We have To Married – Part 1

Title                : We Have To Married part 1

Author             : Nita si Chicken

Main Cast        : Lee Jinki, Song Hyo Soo

Support Cast   : Choi Soo Ae, Shin Hyun Kyung, Cho An Ra

Length             : Sequel (1/

Genre              : Romance

Rating             : PG-15

Summary         : “Jadi kapan acara pernikahan anak kita akan dilaksanakan?” tanya appa Hyo    Soo pada keluarga Lee.

Desclaimer      : Ini ff punya aku, plotnya punya aku. Onew punya Tuhan, keluarganya, Shinee, SM yang terakhir punya aku juga. Wkwkwkwk *digampar MVP*

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A Month Later

A Month Later

Author             : Hanakimchi a.k.a Hana Unni

Main Cast        : Lee Jin-ki, Lee Chae-rin

Support Cast  : No one

Length             : One shot (flashfic), Stand Alone

Genre                          : Romance

Rating                         : NC-21

Summary         : After that night, ‘that’ thing happened again……

A.N                 : This story based on author point of view. For readers who have read “One night, between Jin-ki and Chae-rin”, this is the first sequel. Actually, this is NO CHILDREN rate but I SKIPPED it in some parts. Lee Jin-ki owns himself but Lee Chae-rin belongs to my imagination. This story and all inside belongs to mine.

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{NC-17} Something More: Into The New World – Part 6

 Something More: Into The New World- Part 6

Author              : Chanchan a.k.a Chandra Shinoda (@chandrashinoda)

Main Cast        : Kim Kibum (Key), Kim Jonghyun, Kim Hyora

Support Cast    : Other SHINee member, Lee Soon Hee, Kim Min Young, Lee Hyeorin

Special Guest   : Kim Sera (female main cast di FF-nya Lia ‘Keylieon’)

Genre               : Family, Friendship, Life, Romance

Length              : Sequel

Rating               : NC-17+ (WARNING!)

Credit Song      : Secondhand Serenade – Something More

Disclaimer        : I don’t own all SHINee members. They’re God’s. They belong to themselves and SM entertainment. I’m just the owner of the story.

Yang masih di bawah umur balik!!! Wushh… karena part setelah ini akan diprotect. Jangan main-main daripada nanti penasaran sampai dongkol!!! Hwehehehehe…


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