6 Month Journey as a Boy Band Assistant – Part 1

Title                          : 6 Month Journey as a Boy Band Assistant (Part 1)

Author                      : mseka (Eka Saskarawati)

Genre                       : Romance, humor

Main Casts               : Author, Lee Jin Ki (Onew)

Supporting Casts      : Shin Eun Pyo, SuJu members

Length                      : Sequel

Notes                        :

This is my first fanfic written in English, so if there is found some mistyping, grammar missing, or misspelling, I apologize. And for the administrator who have published this fanfic, thank you very much.

6 Months Journey as a Boy Band Assistant

It’s a shinny morning when I step out of the taxi. I’m regretting what I’m doing now but it’s too late. I’ve been standing in the front of a large building signed S M.

Yeah that’s right I’m now standing at the front of SM office building. I’m afraid but then I force my self to walk my feet on and step into the large building.

Flash back…

Oh yeah… I haven’t told you why I’m in Korea.

After I graduated from Manado State University with English Education Department as my major, I decided to continue my study and decided to conduct my thesis with Korean Language Interference on English as my focus. Of course I have to do my research in Korea. Therefore I decided to move to Korea for a while until I finished my thesis.

Why do I choose Korean Language? Because I like Korean people, I like Korean singers, Korean Boy Band, Korean Actresses and Korean Actors. And I’m interested with their language and their accent and Korean Language is an English Creole. But the main reason is because I want to meet my idols whom I’ve admired since I was in the University.

In Korea I rent a cheap apartment in Seoul. I chose the cheap one to save money because I came to Korea with only a little money on my wallet. And still for the reason to save money, I don’t live alone in the apartment. I live with one of my Korean friend that I met the first day I arrived in Korea. We share the rent half and half.  Her name is Shim Eun Pyo and she speaks English. I met her when I arrived at the airport and the person who was supposed to take me wasn’t there yet. She was waiting for her boyfriend who is one of the Korean Boy Band Group members, Cho Kyuhyun.

Flashback of Flashback he he weird…

I was almost crying when she stopped by me and said “Hi, are you waiting for someone?” Perhaps she felt so much pity about me. “Yes, I’m waiting for the person who was supposed to pick me up here.” I said with pale face. “You’re not a Korean. What are you?” she asked me curiously. I understand I look strange coz I don’t have oriental face and she recognized it. “Oh I’m Indonesian” I answer and she replied by nodding as her mouth opened. “Oh I’m Shim Eun Pyo by the way” as giving her right hand toward me and I replied “I’m Eka Saskarawati. You can call me Eka.”

To initiate a further conversation I asked her the first question she asked me.”And you? Who are you waiting for?” she smiled indicating that she was shy to tell me who she’s waiting for, but “I’m waiting for my boyfriend” she finally spoke. “You perhaps wouldn’t believe this” she continued “I’m waiting for Cho Kyuhyun” my eyes widened between believing it or not. But why would she lie since I would know the truth when the person she’s waiting for arrived. We were both silent until a voice shouted and someone’s running toward Eun Pyo. “Eun Pyo-ah,” that was the only word I realize because they then talked in Korean Language that I don’t understand. But it’s not important, coz I stoned with my eyes widened and my feet trembling. She was not lying. It was Cho Kyuhyun, one of the SuJu members. He was wearing a brown T-shirt which was hided under the black Jacket with shading and hat. Maybe he was in disguise because he didn’t want to get caught by his fans meeting his girlfriend on the airport. Seconds later he stared at me recognizing my presence on Eun Pyo’s right side, he talked to Eun Pyo in Korean. I wondered If he asked who I was, and Eun Pyo answered him in Korean too. Then he faced me “So You’re an Indonesian? I’ve been to Indonesia for a Concert.” He speaks English too. I’m not surprised since he is the SuJu member that has the highest IQ after Kim Ki Bum in the first position. I listened to him carefully as he continued “Perhaps you’ve recognized me if you like Korean Boy Band, I’m Cho Kyuhyun a Super Junior Member” he offered me his hand to shake as putting off his shading, but I was freezing, I never imagined that I would meet one of the persons I wanted to meet this fast. He is even more handsome in person than in pictures. But then I came to my senses after Eun Pyo tapping my back. I took a deep breath and shake his hand as saying “oh yeah I’m Eka” I still couldn’t believe what had just happened, when he asked me “You came here by your self, or with a friend?” “I came here by my self” I replied. Then they talked in Korean language, and I don’t know what it was until Kyuhyun said “Why don’t you just come with us? You still don’t have any place to stay right? Eun Pyo lives in an apartment by herself. If you want, you can stay with her in the apartment for a while until you get another settlement.” I was very happy to hear that since I don’t know where to go and don’t have any connection in Korea, I thought I’d just accept their offers.

Three of us left the airport….

            After an hour in Kyuhyun’s car that had been prepared by his manager, we finally arrived at an apartment building. It was an apartment near SM Company building. Because Kyuhyun wanted to stay close with Eun Pyo, he recommended that apartment to Eun Pyo and Eun Pyo just accepted it since it suits her budgets. I mean, it’s cheap. Eun Pyo is a last semester University student and she pays for her schools since high school. She’s been living by herself since she decided to take classes in Seoul far away from her family in a rural area in Incheon. The apartment was simple, cheap but nice.

End of Flashback of flash back…..

That was how I met Eun Pyo and live with her.

(still flash back)

It’s been a week I’ve been in Korea. I don’t have a job yet, but my money has gone so fast. Living in Seoul is not that easy as I thought, it costs much money.

I was lying on my bed thinking, when Eun Pyo come to my room and tells me the breakfast is ready. She is the one who cook frequently because I still don’t know how to cook Korean food and I’m not familiar with the ingredients yet. She doesn’t mind to do that. She is such a good friend and I was very lucky to meet her and Kyuhyun. They are very humble to me.

“hmm..” she sighs “Eka ya, the breakfast is ready.” I don’t answer I’m still thinking what I have to do to earn money. She snitched her fingers just like the magician do to make his volunteer come into senses. I’m surprised as blinking my eyes to get my senses. And said “oh Eun Pyo-ah, I was…” before I finish my words she interrupts “You were dreaming. What are you thinking about?” she asks me curiously. I am doubt to tell her that I’m lack of money but I think I should tell her about this if I consider her as my friend. “I don’t have much money anymore.” I say “I have sent applications to some companies but no confirmation calls yet, no interview calls. And now I doubt it.” Having heard my confession, she sighs. “huh…” Perhaps she is a little mad about this, coz I don’t tell her earlier about this. But then she says as smiling. (I just realize that she also has the evil smile just like his boyfriend Kyuhyun does)  “Aha I know. About three days ago Kyuhyun complained about SHINee’s assistant who was retired because he doesn’t work as he should. He neglected his works and did such improper things. And they are now looking for a new assistant for SHINee. I’m going to ask Kyuhyun if they still need an assistant. If they do, you can fill that position. We will have the same job.” (Yeah that’s right she is the SUPER Junior assistant. It is her now job). She said excitedly as hugging me and we jump happily on my bed. I am very excited about this. Being an assistant of a popular boy band which is filled with cute and handsome boys, is gonna be very exciting. But then I come to my senses and say “I’m not even accepted yet” Eun Pyo’s smiling face turns to a death face and she bubbles her face as saying “I need to call Kyuhyun.” And she runs away to get her cell phone in the dinning room where she left her cell phone the last time.

            After washing my face I take a seat on the dinning table to have my breakfast. But before I touch my sandwich Eun Pyo has come to the dinning room and shouts “ Eka, Eka, just get dressed and we go to the SM office.” I smile. Even though she doesn’t explain further I know that it means I’m called for an interview by the SM Company to be SHINee’s assistant. “But…” I stop my words and Eun Pyo look a little disappointed “I have to take a bath first” I laugh out loud as I take her hands joining with mine and we jump excitedly.

Flashback ends….

            And here I am in the front of the SM Office building. It’s a tall building with six or seven floors.  And yeah I forgot. Eun Pyo is still inside the taxi. She is trying to call Kyuhyun but he didn’t answer yet. But then finally Eun Pyo starts speaking. And yeah as usual, I don’t understand what Eun Pyo said. Perhaps she was yelling at Kyuhyun. She hung up the phone and says “Kajja” We step into the building as an old man greets us. Seeing what he’s wearing I know She presses the 6 button.

A few seconds later, we’ve been in the sixth floor of the building. We pass some rooms. A room with the door signed DBSK, I wonder that it was used to be Kim Jae Joong and his band mates’ room. Then we pass a room signed Super Junior. It is open. I take a glance inside the room. I see Eun Hyuk is speaking and the other begins to laugh on what he’s saying. Even though I don’t understand what it is, I know for sure he must be telling the other SuJu members a joke. He is the funniest member of Super Junior as anyone knows.

I walk on and finally we get onto the front of a room signed SHINee. My heart starts beating rapidly over the normal heart beat rate. Eun Pyo takes my hands and says “Are you ready? You don’t have to be nervous. They’re good kids. You’ll be fine. I’ll be waiting for you out here. Just a few seconds, Kyuhyun comes by as sighing and says “Aja Aja Fighting. Good Luck Eka…”

“Nae. Gomawo yo Kyuhyun-ssi” I say in Korean. That was one of the simplest Korean sentences that I master.  I take a deep breath to reduce my nervousness, and break the handle.

When I get into the room they are all staring at me. Perhaps the sound resulted by the breaking handle also break the silence. In the room there have been a man around thirty sitting behind the desk, with five handsome boys sitting in front of him. “Oh you’ve arrived. Take a seat please”  Said the man (whom I think is Lee Soo Man, the owner of SM Company) as pointing to a chair in the right side of the boys. I nod as laying my botts on the chair. The boy who seat near me, I recognize as Lee Jin Ki or best known as Onew, the leader of SHINee. On the left of him is Tae min, followed by Min Ho, Kim Ki Bum (or known as Key) and Jong Hyun. They’re all bowing at me as part of manner. I replied also by bowing.  “Why don’t you just introduce your self?” asks the man, and I nervously stand up with my knee hitting the desk making the desk moved. They’re all shocked. They widened their eyes. I try to move the desk into the first position but the man behind the desk stops me by saying “It’s ok. If you are nervous right now, you don’t have to. I’m not gonna eat you.” He laughs, but no one in that room follows him as they don’t consider it funny, including me. I’m too scared to laugh. The man stops laughing as he realized that what he is supposed to be joke is not considered funny. He sighs and says preciously, doesn’t want to lose his cool “I’ve read your applications given by Kyuhyun. It was pretty good. I’m impressed.” It becomes silent. I’m still afraid to put my face toward the man. “I’m here not to interview you.” He continues and I don’t realize that my eyes have been observing him intensively, waiting what he’s gonna tell me later “I’m here to tell you that you’re now accepted as the assistant of SHINee.” I’m so happy. I’m about to cry. I’m wondering If it were my apartment and the man or the SHINee members were not there, I must be shouting, crying, laughing and jumping like a crazy girl who just won a lottere. But that happiness doesn’t exist for a long time as a voice comes out from the mouth of one SHINee member “Andwae…” that I recognize as the Korean of ‘Don’t’, and I recognize it as Jin Ki’s voice. I know this wouldn’t be that easy. I take a deep breath. Lee Tae Min hits his Hyung’s shoulder to stop him offending me with his words. I bubble my face coz I’m mad of him. Minho and Jong Hyun who’s been observing since I’m in that room, see it and giggling. Perhaps I look funny to them. Not a long later Ki Bum put his face on me as saying “Ya noona we don’t even know you. Why should we accept you as our assistant?” I’m quiet. I don’t know how to answer him.” But Taemin then leans his body toward me to take a closer look to me who was hided by Jin Ki’s body and says as smiling  “But I like her. She is pretty cute.” I smile to him. I’m glad because I know he is pleading me from the two evil boys who are trying to attack me with their evil words. And it is right. He is very cute boy. He makes my heart melting with his smile. Then Minho and Jong Hyun Follow “Na deo Chowa”. I smile to them with half crying face as Min Ho continues “Noona, It’s gonna be exciting to have you as our assistant” and Jong Hyun adds “Yeah she is even a Balinese.” Yeah… Jong Hyun is very fond of Bali. He thinks Bali is the most beautiful island in the world along with the hospitality of the citizens and the cultures. I wonder how does he know about it. Oh perhaps he read it from my letters of applications.

To be continued….

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17 thoughts on “6 Month Journey as a Boy Band Assistant – Part 1”

  1. Wow Lucky girl! Pertama kali dateng ke Korea langsung ketemu Kyuhyun. I wondering for the next part. ASAP!

  2. Kliatanx ff na keren…..tpi krn pke bhsa inggris aku jdi krang ngerti…kekeke….next part, bsa pke bhs indnesia gak??? Tpi klo gak bsa gak apa2, kok….nanti aku siapin kmus pas bca nih ff#ketahuan gak bsa bhs inggris…..
    Slam knal author…

  3. Whoa i think it’s gonna be an interesting fic!
    How lucky she is; meet Kyuhyun all of sudden!
    And now, she’s gonna be SHINee’s assistant?!!


    next part pleaseeeee

  4. Howwaa..
    #ngelap keringet…
    My english is not good…
    I just can understand a little…
    But, i like it…

    I spend many time 2 write this comment…
    #lidah belepotan…

    I’m waiting 4 next part..

  5. waw.. i love this FF!!
    i’m just wondering what will i do if i meet all shinee member..
    i can’t wait for the next part!! 😀

  6. Yeeh onew onew
    Iiiiiii kuciknya taeminnn
    Part selanjutnya makin seru yaaa
    Apalagi tadi ada eunhyuk nyelip *modus
    Eunpyonya baik deh
    Nolongin terus
    Panter aja pacarnya kyu
    Tapi akhirnya dia satu kerjaan deh sama eka

  7. Wahh, she was so lucky xD
    and i felt envy with her. Kekekeke~
    meet cho kyuhyun? Kyaaa, I WANT!!
    But, finally she was being SHINee’s assistants.
    Err, that girl same with me.
    i also learnt korean for meet my bias.
    Ahh, i like ur FF so much.
    Wanna make sequel? I’ll wait .. kkkkk~

  8. pertama dateng ke korea uda ketemu kyuhyun. abis itu jadi asistennya shinee. mau banget kaya gitu *0* ehe

  9. heum…bagus. cuma…gini..aku bisa sih bahasa inggris. tpai tetap aja kalo harus baca ff panjang dan berpart, trus pake bahasa inggris rasanya kagak enak. kurang afdol. lebih afdol pake b.indo. plisss…next part kalo bisa pake b.ing ya thor..

  10. I’m so sorry guys. I just knew that my fanfic has been published. Annyonghaseo chinggu deul. Naneun eka iyeyo. Naneun yi fanficei author iyeyo. Tto poepkepsumnida.
    I’ve sent all the 4 parts to the admin, and they’re all in English. Mianhae chinggudeulonghaseo chinggu deul. Naneun eka iyeyo. Naneun yi fanficei author iyeyo. Tto poepkepsumnida.
    I’ve sent all the 4 parts to the admin, and they’re all in English. Mianhae chinggudeul

  11. Annyeong author and readers! I’ve just found this wordpress, then I read your FF (sorry it’s too late, hehe) and I think I love your FF, esp your grammar is good and I like your idea for this FF. It’s gonna be fun 😀

  12. kinda bored yah ceritanya hahaha *ditimpuk author*
    baru kali ini aku nemu ff yg ngarang anak manado.. ya kan thor? anak manado kan? anak unima ya? English Department? akunya Nihongo loh hihihi.. ketemuan kapan” bisa kali thor 😀
    masih dibalas ga yah komen ini? hmm..

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