6 Months Journey as a Boy Band Assistant – Part 2

Title                          : 6 Months Journey as a Boy Band Assistant (Part 2)

Author                      : mseka (Eka Saskarawati)

Genre                       : Romance, humor

Main Casts               : Author, Lee Jin Ki (Onew)

Supporting Casts      : Shin Eun Pyo, SuJu members, Park Dong Gun

Length                      : Sequel

Notes                        :

This is my first fanfic written in English, so if there is found some mistyping, grammar missing, or misspelling, I apologize. And for the administrator who have published this fanfic, thank you so much. ^_^

I smile to them with half crying face as Minho continues “Noona, It’s gonna be exciting to have you as our assistant” and Jong Hyun adds “Yeah she is even a Balinese.” Yeah… Jong Hyun is very fond of Bali. He thinks Bali is the most beautiful island in the world along with the hospitality of the citizens and the cultures. I wonder how does he know about it. Oh perhaps he read it from my letters of applications.

To stop the crowd the man begins to speak “Three over two, you lose Jin Ki”. “But…”  he tries to complain but the man cuts his words by saying “No but. Since I’m your manager, you have to obey what I ask you to do.” I’m so glad and satisfied about the fight that I won even without any efforts of mine. I cannot hold to laugh. I giggle a little and stop as I realize Jin Ki and Ki Bum are staring at me mad. I close my mouth with my hand and the other 4 persons in that room break their laughs as seeing my actions. Probably they consider it funny.

“O yeah I’m Park Dong Gun, SHINee’s manager by the way” he breaks the crowd.

I finally know that the man is not Lee Soo Man as I thought. He is SHINee’s manager named Park Dong Gun. I get up, bowing, and say “I’m Eka as you know, thank you very much for accepting me to work here.” He smiles passionately as saying “Gwaenchana, it’s nothing” with his eyes blinking. I was surprised and spontantly looked at the SHINee members. Taemin once again lowers his body and put his mouth near my ear and whispers “Be carefull Noona, He’s not married yet, perhaps, he purposes to make you his wife.” I was shocked, I instantly look at Taemin’s face with my eyes widened and my mouth opened. He replied by shaking his head. I then look at Mr. Park who is still smiling at me with his eyes blinking. So ugly.

Trying to get his cool again, he later said “Minho and Jong Hyun, you prepare her a room. From now on she is going to live with you guys in the dorm.” Said he, making the other two members shocked “Mwo?” Say Jin Ki and Key in chorus. While Minho and Jong Hyun excitedly answer “Nae Hyung”. Being mad with Onew and Ki Bum Mr. Park speak a half shouting  “wae? She is now your assistant. She has to be with you guys all the time.” They don’t argue anymore, knowing that they’re not gonna be able to win the fight against their manager. “Is that ok Miss Eka?” he ask me smiling. “Nae sajangnim” I force my face to form a smiling face. For the third time, or second time, or I don’t know I forgot, Minho, Jong Hyun and Taemin laugh at my actions.

That was the end of my negotiation with the SHINee members and their manager. I’m lucky. Even though there are two members of SHINee that don’t like me, but there are still Jong Hyun, Minho and Taemin who like me and would help me if Onew and Key ‘attack’ me again.

Today, I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world, since besides I’m now the assistant of five most popular handsome boys in Korea, I get a job with good payment.

            I go out of the room with the five boys following me but then they walk away without me. And as I expected, there are still Eun Pyo and Kyuhyun waiting for me outside the room. Eun Pyo forms her hands into praying hand waiting for me to tell her the result of the interview (which was not really an interview, but rather a negotiation). She loses her patient and asks me impatiently “How was it? Are you accepted?” I don’t answer. I lower my face, putting it toward the floor. I pretend that I fail the interview. I don’t know why, but I always like to make her disappointed. I like to see her disappointed face. Along with Eun Pyo, Kyuhyun look disappointed too. I understand, since he is the one who did the biggest efforts to beg for the boss to take me as SHINee’s assistant. But then I can’t take it anymore, my laugh breaks the air. They’re mad of me but also happy for me. I finally got a job.

It’s 3 in the afternoon. I’m packing with Eun Pyo’s assistance. Mr. Park wanted me to move tonight. I’m happy that I got a job, but at the same time I feel so sad. Because of that job, I have to leave my best friend that I’ve been living with for a week, a friend who have been cooking for me for a week, and a friend who helped me to find a job. I feel so sorry and I begin to doubt this.

“Eun Pyo ya, I think it’s not such a good idea.” I say. “Wae yo? Niga babo anii a?” she speaks Korean simple sentence that I caught as a yell at me, saying that I’m stupid.  “No, I just don’t wanna leave you. I mean you’ve been so good to me. And now, I’m going to leave you behind when I got a job. I feel like I’m so mean to you.” She replies with a smile that I don’t know the meaning yet then she says “You don’t have to feel sorry, you’re not gonna leave me behind.” I still don’t get what she just said until she stand which was followed by me, and says “I’m moving to SuJu’s dorm too.” I am surprised with what she just told me. We both laughing, as we usually do, with jumping. I am so happy. At this time I think my life is getting easier. I cry. Not because I’m sad. But because my heart that can’t take this happiness that is too large that for my small heart. I cry. Eun Pyo hugs me and I hug her back. We’re both crying. A moment later, to break this awkward situation she finally says “After we finish packing your stuffs, you have to help me pack my stuffs ok?” I reply by nodding as I wipe my face which is wet of tears.

It’s been so dark when we just finished packing our stuffs. I suppose it is 7. We take a shower together as we usually do lately. We were talking about many things while showering. We talk about how would it be living with boys in their dorms. We talk about wonderful things that we’re gonna do. And we talk about a harder life that waits us in the future. Because being an assistant is not an easy job, for we are not an ordinary assistant. We are the assistants of two most famous Boy Band in Korea.

The door bell is ringing when we just finished dressing. I press a button on the door and I see  Kyuhyun is standing outside the door from the monitor. I open the door and asked Kyuhyun to come in. not so long by Kyuhyun’s arrival, the door’s ringing again. I soon press the open button without seeing who’s out there. And as I expect they are three members of SHINee, Jong Hyun, Minho and Taemin. They breath rapidly like they just ran after something shasing them. I’m not surprised when Onew and Key don’t come to take me. Yeah they don’t like me. I even think that they hate me so much. But I think I’d just screw them. I asked the three boys to get in, and before I offer them to sit, Minho begins to talk “Noona, I think we should go.” I was surprised. I wonder what they are doing. “Wae yo?” “We made a bet” he replies. I’m getting curious as well as Kyuhyun and Eun Pyo that are sitting in the same room. I look at them, they look at me back and look each other’s faces. Then Taemin continues his Hyung’s unfinished sentence “If we can get into the dorm before 8, they promise would treat you well, but If we can’t get into the dorm by the time, they will treat you bad.” I was shocked, without asking or saying anything I take my travel bag and point to the rest of my packs. They understand and three of them just pick the packs and bring it out. Four of us leave without saying good bye to Eun Pyo and Kyuhyun.  I wonder if Eun Pyo and Kyuhyun are still in their last position, freezing because they are surprised of what just happened. It must be very funny.


We’re on a car, and it’s been ten minutes to 8. I’m very nervous. And now my life depends on how fast Jong Hyun drives the car. I’m a little mad of them, how could they bet upon my ‘life’? but I also feel happy, maybe they did it because they don’t want me to be treated bad by Onew and Key. Taemin sits beside Jong Hyun who’s riding the car, While I and Minho sit behind the driver seat. Along the way Taemin says the same words “Hyung Palii” as he wants Jong Hyun to drive faster. Minho doesn’t say anything since he is sleeping. He felt asleep after 3 minutes of the riding. ‘Oh God how could someone can fall asleep this fast.’ I think.

After ten minutes passed, we finally arrived at the front of a building. It’s a pink painted building I can see by the help of the lights. It’s a two floor building with modern architecture. It’s a beautiful building. And it’s SHINee’s building which will be my new settlement for a while. I like it. The car stops. Taemin suddenly open the car for me and take my hand with his left hand coz his right hand has been carrying my package. He pulled me out of the car without saying anything. He menyeret me along the yard. I don’t say a single word, just following Taemin wherever he takes me. After waking Minho up, Jong Hyun follow us. We enter the dorm. As I expected, the two evil members have been waiting there. They smile as one of them says “You’re late” in English. They want me to catch what they’re going to say. Spontantly I look at my arm watch in which the short pointer points to 8 and the longer pointer points to 1. We are five minutes late. And I realize this is the beginning of my sufferings in this dorm. “Time to start working, blacky” said Jin Ki as blinking his eyes on me. I know that was supposed to make me angry. I know my skin is not as white as theirs but he isn’t supposed to say that. I’m offended “Ya Hyung she hasn’t even gotten into her room and opened her package.” Said Taemin trying to help me from his Hyung’s evilness. I don’t say anything, just putting my face against the floor. A moment later, Ki Bum stand up and says “Cook me some food to eat. I’m hungry. I want it to be ready when I finish showering.” I bubble my face as usual. “Hyung…” Minho and Jong Hyun spontantly say, protesting what Jin Ki and Ki Bum just do to me. But Ki Bum steps away ignoring Jong Hyun and Minho. I can’t take it anymore. I’m too angry. My heart’s bursting holding too much anger for the two evil boys who treat me like a disturber (hama).

“ Ya Li Jin Ki, Kim Ki Bum…” I said a half shouting…They’re all shocked. Ki Bum stops his step and turn around putting his eyes intensively on me, as the others do with their eyes opened. They must be shocked. No one in the dorm ever dare to call them by those names. I’m afraid, but I have to say this. “Ya, why do you hate me so much? Did I hurt your feelings? Did I do something wrong to you? Why are you so mean to me?” I begin to sob. So much questions I’ve asked, they don’t even answer one. I lay down on the floor drowning my face on my knees. Jong Hyun, Minho, and Taemin spontantly grab my shoulders and lay me down on a sofa in the living room. I cry harder. I raise my face and start to stare at their eyes with deep hatred. I can see that they feel so guilty because they have made me crying. I put my face down and smiling. It works. My acting was not so bad. I’m good of that.  Ha ha ha (evil laugh). Taemin stands and walks toward Jin Ki and Ki Bum. They talk, or perhaps Taemin is yelling at them. Then not a long later, the three of them get into the front of me. “Mianhae Eka-ssi” Jin Ki starts talking “Noona, Mianhae ,we didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It was not serious. We just want to give a little orientation. It was just kidding.” Ki Bum continues. I know they are lying. They say it to stop me crying. They did hate me because they thought I would just result destruction on their dorm.

That was my first day in SHINee’s dorm.

It’s been a month  I’ve been working as SHINee’s assistant. Not like the first time we met, now we’ve been so close, just like friends. Except Jin Ki who is still awkward to me.

Wait…I haven’t told you about my room yet. Well, my room is in the second floor, while theirs on the first floor. But, since I’m afraid of ghosts (I believe in ghosts), and I hate to sleep alone, I always beg Taemin and Ki Bum to let me sleep in their bed room every night. I mean Ki Bum has to give up his bed for me and he sleeps on the sofa. I don’t have a choice. I don’t want to sleep in Jong Hyun who uses to watch Yadong frequently and his brain has been contaminated with yadong things. Eeuw…. And also because he has a girlfriend and I don’t want her to mistaken my relationship with Jong Hyun which is only a relationship between assistant and artist.

 I do my daily activities in the dorm as an assistant and manager at the same time. Mr. Park asked me to replace him as SHINee’s manager because he took a cuti for two months. I cook for them, with Ki Bum’s help of course since I still don’t know how to cook Korean food (or perhaps he cooks with my help. He he.), I arrange their schedule and I follow them wherever they go. My days were filled with these activities lately. Oh yeah, and sometimes when there is a spare time, I visit my friend Eun Pyo in SuJu’s dorm. That was how I met the SuJu members in persons for the second time after the first time in SM office.

I begin to forget the main reason I came to Korea, to conduct a research regarding Korean Language Interference on English.

Flash back…..

Eka’s POV

I am standing in the front of SuJu’ dorm door. After a few seconds pressing the bell, someone opens the door. He smiles at me and I reply with smiling. I recognize him as Lee Teuk the oldest member of SuJu. He has such a cute face, contrast to his age which is about to reach 27. He asked me to get in. I step in and walk to the living room. There I saw Kyuhyun, Heechul, and Shindong in the front of a monitor, with sticks on each of their hands. They’re playing game. “ Annyong haseo” I say politely but no one answers. I bubble my face again (habit) as an indication that I am mad. He offers me a seat and then calls Eun Pyo for me in the upstairs. While Teuki oppa is calling Eun Pyo, two boys that I recognize as Lee Eun Hyuk and Lee Dong Hae come toward me and sit by my sides. “You’re Eka right?” asks Eun Hyuk with Korean accent after reading a paper. I think he has prepared what he was going to say and wrote it on a paper so he wouldn’t forget it. And his English is bad. “Nae” I replied shortly. But having heard his friend speaking English, Lee Dong Hae laughs out loud ignoring my answer. Because of his laughter, Kyuhyun finally realize my presence. “Eka ya” he shouted at me. “Nae Kyuhyun-ah, it’s me” I said but he doesn’t notice since he’s been drowning again on his game.

“Eka-ya” a familiar voice shouts as Lee Teuk oppa and Eun Pyo coming downstairs to meet me. “Eun Pyo-ah” I call her back. I stand and step toward Eun Pyo who is now running to me, ignoring the two boys who sit beside me. I hug her tightly since I’ve missed her so much. She hugs me back. We absentmindedly stamp our feet against the floor while the boys are observing us with their eyes opened. They are surprised, since they rarely see such a view or they never saw such a view between two girls. Having realized the condition we stop our action. And they go back to their last activities.

            We haven’t talked too much when a crowd appears as 4 boys entering the room where I and my best friend shared our stories. They are Si Won, Yesung, Sung Min and Ryeowook. They stare at me strangely as I stare them back. “You must be Eka, right?” Siwon asked me.

“Yes, oppa.” I answer But my eyes were still on Yesung, the SuJu Member that I like the most. Yesung stares me back while Ryeowook and Sung Min look at us both strangely. They must be wondering what is happening. So do Kyuhyun and Eun Pyo. Eun Pyo taps my back to get me into senses. Then Yesung step away as saying “another Alien at the attic”. I and Eun Pyo bubble our face realizing that the alien he meant was Eun Pyo and the other alien was me. He is a very weird guy. But that’s why I like him. He is the number two person I like after Kim Jae Joong.

Yesung’s POV

This girl is really weird. Why does she stare at me that way? But to be honest, she was pretty cute. But I stay cool. I don’t know what to stay so I think  I’d just step away and get into my room along with ryeowook. But my bad habit comes again I can’t prevent my lips from saying “Another Alien at the Attic” Aigoo, she must be very surprised of that. What a fool…

Flash back ends….

Eka’s POV

That’s how I met the ten SuJu members without Han Geng who have quit SuJu a year ago, Kang In who joined the military service, and Kim Ki Bum who had decided to focus on his acting career.

To be continued……..

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  1. my english is so bad. I don’t understand many word. But i wondering about eun pyo, why she can move to suju dorm? And for junhyung who has contamintated with yadong things.. Hahaha lol junhyung oppa, i love you the way you are although you are… Yadong hahaha

  2. i love this ff!! after onew, now my (?) yesung come along.
    kyaa!! i’ll wait the next part excitedly after my two boys are there
    really nice author !^^

  3. males bacanya .. pusing … aku klo dah baca b inggris dah mumet duluan hehehe …
    ono noh gra2 besok ulangan pkn sma ips …
    #pelajran kena akibatnya#
    huwaaa …. kayaknya critanya bgus …

  4. I’m so sorry guys. I just knew that my ff has been published. I’m the author of this ff. Thanks 4 reading my ff. Even though not many readers are interested in reading ff written in English, I still want to write more English ff. Gomawo chinggu deul 😉 I’m the author of this ff. Thanks 4 reading my ff. Even though not many readers are interested in reading ff written in English, I still want to write more English ff. Gomawo chinggu deul 😉

  5. chingu-ya.. there’s too much typos, but it’s still good at all 🙂
    well, menyeret itu bahasa inggrisnya drag yaa.. ga tau chingu lupa ganti apa emang ga tau hihihi *ditebas author*
    trus aku rada canggung aja baca kata yang ‘bubbling my face’ i think you mean ‘pouting’ ya? hehehe
    mianhae atas segala kelacangan saya mengubrak-abrik(?) ff chingu hehehe..

  6. i think SHINee’s managaer not that ugly…
    i saw his picture, but it’s ok right?
    good ff, it’s nice i found english ff in this page ^^
    hope you will make more FF in english kekekekekekekeke

  7. I’m very very late reading, it shouldn’t be as good this ff. By the way, I found a typo ‘menyeret’. but it doesn’t matter bcs this is nice ff^^

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