A Month Later

A Month Later

Author             : Hanakimchi a.k.a Hana Unni

Main Cast        : Lee Jin-ki, Lee Chae-rin

Support Cast  : No one

Length             : One shot (flashfic), Stand Alone

Genre                          : Romance

Rating                         : NC-21

Summary         : After that night, ‘that’ thing happened again……

A.N                 : This story based on author point of view. For readers who have read “One night, between Jin-ki and Chae-rin”, this is the first sequel. Actually, this is NO CHILDREN rate but I SKIPPED it in some parts. Lee Jin-ki owns himself but Lee Chae-rin belongs to my imagination. This story and all inside belongs to mine.



That night…

So flashy.



Jin-ki still tries to hold his feelings, his angered, his desire, his madness and his guilty. His feelings to Chae-rin unexplained, unexpectedly. Suddenly, her warm kiss turns over his life in one night. Why it could be happened to them? Moreover, he couldn’t hold his desire to her and want to feel it once again, together.  Why did Chae-rin try to stay away from him for many days? Why she keep her self far away from him? Does she feel the same way with him?

No words, just empty.

So sad.

At lunch…

Jin-ki asks Chae-rin to bring him lunch to the office. Double menu.

Jin-ki      : “I have to talk deeply with her again. I have many things to explain”

Tok tok tok

Jin-ki      : “Come in”

When the door opened, there is Chae-rin. Brings a tray full of food, complete with hot coffee vanilla- cream and strawberry cheese cake, Jin-ki’s favorite.

Jin-ki      : “Chae-rin-ah …?”

Chae-rin : “Yes, what can I do for you now?”

Jin-ki      : “Sit here, have a lunch with me”

Chae-rin : “I’m sorry, I promise to have a lunch with others”

Jin-ki      : “Canceled it. I want you here, with me, now!”

Chae-rin : “OK. As your wish”

They sit together; eat their lunch, no sound, wordless and …no gazing each other.




Jin-ki      : “I’m sorry, really really sorry”

Chae-rin : “What for?”

Jin-ki      : “Don’t talk to me like that”

Chae-rin : “Oh, I’m sorry now. What do you want me to do?”

Jin-ki      : “Answer me”

Jin-ki put his food away. Staring at her with ‘answer now’ sign.

Chae-rin : “That’s OK. I’ve forgot that night”

Jin-ki      : “Your words, that night. Is that true?”

Chae-rin : “Which one?”

Jin-ki      : “You love me”

Chae-rin : “Yes, it’s true. Then?”

Jin-ki      : “And, what about now?”

Now, Chae-rin put her in the table. Her body leans to the chair and take a deep breath.

Chae-rin : “Once for forever. I’m not down on my knee to beg and change my heart so easily”

Jin-ki      : “Are you feeling guilty?”

Chae-rin : “Guilty? What are you want me suppose to say?”

Jin-ki      : “Making love with me”

Chae-rin : “A regrettable mistakes”

Jin-ki      : “Why?”

Chae-rin : “I make a love with someone who doesn’t love me, never”

Jin-ki      : “Give me a chance”

Chae-rin : “Chance?”

Jin-ki      : “To be a real man. Showing my truth feeling to you. Let’s go out, I’ll take you home”

Jin-ki holds Chae-rin hands, pull her outside the office and push her into his car. There’s so many eyes were staring at them, curious. What happen between the boss and his secretary? Is there a romance story? Or is there something hidden? Jin-ki takes her to his apartment, again. Now, Jin-ki’s normal condition. Not drunk, so conscious.

Chae-rin sits in his beautiful, soft and comfortable sofa, again. Jin-ki gives her a glass orange juice and takes a seat next to her. Jin-ki didn’t know what to say, his head still memorize that night. Though he isn’t not in normal way, but he still remembers it. Very detail.

Jin-ki      : “My heart, my head won’t allow me think normally”

Chae-rin : “Thinking about what?”

Jin-ki      : “You, I’m sorry for have this feeling”

Chae-rin : “What feelings? You still have it?”

Jin-ki      : “Yes. I have those feelings. Sad, mad, happy, guilty, angered and lost”

Chae-rin : “Since when?”

Jin-ki      : “Since that night”

Chae-rin : “What about now?”

Jin-ki      : “Mad, angered and lost”

Chae-rin : “Lost?”

Jin-ki      : “Yeah, I lost you”

Chae-rin : “Who am I? I’m just ordinary girl. Filling your emptiness, cheering you up and it doesn’t meant I become important to you”

Jin-ki      : “You make me realize my wasting life. After that night, I still think your words, till now. Am I really useless? Would you help me? Show me the way and open my door that locked for a long times. Help me find myself”

Chae-rin : “Will you regret after I show you then?”

Jin-ki      : “No. I won’t regret it”

Chae-rin : “Are you promise me?”

Jin-ki      : “Yes, I promise to you. You’re so different, no one ever told me like that before”

Chae-rin : “OK. Now, close you eyes”

Suddenly, Chae-rin pulling her body against his and gave him a smooth kiss, but this time it lasted a little longer, and felt different than before. Feeling his face so close to hers, the cute smell of his light brown hair, his smooth skin, and made Chae-rin feel like entering another world. A world where no one, except Jin-ki and Chae-rin, could go.

His eyes weren’t playful anymore, his lips were smiling again. Jin-ki frowned and tried to say something, but words couldn’t find its way to his mouth. Jin-ki wasn’t able to understand her feelings, and he was sure that he wasn’t hallucinating.

They still kissing until she had to stop me to get some air. Jin-ki looked at her; Chae-rin trembled when she felt Jin-ki’s fingers grazing her skin softly. Jin-ki smiled at her; trying to make her realize what he wanted. Chae-rin smiled at him and kissed him again.

Jin-ki      : “You’re such a good kisser, Chae-rin-ah”

Jin-ki still holding her in arms, without even breaking our kiss.

Chae-rin : “Will we …?”

Jin-ki looked at her confused, but then he realized what she was trying to say. Jin-ki hesitated a little, still looking at her. Actually, that was outside of his planning to do. Jin-ki coming closer and grabbing her by her waist.

Jin-ki      : “Let’s do this quickly, time is ours now”

Chae-rin placing her hands on his chest, Chae-rin’s hands trying to unbutton his shirt, he felt the urge to do the same thing. Grabbing the edge of her shirt and pulling it up, so Chae-rin could have more comfort. Jin-ki took a deep breath and started to take off her pants quickly and she was about to do the same with him; gesturing me to take my shirt off. Jin-ki didn’t wait any longer and took both of them off and quickly turned his face to her and kissed Chae-rin again, this time more passionately than before.

Jin-ki lifted her body up, wrapping her legs on his lap. Chae-rin quickly adjusted to his hips and her hands encircled around my neck, kissing him all over. Jin-ki takes off his boxers without breaking the kiss and Chae-rin did the same.

Chae-rin : “Mmmppphhh …”

Chae-rin mumbled, leaning over and kissing him again. Jin-ki grabbed her by her waist and lifted her up again, trying to enter her body softly. Jin-ki’s hands tightened around her waist when he could feel her body very tight around, making him harder every time she repeated the process. The apartment felt silent, the only sounds they could hear was their heavy breathing and their skins rubbing each other.

Jin-ki’s hands let go of Chae-rin’s waist, and went up to her breasts. Placing both of his hands on each breast and pushing them a little and started massaging them softly. There were no words that could explain what they were feeling, that’s why they didn’t even bother to talk.

Jin-ki leaned over her neck and started sucking it, slowly, going down to her collarbone and kissing it softly, passionately. Jin-ki grabbed her butt tight and squeezed it a little. Jin-ki hold her tight, and prepared him self for what was coming.

Their climax. They continued like this for a while until Chae-rin completely stopped. Their bodies were wet from the sweat, but their faces looked happy.

Jin-ki      : “Totally awesome.”

Chae-rin nodded. Jin-ki hugged her and placed her head on his shoulder, resting his head on her hair.

Jin-ki      : “I love you”

Chae-rin : “I know that”

Jin-ki      : “So much”

Chae-rin : “I love you too”

That was our second time together; definitely one of the best in their life. Jin-ki loved her and she loved him, what else could we ask for?

Jin-ki      : “This”

Jin-ki gives Chae-rin a small black box.

Chae-rin : “What?”

Chae-rin opens it slowly.

Jin-ki      : “Wear this ring and be my wife”

Chae-rin still freeze, staring at that ring in unbelievable way.

Chae-rin : “I will and I do”

They end their adventure that day in a deep kiss ever.




Thanks to all comments in “One night, between Jin-ki and Chae-rin”. If there’s any grammatical error, chongmal mianhae. Your comment is spirit for me.

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45 thoughts on “A Month Later”

  1. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

    ‘wear this ring and be my wife’
    onnie..i love that scene! How can I (oops! I mean..she) She resist? That was such a romantic proposal!! Tegas romantis bersahaja! *halah* haha..

    Storm: ‘Key! propose me like that!’
    Key: i won’t! -_-!! Storm: 😦
    Key: :*

    Haha.. #abaikan!

    Onnie! I love it!! ^^b

    1. hwahahahaha …
      you’re still under age, don’t you???
      baca juga nih … nekat …
      ya … itulah uri jinki …
      diam dan menghanyutkan …
      gomawo …

  2. Again, a smut fiction between Jinki and Chaerin.
    Err sorry, but i still found there’re some gramatical errors, but that’s okay 🙂

    So finally Jinki has found his happiness, rite?
    Thanks god now he’s with Chaerin.

    Nice fic btw, I like Jinki’s words here LMAO XD

    1. hehehehe … that’s right
      smut …
      I’ve made this only an hour … without checking the structure
      sorry …
      anyway, thx for reading

    1. yeah …
      sometimes too difficult to understand english …
      indonesian too open up adn ‘vulgar’
      thx for reading

  3. Karena pake bahasa inggris jd NC nya gak terlalu berasa vulgar sih menurutku hehehe nice FF author ditunggu karya selanjutnya ya 😀

  4. hohohoho…
    rada bingung klo baca FF NC bahasa inggris…
    tpi lumayan mengerti, pas baca FF nie…

    1. sialan … nih anak kecil tetep nekat baca juga …
      paham gak sih sebenarnya???
      thank you nae dongsaeng

  5. iya tw author. lebih hot yang Chamkkamanyo kok drpd ini hehehe. mgkin karena yg itu bahasa indonesia jd bekesan lebih vulgar hehe. oh ya author punya ff yadong selain yg di post di blog ini? *keluar yadongnya*. tpi yadong yg romantis dan ceritanya bermakna kayak Chamkkamanyo gitu author.

    1. iya …
      eon takut klo pake indo … malah diprotect trus … pada minta pw
      eon skip aja sebagian trus pake vocab yang agak ribet dikit
      biar bacanya sambil liat kamus
      romantis ya …tunggu aja yang selanjutnya
      lebih hot …

  6. It’s just my misunderstanding or there are some typos there?
    heuhuhuhu, why this NC aren’t protected? IT’S DANGEROUS!
    BTW, it’s nice. keep writing!

    1. typos?
      what’s that mean?
      isn’t protected? you right
      some words are difficult to understand
      this isn’t the full version … you want it?
      I’ll post in the next sequel
      read the ff before … this ff stand alone and this is the first sequel …
      btw … gamsahamnida

  7. untung ngerti artinya, walaupun kalo d suruh ngomong inggris ngak bisa, tapi buat baca doang aku ngerti. . . .
    Mereka sblm y belum nikah pas ‘itu, enak banget d lamar ma jinki aku jg mau. . .

  8. Wow, this FF is amazing. Haha. Great Job Author! I thought, this FF isn’t full NC, just a little NC. Wkwk.
    The stroy about One Night, I’ve never read it yet. Can you give the link? So I can read it. Haha.

  9. Am i too late for comment this wonderful fanfiction? ? 😀
    oh my god,jinki,,
    his propose to chaerin’s so sweet XD
    can u say that to me too ?? #slapped
    how lucky is that girl 😀

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