6 Months Journey as a Boy Band Assistant – Part 3

Title                          : 6 Months Journey as a Boy Band Assistant (Part 3)

Author                      : mseka (Eka Saskarawati)

Genre                       : Romance, humor

Main Casts               : Author, Lee Jin Ki (Onew)

Supporting Casts      : Shin Eun Pyo, SuJu members

Length                      : Sequel

Notes                        :

This is my first fanfic written in English, so if there is found some mistyping, grammar missing, or misspelling, I apologize. And for the administrator who have published this fanfic, thank you very much.


By that time I met Yesung, I can’t stop talking about Yesung to the SHINee members. I know that they’ve been so bored about the story when I met Yesung face to face for the first time. And of course I never told them the part when he said “Another alien at the attic” to me. But I just can’t stop talking about Yesung.

And yeah as you might guess, Jin Ki is the one who is most disturbed with these changes on me. He begins to blame me about mistakes I never did, he yells at me more frequently than he used to. I don’t know why, but he is very mad about me liking Yesung.

But, although I’m so mad about Jin Ki who treats me like an invader, I can’t do anything about that. It is because He’s the only one that I can burden. He’s the only one that can ask for help frequently coz he’s the only one who is older than me.

It is 7 in the evening. I just got home after all the day following SHINee training, performing on stage and attending fan meeting. I’m so tired. I go pick up my towel then go to the bath room. After pouring the liquid soap to the bath tube, I drown my body on it. It’s so refreshing. But then, suddenly the lights are off. I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do but screaming like hell. No one answers. I’m getting more scared when I heard a foot step appears. I stop screaming to make the footstep heard clearer. The footstep becoming closer and closer “Eka…Are you in?” someone speaks. It’s Jin Ki. He always knows that I’m really scared of darkness, so having known that the lights are off he will come to see me. “Nae Jin Ki-ah. I’m here” I’m so relief after knowing that the owner of the footstep is Jin Ki not a ghost as I thought. “Put on your towel and get out here.” He instructs. “Anni…I’m so scared. It’s so dark inside here. I’m too scared to move myself. Why don’t you just get in here and pick up the towel for me. I hanged it on the wall near the mirror.”  I reply and it makes him yelling at me. “Ya Jin Ja, how could you ask a boy to get into the bathroom where you’re bathing nakedly?” he says angrily. “So, just wait there until the lights are on again. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t leave me alone.” I say then and it only makes him become angrier. He opens the unlocked door. (I never lock the door while I’m showering. I always let it opened). He walks inside carefully because the floor is wet and slippery. He walks as grabbing the wall tries to find the towel. “I got it” he says proudly. “Give it to me.”  I ask him to bring the towel to me. I can hear his careful step walking toward me until something unpredictable happens “Wo..wo…wo…” Craaaat… he falls down pressing me on the bath tube. “Aaaaa….Andwae…andwae…” I scream out loud. Seconds later the lights are on. But Jin Ki’s still lying upon me on the bath tube when the other 4 SHINee members appear. They see Jin Ki lying upon me on the bath tube. They’re all surprised and can’t stop looking at us both. Jin Ki soon gets up, throws the towel to my face and runs away. The four SHINee members are still standing in the front of the door with their mouth opened. “What are you doing? Get away of here.” I say a half shouting and they hurryly leave coz I’m holding a bottle of Shampoo that I ready to throw toward them if they don’t leave soon. I’m so mad and also shy about what just happened.

It’s very early morning, when I open my eyes and having Taemin on my Bed (which is actually Ki Bum’s bed), shaking my body, and stops after my eyes opened. “Noona, Ireona, Palii” he said. I pull the blanket and cover my face from the sunshine which breaks through the window which has been opened by Taemin. Taemin pulls the blanket away from me and shouts “Ireona Palii” and awaken Jin Ki from his sleep. He comes to our room and yells at Taemin “Ya, do you have to make a noise this early?” I feel guilty about this. It’s my fault. If I just got up when Taemin asked me to, he wouldn’t shout like that. “Jin Ki ya, don’t blame him. It is my fault, he shouted because I don’t get up when he asked me to” I say, trying to help Taemin to speak. “Mwo? How many times I’ve told you not to call me Jin Ki. Call me Onew.” He begins to yell at me. I can’t take it anymore. Why is he so mad of me? I didn’t even do anything wrong. “Ya Lee Jin Ki, niga wae? It is the name given by your parents because they considered it the best name for you. You should appreciate it. And, and why do you hate me so much? Am I disgusting to you? Ha?” I yell at him back. He seems shocked. “Ya ya ya…” shouts Taemin breaking the awkwardness and also awaken Ki Bum who sleeps deathly because he went to bed late last night. “Aigoo, otoke nenggoeyo?” He asked as wiping his face with both his hands. “ani.. nul hyung is really annoying” I say loudly. He put his face on me with his eyes widened but I throw away my face from him so he couldn’t see my face anymore. “Ya, blacky…” he shouts. I’m so mad. Why does he always ridicule me with those improper words? I know he has a white skin, but he should not make a joke on someone’s lack right? I hate him, even though I can’t really hate him. “Blacky, blacky, blacky…” I say loudly, a half shouting… “My skin is not black. It’s brown” I say as leaving the room with bubbled face but I stop at the front of the door and say “Ki Bum lets get the breakfast ready.” Ki Bum spontantly gets up and follows me without asking or saying anything. Perhaps he is afraid of me. They say I’m scary when I get mad. “Taemin get Jong Hyun and Minho up!” I order. “Nega wae? Noona, you know Minho hyung is really difficult to be awaken.” He protests. “If he ain’t get up, pour some water on his face.” I say innocently although I just asked Taemin to do something evil. Then I go to the dinning room with Ki Bum.


Six of us have been sitting facing the dinning table, ready to eat our breakfast. Jin Ki, as usual, sitting in front of me. Taemin in my left side, Minho in Taemin’s left side. And in the front of Taemin and Minho there are Jong Hyun and Key. “oh nae, noona, do you know why this morning I woke you up earlier?” he asks curiously as bowing. “Molla” I answer shortly as forcing the Jajangmyon into my mouth. “Today we are going to have a picnic at the beach.” He answer the question asked by himself.  “Are you going with us?” He asks as shaking my left hand trying to beg me. “I wanna stay at home today.” I say and continue eating. “Come on…you need some refreshing” now he’s been on my right side on his knees begging. “Yeah… and you’re gonna regret if you don’t come with us” Minho adds and I don’t know what it means until Ki Bum and Jong Hyun join the conversation “Super Junior membersare going with us” they say in chorus a half shouting and laughing. They know that I like Yesung very much. And they like to tease me like that. I feel my face heating. Perhaps my cheeks have been blushing right now. I don’t say anything but they know that it means I’m going with them. Without permission Taemin kisses my right cheek and hugs me. Yeah he uses to do that. We’ve been just like brother and sister. Jin Ki who doesn’t like about me and Yesung stands up and says “What a childish…” and leaves the dinning room. I don’t care. Screw him.

This week is a summer vacation. SHINee member along with the SuJu members are going to have a picnic at a beach. We are going to be there for a night and two days. And of course as their assistants, I and Eun Pyo are going with them.

We go to the beach by bus. It is very crowded in the bus. I sit next to Eun Pyo, Minho and Taemin sit behind me,  Jong Hyun and Ki Bum behind Minho and Taemin while Jin Ki sitting alone in the front of us without companion (as usual, no one wants to be with him. He’s too scary). All the SuJu members sit on the left row opposing us. I’m so happy since I can see Yesung again. I look around trying to find out where Yesung sits. “Omo…” I spontantly shout when I look to the left and having Yesung staring at me curiously. Everyone automatically looks at me with their eyes narrowing, indicating that they see something ridiculous. I just smile and say “Mianhae, mianhae…oppa deul”  and Yesung smiles. Oh my God, he smiles because of me. What is it supposed to mean? I ask my self.  Jin Ki who notices what just happened turn his face back against mine and sighing “aish… Jin ja.” I just bubble my face and put away my face from him. He is very annoying.

2 hours later we get into the beach…

They rent two beach houses. One for SHINee and one for SuJu, because we have to stay here for a night. I and the five members of SHINee enter the house which is about 50 meters from the house that Eun Pyo and the SuJu members enter. After dropping the luggage I lift from the bus, I go out and call Eun Pyo to join me to the beach. All the five SHINees follow me out. Eun Pyo and Kyuhyun and Yesung as well come toward me. I’m so nervous but excited. Eun Pyo runs toward me leaving Kyuhyun and Yesung behind her. I and Eun Pyo hug each other with our feet stamping against the sands. I feel so excited coz I’ve never been to beach since I’m in Korea. This is the first time.

Not a long later, all the SuJu members have been joining us. “What if we play a game?” Eun Hyuk proposes. “It sounds good” says Yesung as putting his eyes on me. My heart beats rapidly and soon my face blushing. And everyone agrees to play a game. Because I’m curious about the game we are going to play I just ask Eun Hyuk “What game oppa?” Eun Hyuk doesn’t answer. I forget he doesn’t speak English. But then someone answers “What about a piggy ride race SHINee vs SuJu?” he proposes. It’s Siwon and everyone replies by nodding as saying “ok”.

Taemin is very exciting. “Minho hyung will piggy ride me.” He says preciously followed by Jong Hyun who says “I will piggy ride Key”. “What about Onew?” asks Siwon oppa. “I will piggy ride Eka” Jin Ki says without my permission. But I don’t refuse coz I don’t want to offend or fight him this time.

After everyone has partner (except Eun Pyo because there have been ten of Su Ju and no partner for Eun Pyo so Eun Pyo doesn’t take part on the game), we starts the game. Jin Ki lowers his body for me to get into his back. I put my arms around his neck and pressing my chest on his back. It’s so awkward between I and Jin Ki. When Eun Pyo says “Go”, Jin Ki starts running. I improve my position and begin to hold him harder. I lost my mind and starts enjoying the game. I shout to Jin Ki “Jin Ki ya, come on. Come on faster”. Jin Ki just obeys me and he runs faster. We are in the first position followed by Yesung who piggy ride ryeowook with Minho and Taemin and I don’t know the rests coz I don’t have a chance to look back again. It’s about 5 meters to the finish line and 4,3,2,1 and we win. I absentmindedly hug Jin Ki and so does Jin Ki. But when we come to our senses we release our hug. And there have been eyes observing us two. Those eyes belong to Yesung. He looks at us intensively considering our action weird.

A few minutes later, after taking some pictures and getting bored of it. I ask Eun Pyo to join me to enter the water. But she says that she can’t swim, so I’d just go by my self. I go to the deeper water, deeper and deeper when someone shouts “Noona andwae… don’t be too far, you don’t want to get drowned” say Minho and Taemin worrying about me. But I ignore them. I’m good of swimming. I enjoy it very much. I like it. It feels like flying in the water.

After half an hour in the water, I feel my feet freezing I can’t move it. Oh my God, I can’t feel my feet anymore. I can’t do anything but hitting the water with my hands and shouting “Help…Help…” my hands are tired. I have swallowed the salty water through my mouth and my nose…it hurts. My head’s paining. I can’t feel anything.

When I feel like I’m going to die, there is someone, oh no, not one but two swimming towards me. One of them gets me first. He pulls me out of the water the other helps him. I hear Eun Pyo crying as calling my name. Everyone in that place was very shocked of what just happened. But then I can’t feel anything. I collapse.


I wake up from my sleep.  It’s been 2 in the afternoon. Eun Pyo has been there holding my hands since I collapse, perhaps. Her face is wet of her tears. I can’t remember anything after I was pulled out of the water. I don’t even remember the person who pulled me out of the water. “Are you ok?” asks Eun Pyo still crying. “I’m ok” I answer her quickly coz I don’t want her to worry about me. The five SHINee members along with Kyuhyun and Yesung are here too. After knowing me awake, all of them except Jin Ki who is still sitting in the sofa, come toward me and hug me. Taemin, a half crying when he says “Noona don’t do that anymore, I was so frightened” I don’t answer but looking at Yesung. “The other SuJu members have been worrying about you. I’m going to tell them that you’re ok” he says as He and Kyuhyun leave the room. I recognize the t-shirt he is wearing. It’s the same T-shirt that the person who help another person to pull me out of the water. So who was the person who got me first and pulled me out of the water? This question comes over and over to my mind.

It’s 6 in the evening. I’ve been so well. While having the dinner, I tell them how it could happened, I tell them what I felt when it happened. The others respond antusiasticly except Jin Ki who seems isn’t interested on my story.  “I’m going to get up first.” Said Minho followed by Taemin “Me too, I am sleeping with Minho hyung tonight.” He says. And before I have a chance to speak “And don’t come to our room noona, I just wanna sleep with Minho hyung tonight.” He adds “aisssh…” I complain “I’m done” say Jong Hyun and Ki Bum in chorus before finally saying  “I’ll sleep with Jong Hyun hyung.” Says Ki Bum as they walk away from the dinning room. “Wait…” I stop them “What about me?” “There are only three rooms in this house. If you don’t want sleep with Jin Ki hyung, just sleep in the sofa.” Says Jong Hyun innocently. “Aissh this Yadong Jong Hyun.” I complain. “I’m going to go to bed, I’m done eating” says Jin Ki as walking towards the third room.

They are really annoying kids. About 4 hours ago they said they worry about me. But now they ask me sleep in the sofa. Aissh jinja… I’m so scared. I call Eun Pyo over and over but she never answers me. So I think I’d just beg for Jin Ki to let me sleep in his room.

            It’s been 9 pm when I enter Jin Ki’s room. He has fallen asleep. “Jin Ki ya, Jin Ki ya…” I call his name and shake his body. “Wae?” he asks with his eyes still closed. “May I sleep with you here?” I ask but he innocently answers “Ani…” I’m getting mad and without considering anything I say “Wae, you’re so mean. I just want to sleep here for a night and you refuse. You’re an evil guy” he is mad of what I just say. He spontantly gets up and stands beside the bed. “What? I’m an evil guy? If I’m an evil guy I’m not gonna pull you out of the water. If I’m an evil guy I’m not gonna give you a CPR in the front of all the SuJu members and my dongsaengs…” he stops his words having realized that he has told me what he’s not supposed to. I am surprised of what he just told me. My eyes are widening and my mouth opens forming an O. So he was the one who pulled me out of the water? So he gave me a CPR? I go out of Jin Ki’s room wanting to go to the living room. But when I open the door, the four boys who went to bed earlier are in the front of the door. They have been planning to make me sleep with Jin Ki regarding what happened at the beach. But I don’t care I just walk toward a sofa and lay my body on it. I’m not scared anymore but shy…


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  1. Oh please Onew just confess your real feelings already!
    Just please stop blabbering some harsh things towards her, okay?
    And Yesung… hmmm, don’t know about him. Just let Eka with Onew!

    Next part will be interesting!

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