sebagai sebuah keluarga.

A.N                 : saya kembaliiiii….. di part sebelumnya kan Cuma jimi, jinki sama halmioni

yang muncul. Nah, dipart ini semuanya aku munculin lagi kok. Selamat

membaca!! Dan jgn lupa comment yaaaa ^,^


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생일 축하 합니다
생일 축하 합니다
사랑하는 종현
생일 축하 합니다!





Ye ye ye ye yeeeeeee~

Finally, we reach Kim Jonghyun (SHINee) Birthday !! After my ex (read: Eunhyuk #plak) birthday on 4th April, my older bro (read: Choi Siwon) on 7th April, today is one of our SHINee-Ing Boy Born Day. Bling Bling Kim Jonghyun (Read: my best friend. Akakka), now our Jjong is 21 years old or 22 in Korean age 😀

Nice nice nice, happy happy happy, smile smile smile, bling bling bling!

Thanks god it’s friday, everybody wants to part with me? Kekeke~

Well, as you know. SM Ent will celebrate Jonghyun’s 22nd birthday with 1.000 lucky fans on SM Building, T-O-D-A-Y ! Hope i’m one of 1000 lucky fans TT.TT

Let’s hope Taemin’s birthday will celebrate in Indonesia kekeke~. Who knows that SHINee will come to Indonesia on July for their fanmeeting? And it’s date is on Taemin’s birthday 18/07.

Because we can be the one of lucky fans and got the party with Kim Jonghyun, let’s make our own party? Unfortunately, the party will still unrevealed until 12 & 9 grades pass their National Exams. So this party will be a nice relief for them 😀

SO GUYS! LET’S MAKE THINGS OUT! FIGHT FOR YOU OWN FUTURE, PLEASE DON’T BE SO NAIF ABOUT YOUR EXAMS. Well, it will not be so difficult if you study hard, but don’t ever think that you will pass the exam nicely without any effort. You’ll got the benefit soon ^^

JUST MAKE JONGHYUN’S BIRTHDAY AS YOUR OWN SPIRIT GUYS! COME ON COME ON! I swear after the struggle you facin’ you’ll find the joy of your life.

“I gonna be storng, just keep pushin’ on! Cause there’s always gonna be another mountain, i’m always gonna wanna make it move. Always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes we gonna have to lose. Ain’t about how fast i get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.” – Hannah Montana, The Climb

Because it’s friday, you can relax a bit ^^. Don’t be so stress out like this world hate you forever, yah. Just calm down, all is well. Wake less, sleep more. Do not study, just try to practice your material.

Eh, for the other grades. Don’t ever feel like you’ll get the benefit of National Exams, don’t forget to study, fill full your value, and don’t forget to doin’ your homework. Holiday is not the best excuses, don’t be lazy because of holiday. Remember that your future is your own hand, keep figthin’ until you’ve got what you want.