One Night, Between Jin-ki and Chae-rin

One night, between Jin-ki and Chae-rin

Author             : Hanakimchi a.k.a Hana unni

Main Cast        : Lee Jin-ki, Lee Chae-rin

Support Cast  : No one

Length             : One shot (flash fiction)

Genre                          : Romance

Rating                         : NC-18 (SKIP TO NC-21)

Summary         : Something happen with them that night……

A.N                 : Though I’m Minho biased, but I want to write about others too. This story based on author point of view. For readers who still UNDER AGE, chongmal mianhae …. keep your head, heart and mind still on earth. Lee Jin-ki owns himself but Lee Chae-rin belongs to my imagination. This story and all inside belongs to mine. I’ll try to publish other pairings soon, so wish me ….. from now.

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