6 Months Journey as a Boy Band Assistant – Part 4 [END]

Title                          : 6 Month Journey as a Boy Band Assistant (Part 4: the End)

Author                      : mseka (Eka Saskarawati)

Genre                       : Romance, humor

Main Casts               : Author, Lee Jin Ki (Onew)

Supporting Casts      : Shin Eun Pyo, SHINee Members, SuJu members

Length                      : Sequel

Notes                        :

This is my first fanfic written in English, so if there is found some mistyping, grammar missing, or misspelling, I apologize. And for the administrator who have published this fanfic, thank you very much.


That was how we spend our vacation time at the beach. Oh yeah I forgot. After that the next day Yesung confess his feelings to me. He said that he loves me and has been falling for me since the first time we met. He said that he ridiculed me as ‘Alien at the Attic’ because he was nervous. But…, I rejected him because there’s been someone else in my heart.


The summer ends everyone has to get back to routinity including me and the other members of SHINee. The school starts today. Jin Ki, Ki Bum, Jong Hyun, and Minho are in the university. There is only Taemin who’s still in the High school. Taemin went to school this morning at 7.40. He is taking classes in Chungdam High School, not too far from our dorm. It can be reached with ten minutes walking.

It’s 6.10 pm now. I suppose he’s on the way back coz the school has ended ten minutes ago. And that’s right, there he comes. But, wait, there is something different. He looks so pale, sad and messy. He puts his head down just like a zombie walking across the dorm yard. This is exactly contrast to his condition when he left the dorm this morning, he is not as cheerful as this morning. But, I think perhaps it’s because he’s too tired. It’s his first school day after a long break.


We’ve been sitting on our dinning table ready to eat our dinner. Each of us has been holding our chopsticks, except Minho who doesn’t use chopsticks. Then I can’t take to ask “Taemin-ah, how’s your school?” Taemin doesn’t answer until Minho who sits beside him tap his shoulder. “Good noona” He finally answers without looking at me. “How’s the lesson? And how’s your friends?” He doesn’t answer but rather stands as saying “I’ll get up first, I’m done.” Everyone’s silent. It seems that the others have adapted this situation, but not me. Taemin, since I knew him, he’s a very cheerful boy. He’s always excited when I ask him questions regarding his activities. But now, he’s totally different from usual. But after Taemin left they start to talk in Korean. Because I’m curious about their talking point, so I ask “Wae? Otokhe Nenggoya?” No one answers. But finally after a few seconds of silence, Minho starts talking. “This always happens during school days. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but it’s been a rumor among the nitizens saying that Taeminnie is being bullied at school. But Taeminnie never told us anything about that. This has been happening since 2009” I’m so surprised to hear that. Uri funny Taemin, uri cheerful Taemin, uri nice Taemin is being bullied at school, how come? I can’t take my tears to shed. I’m so sad.

 Today is the third day of school. As usual he left the dorm in the early morning. But today I’m not gonna stand without doing anything. I’m gonna follow him to school.

He’s walking down the street in his school uniform. He doesn’t notice me but walking on with his head down. I walk about 20 meters following his back. He doesn’t notice anything wrong until I hit something in the front of me. “Ouuch…” I scream. Being afraid that Taemin would notice my presence, I hide behind the wall. Oh… I sigh. It was close. Taemin walks on.

The school is still silent. Not many students at the play ground. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I’m wearing a school uniform too. I borrowed it from my neighbor who’s taking classes at Taemin’s school too.

I enter the gate still following Taemin behind his back. Not a long later a bunch of students approach him, taking his pictures, swearing him, and yelling at him. I really wanna go there and give them a punch one by one. But I hold my willing coz I don’t want Taemin to be judged as a loser because he is protected by a noona. So I just stand still while seeing this event happening in the front of me.  Taemin ignores them as walking with his head down through the yard, but I know that he is very depressed of what just happened.

After walking through the corridor he finally enters a classroom, I follow him as putting my bannie on. I take the very back seat behind Taemin. A girl notice me, asks who I am. I answer her saying that I’m a transfer student from Indonesia. She nods and back to her seat.

When the break time comes, Taemin doesn’t leave the class as the other students do. He stays in the class, pulls out his lunch box that I prepared for him this morning, and eat by himself. I’m so sad of seeing this view. How could they harass such a good boy like him?

He hasn’t finished his lunch yet when three boys around his age appear. One is big, the other boy who stands behind him is tall but not too big and the other one is short and tiny. The one who has a big posture hits the desk as Taemin putting his head down. “Do you think you’re bigger just because you’re a celebrity?” The other boy yells. “Ya… answer us.” Another  shouts as hitting Taemin’s head. I can’t take it any more. I stand up and walk toward them. “Ya noona, who are you?” Ask the short one to me. I’m so frightened. I’m still a girl who’s afraid of this stuff. The big one approaches me and pushes me against the wall. Taemin looks back. He seems surprised of seeing me but he can’t do anything. He puts his head down again. I’m still trying to escape from the big boy but he’s too strong, he has a large jaw, big muscles and one word ‘strong’. He pushes me harder. It makes me screaming. “Aahh…let me go” I shout. I’m so frightened. I think I’m gonna end right now. But then I’m so relief  as  a voice raises “Andwae…let her go” he says as standing and walking toward us. It’s Taemin. Uri Taemin. He appears and picks the big boy’s hands away from me. His hands are forming a punch. He improves his position and brruuk…He punches the big boy. The other two boys try to help their friend but Taemin soon kick them give them some punches. I’m shocked. Uri Taemin is very strong. Yeah uri Taemin is not a tiny boy anymore. He’s not as thick as he was in the beginning of SHINee’s debut. He’s now taller and has larger muscles. He’s now stronger than before.

            Having heard the noise, a bunch of students appears. They see how Taemin fights the three boys. They’re all surprised just like me. Taemin stops his actions and drags me away of the class room. As we leaving, I hear some girls shouting on his name hysteric. I think they have admired Taemin now. Taemin takes me away out of the school. Then when we’ve been out of the school, Taemin begins to yell at me. But I’m not mad. I’m happy coz now our little Taemin has grown up into a strong man who’s able to protect his noona from some evil boys. “Ya noona…What are you doing here?” He looks at me up down intensively before continuing his words “with that uniform?” I smile before saying “Uri Taemin has grown up…” He puts his hands on my shoulders with his eyes tearing then pulls me to his chest. He hugs me tight. After a few seconds he releases his hug and runs entering the gate as saying “Go home. I’ll see you at home.” Of course, with a smile. I’m so happy because of this.

It’s been 7 pm and Taemin isn’t home yet. But I don’t worry because Taemin can take care of himself now. Not a long time after what happened at Taemin’s school, a hot topic begins to spread among the nitizens, and this appears on TV infotainments too.  It is tittled “Taemin’s defends”. I’ve told the other SHInee members about this too. They look very happy to hear that. They’re very proud of their little dongsaeng who is now turning a big boy.

            The door opens as a voice raises “I’m home.” All of us have been expecting his arrival. He smiles as taking a seat joining us on the dinning table. “What did you cook, Key hyung?” he asks smiling. “Ehh…Chicken.” Ki bum answers, followed by everyone’s laughters. We feel so happy tonight. “What if we drink tonight?” Jin Ki says excitedly then continues “Minho go buy some sojus!” He doesn’t even wait us to say yes.

            We’ve been sitting on the floor when Minho and Jong Hyun arrive with two plastic bags on each of their right hand. “We’re home” They say. They join us on the floor. “But Taemin is not old enough to drink.” I say worryly. “No need to worry noona. I’ve bought some cokes for Taemin.” Jong Hyun says proudly. “Oh kurre” I say relief.

“One shot for uri Taeminnie who has grown into a man.” Says Jin Ki as raising his canned soju followed us as Ki bum says “For uri Taeminnie.” They swallow their sojus in one shot. But I’m still doubt looking at my own soju. But then I force my self to finally drink the soju. “Gomawo yo noona…I wouldn’t be able to do that if you were not there. It was because of you.” Taemin says breaking the silence. “Gomawo yo Eka-ssi for taking care of our dongsaeng.” Says Jin Ki as putting his eyes on me and smiles. Deg…deg…deg…My hearts beats rapidly. I feel my blood rises to my face. I can feel my face heating. My face must be turning red right now. I can’t even feel Taemin hugs my back tightly until he releases his hug. What is this? Do I like him? If I don’t why do I feel like this? I shot the Soju once again to hide my shame. But, then I can’t stop.

We’re all laughing, chattering away (drunk) except Taemin who only drinks soda. I feel my head’s paining. Then I feel unconscious.

            I slowly open my eyes. My head’s still paining. I feel like my head has just been hit with a hard thing. I look around. Everyone’s still sleeping. Taemin sleeps with his foot on Minho’s chest. Jong Hyun sleeps with hugging Ki Bum. Perhaps he thought Ki Bum were Se Kyung. Ha ha ha. And where is Jin Ki? I look around trying to find where he is. And I am shocked when I found him by my side with his hand on my stomach. “Aahh…” I scream and awaken the others except Jin Ki and Minho. They sleep like a pig. What was happened last night? What was happened so Jin Ki sleep by my side.

I spontantly get up when Jin Ki suddenly opens his eyes. “Neo neo…Buwa nenggoya?” I say nervously “Wae? I am sleeping.” He says innocently. “Why did you sleep by my side?” I ask as my hands cross on my chest. “I don’t sleep by your side. You came to sleep by my side.” He says making me shocked. Everyone’s watching us. Taemin whispers something to Minho. But I don’t know what it is. “I didn’t evil boy” I say finally. “That’s not what you said last night.” Once again he makes me thinking. What did I say last night? I don’t remember. I was drunk. I don’t usually drink. Last night was the first time. “What? You don’t remember it?” He lost his patient coz I don’t answer his question. “Key, tell her what she said last night.” What? What is he doing? What did I say last night? Was it something embarrassing? Oh God, help me.

“Noona, you said like this: Jin Ki-ah how could you be so good looking. You have a white skin. And you’re a very nice guy. If only I could make you my boyfriend. That was what you said last night.” Oohh… what a shame! Did I say it? I’m so shy. I don’t know what to do so I’d just leave them and go upstairs to my room.

            Since that time, I don’t talk much with Jin Ki. I mostly avoid him. I don’t know how treat him after what happened.


And now, It’s been 6 month I’m in Korea and almost six month also being SHINee’s assistant. I enjoy being their assistant even though sometimes they annoy me but I know that they love me.

I am packing my stuffs. It doesn’t take a long time since I don’t have a lot of stuffs, just a bag of clothes and some other girl’s stuffs. “Noona, do you really have to go?” Taemin asks as he and three of his hyungs (of course Jin Ki is not one of them) following by his back. “Yeah I have to. I came here to conduct a research regarding my thesis. And now it’s done. No need to stay here anymore.” I say but I’m afraid to look at their faces. I don’t want them to see me crying. I’m also sad. I don’t wanna leave, but I have to. My family must be missing me. They must be waiting for me since I told them I would be back in 6 months. “What if you stay here for us? We need you Noona. I need you. Who’s gonna arrange our schedule if you leave. Who’s gonna wake us up every day if you leave. Who’s gonna blame Jong Hyun Hyung when he watches yadong if you leave?” Minho says a half crying and gets a punch from Jong Hyun because of what he just said. That was the longest sentence he ever utters since I know him. “Yeah Noona, who’s gonna help me cooking if you leave Noona?” Ki Bum adds. “Who’s gonna comb my mushroom hair if you leave Noona” Taemin says followed by our laughters. “Jong Hyun hyung you don’t want to say anything?” ask Taemin a moment later because he sees Jong Hyun is standing still without moving or saying anything.  Oh wait… he is crying? Is this real? This is the first time I see him crying. Then a voice finally comes out from his mouth “Noona, kajjima, kajjima..” I can’t hold on anymore I can’t hold on my tears from shedding out and wetting my face. I stand and hug Jong Hyun, followed by the others hugging my back and we’re all hugging each other with our tears shedding unstopped.


We’ve been in the airport, the same airport where I first met Kyuhyun and Eun Pyo. There have been four of SHINee members, along with Kyuhyun and Yesung, (of course in disguise) and also my best friend Eun Pyo who’s been crying since we got to the airport. The other SuJu members have said goodbye to me in the dorm. They don’t want to make some crowds if they come with us to the air port. I understand. And Yesung, he is a really good guy. Even though I have rejected him but he still considers me as his friend, and forces to take me to the airport.

As a reason to wait for the final boarding call, I actually wait for someone that haven’t shown up since morning. It’s Jin Ki. Doesn’t he want to see me for the last time? Why he hasn’t come yet? I really wanna see him for the last time. I miss him. I finally realize that I’ve fallen for him. I love him. I love him so much that my heart’s bursting and it’s beating faster when he is around me. I wanna see him for the last time.

It’s the final boarding call. “Anyongi keshipseyo ne chinggu, anyongi keshipseyo ne dongsaengs, I’m gonna missing you guys.” I say as hugging them one by one and then leaving them behind me. Eun Pyo cries harder with her face on Kyuhyun’s chest. I cry but I give my ticket and the boarding pass to the airport employee. The SHINee members are shouting my name asking me not to leave. But I walk on. Then I stop when someone I’ve been waiting for shouting my name. It’s Jin Ki. I stop and turn around. And that’s right, it’s him. He is wearing a black Jacket that hides his blue T-shirt, and of course with a hat covering his hair. He runs towards me, takes my hands and drags me to his chest as saying “Kajjima, kajjima,…please don’t leave. I need you. I need you by my side.” I hug him back then say “I don’t have a reason to stay here longer.” “Yes, you have,” he says as shaking my shoulder and now his eyes are observing me intensively “Because, you are now my girlfriend.” He says smiling (evil smile).

“Hey, you didn’t even propose me, and I didn’t even say yes.” But it’s too late he’s been holding my hands and pulls me away…But I’m happy…


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13 thoughts on “6 Months Journey as a Boy Band Assistant – Part 4 [END]”

  1. Like it,, 🙂
    but i just wondering how can Eka enter the classroom, follow the lesson,, and there’s only a girl who is curious ’bout her presence??

  2. Sagita, perhaps because she was in disguise. Kkkk
    Hi guys, I’m Eka. The author of this ff. Thank u for reading my ff up till the end. I appreciate it.

  3. it’s my first tme readng ths ff,but i’m really enjoyng when readng ths ff..the englsh is easy to undrstnd..good manage on choosng words..author is daebak..hehe..easy to undrstnd..good manage on choosng words..author is daebak..hehe..

  4. I’d like this ff..
    loved happy ending…
    daebak author..
    yea.. Your english is good.. Perfectly undrstood what you talking on.. But story is so fast…

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