6 Month Journey as a Boy Band Assistant – Part 1

Title                          : 6 Month Journey as a Boy Band Assistant (Part 1)

Author                      : mseka (Eka Saskarawati)

Genre                       : Romance, humor

Main Casts               : Author, Lee Jin Ki (Onew)

Supporting Casts      : Shin Eun Pyo, SuJu members

Length                      : Sequel

Notes                        :

This is my first fanfic written in English, so if there is found some mistyping, grammar missing, or misspelling, I apologize. And for the administrator who have published this fanfic, thank you very much.

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You Are My Spirit

You Are My Spirit

            Title : You Are My Spirit

Author(*) : Dark Knight

Main Cast(*) (Tokoh Utama) : Lee Jinki or Onew 🙂

Support Cast(*) (Tokoh Pembantu) : Nope

Length(*) : Drabble ( 4 page )

Genre(*) : Romance

Rating(*) : General

Summary : I am sorry to always hide this sad feeling to you. But now, it’s time to let you know 🙂

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Your Wings – Part 2

Author                  : Park yeonghae
Genre                   : sad romance , fantasy , angst
Rating                   : All Age
Lenght                  : on going
Disclaimer           : i have this ff !! dont copy this ff!!
Cast                       :
–          You as you
–          Choi minho as minho/michael
–          Kim ki bum as key
–          Krystal jung as krystal
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