One Night, Between Jin-ki and Chae-rin

One night, between Jin-ki and Chae-rin

Author             : Hanakimchi a.k.a Hana unni

Main Cast        : Lee Jin-ki, Lee Chae-rin

Support Cast  : No one

Length             : One shot (flash fiction)

Genre                          : Romance

Rating                         : NC-18 (SKIP TO NC-21)

Summary         : Something happen with them that night……

A.N                 : Though I’m Minho biased, but I want to write about others too. This story based on author point of view. For readers who still UNDER AGE, chongmal mianhae …. keep your head, heart and mind still on earth. Lee Jin-ki owns himself but Lee Chae-rin belongs to my imagination. This story and all inside belongs to mine. I’ll try to publish other pairings soon, so wish me ….. from now.


Jin-ki couldn’t drive home alone; at last Chae-rin had to take him home. Though she also very tired. In their way, she looked him closely. What did this man have? Money, power or ……is there something hidden? She realizes that no one could reject him. Chae-rin gone very deep thinking about him.

As a girl, she felt can’t deny his charm but …… she can’t also deny her heart. Though, he’s like not even look at her at once …… or never. Just duty, as his mother asks to her, keep an eye on him from loneliness, stay away from trouble and being trusted friend.

In a few minutes, they had arrived at Jin-ki’s apartment. She had to support his body to the bed because he was drunk. When she enters the house, wow ……… it was very gorgeous. The wall, the bed, the lamp and ………. Everything. This is the first time she comes to his apartment, ever. How can this young man live like this???

So, …… clean, organizing, charming but …… at the same time …… lonely. Poor him.

Damn! Wake up girl. What are you thinking about? You came here to take him home not to get dreaming. He’s to far enough …… for you, as an ordinary people.

Jin-ki               : “I’m so tired. Who the hell them leaving me like this? All girls just playing me around. ……”

Chae-rin          : “I’ll take off your shoes and changes your clothes. Then, I’ll leave”

Jin-ki               : ”Wait, …… who are you? How dare you come hare?”

Chae-rin          : “You have drunk …… a lot …… don’t make yourself on trouble with me”

Jin-ki               : “Chae-rin ah ……”

Chae-rin turns her head to the bed. Oh, … he mumbles about something. Maybe too much drink and what did him mumbling about? She came to the bed and gets him up and tries to help him to open his shirt. Before she finished putting off his clothes, Jin-ki reaches her hand and gets her into a hug.

Warm. It’s like an electric wave reached and shocked her inside. Suddenly, a smooth kiss happened. Deep. Painful.

Jin-ki               : “Stay here tonight. I don’t want to spend this night alone”

Chae-rin stays frozen. She didn’t expect this happened right now, tonight. She was shocked. But she couldn’t move from the bed when he laid his head in her lap. He took her hand into his hair and strokes it gently.

Chae-rin          : “You had to think about yourself first than anyone. It seems that you are the loneliness one here”

Jin-ki               : “I have everything in my life. Face, famous and wealth. But I still empty. Ok, tell me now. Is there anything that I don’t have?”

Chae-rin          : “Yeah, you’re right. There are many girls who always go around you. You come from uncertain family and rich. But you don’t have love”

Jin-ki closed his eyes. He tries to understand what she said about him, his family and his truly unusable flash live moments for almost 23 years.

Jin-ki               : “Girls wants me just for fun. What about you? Why are you still hold out?”

Chae-rin take her breathe deeply. What did she have to say to him?

Chae-rin          : “I love you, though …… you don’t deserve to have it”

He shocked and got up. He saw her face. She bites her lower lip, her heart beating faster and faster …… a tear drown from her eyes. Suddenly, Jin-ki’s hand was naturally wrapping around Chae-rin’s waist and pulling her body toward him closely. His hand holding her head was strengthening and uncouciously Chae-rin’s body began to bend as he pulled his body forward and dipped his head back.

Jin-ki didn’t even realize he was beginning to turn his head and that their lips were meeting perfectly. He increased the soft movements of his lips. Chae-rin was frozen in shock from the unexpected passion and length of the kiss she had. Jin-ki tongue try to find its way to open Chae-rin’s mouth.

On the other hands, Chae-rin still try to calm her mind. Finally, …… Chae-rin open her mouth to give a way of Jin-ki tongue to go inside. It was only then, as their eyes met, did Jin-ki realize that he had put his tongue in Chae-rin’s mouth?

Their kiss gone deep and more deeper …… they hold breath, move their tongue together inside till no one realize that almost undressed, …… both of them. Jin-ki’s hands try to lift her body to the bed and lay her comfortly. His hands hold her hands smoothly, his lips try to gone in deeper kiss ever. Jin-ki was completely immersed in what he was doing; Chae-rin eyes were wide open and bulging.

Jin-ki whispered in her ears and brushed a kiss over her neck …… it’s gone wild and more wilder. Jin-ki’s reached out to Chae-rin full body and plays with anything there. Jin-ki wrapped around that womans body and brought her to their imagination world. The world  …… that never existed for them before.

Yeah, …… its their first time. First time both.


Finally, Jin-ki hold his breathing that came harder and harder as Chae-rin fought to hold it back not wanting this come to end. Breathless and spent, Jin-ki’s big arms reached around Chae-rin when both their bodies full of sweat. Chae-rin never expected this happen. Tonight, …… they’ve done something …… already.




Jin-ki put his arm on Chae-rin neck to give her warm hug and kiss. He pull the blanket up to cover their undress body and wraps her into his sweet soft body ever and hold tight her shoulder. Jin-ki lips kiss her lips unstoppable.

Collecting and concentrating all his strength, Jin-ki whispered in Chae-rin’s ear softly voice “Saranghae, …… I hope I deserve to say it to you”.



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35 thoughts on “One Night, Between Jin-ki and Chae-rin”

  1. i’m still underage but i kept reading this fic, but who cares?! hahaha

    i found there’re some grammar mistakes, but that’s alright!

    Jinki’s so sweet, but poor him that he’s lonely T__T

    nice fic by the way, good job 😀

  2. Poor jinki, he should found a girl who loved him and now he already found it. It seems the character of jinki is a bit different with a reality. Nice FF (:

  3. Aigoo , may i coment in indonesian ?
    Haha ., aigoo thor ., saya berada di antara ngerti dan tdk ., keke ..
    Tpi keren kok ..

  4. Oh My God, the innocent Jinki could do that thing? I wonder if he is. hahahaha. *yadong mode?*
    this is good although.

  5. wesss..after back from my lecture….
    ough..english again…….omo~…but i can little undersand about this FF..

    hehehe..miane…my english is not good enough..kekeke..
    but DAEBAK FF!!!

      1. hwahahahahahahahaha ……………………….
        are you too curious ….
        calm down … it’s just a fake story …
        just make my imagination in written ways …
        wait for the sequel …
        thx for comment

        1. park-sun hee uhmmmm im not curious i just like your story its great you rock!!!!!!!
          but did jin ki really loves her??????in real life?????are they close????uhmmm your story really rocks but i want a korean movie where in jin ki and chae rin are the main chareacters uhmmmm not movie uhmmm korean novela where in jin ki and chae rin are the main characters……

        2. uhmmmm im not curious i just like your story its great you rock!!!!!!!
          but did jin ki really loves her??????in real life?????are they close????uhmmm your story really rocks but i want a korean movie where in jin ki and chae rin are the main chareacters uhmmmm not movie uhmmm korean novela where in jin ki and chae rin are the main characters……

  6. thx for all comments …
    actually, I try to compare between American, British and Australian English … some bad grammar coz in hurry writing
    After all … I will post again … still in English
    thx thx thx thx

  7. daebak!! & nice ff!!
    i like it :’)
    but poor jinki, all girls wants him just for fun, ckck, so he didn’y have love 😥
    but actually, i like this story!!

  8. Wohoho was jinki really love her?
    Not just because they just did that, so jinki said “saranghae” to her, right?
    I hope that jinki already love her when the they did that
    Hooo poor jinki anyway kekekekek

  9. ceritanya tiba’ gitu ya??apa ini cerita ada part sebelumnya??
    jinki…masa dikau ga punya cinta sih??sini-sini aku beri cinta..hehehe

    nice ff

  10. electric heart: yes that’s right … I’ve post it in my fb … coz I think it doesn’t matter if I send it here …
    I have many stories … I’ve sent it some …
    thx for comment

  11. End? Nooooo!!! Make it sequel so we will know jinki’s true feeling, maybe he first didn’t realize anything but then fall for her slowly? Just saying xP

  12. @dila: yeah … I’ve made these sequel … but will you wait?? it’s more complicated …
    I send this after Lana comment in my fb profile ke ke ke ke …
    thx for comment and wait the sequel …

  13. Wow, short English FF. Nice~ but there are still lots of grammatical errors.
    However, it’s nice FF. you success in changing Jinki’s image.L.o.L
    Will be waiting if there is a sequel for this FF ^^~

  14. @euncha & charleea: thx for the comment …
    yeah using American and British English is very complicated …
    some errors coz in hurry writing …
    I’ll send the sequel end of this month …
    “yadong” is it OK??? ke ke ke ke … thx

  15. although it’s english fanfic, shoud the reader comment in english?
    well, i feel free to read it since i was 18th already.
    nice story, onnie. ^^
    i love the two characters that onnie makes here.
    would you please make it into sequel??
    it must become a really good story then.
    keep writing onnie!!

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