My Brother is My Love – Part 1

Title                    : My Brother is My Love part 1

Author                : Shin hyu kyung

Genre                  : Family, Romance

Rating                 : PG-15

Length                : Sequel

Main Cast           : Kim Kibum a.k.a Key, Lim YoonA a.k.a Kim Yoona, Lee Taemin a.k.a Taemin

Support Cast       : Kim Jonghyun, Choi Minho, Lee Jinki, Seohyun (SNSD), Choi Siwon (SUJU), Donghae (SUJU), Nicole (KARA)

>>annyeong…aku author baru disini,, semoga kalian suka ff q ini…dimohon comentnya ya…

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Memento of Ours: Choi Minho’s Journal

Memento of Ours – Choi Minho’s Journal


Author             : yen

Main Cast        : Choi Minho

Support Cast    : Choi Seung Hyun (BIGBANG), Kim Ara

Length : Oneshot

Rating              : General

Genre              : Life, Family, Romance, Sad

Soundtrack      :That’s When I Love You (Aslyn); Tragedy (Jinki and Jonghyun on SUKIRA); Bidam : Sad Story (Kim Nam Gil); The Name I Loved (Onew and Kim Yun Woo); Tell Me Goodbye (BIGBANG)

Even if I die, leave you like this

You will be able to find another love

But there would still be sadness in that love

Through my lips, I can’t tell

That I will love you forever

I have no idea why

Sadness and tears are part of farewell


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My Day – Part 2

Author : Anggi a.k.a Lee Hyo Seok a.k.a Kim Seung na a.k.a Jojo

Main Cast :

Lee Jinki

Hwang Nimi

Lee Hyo Seok

Kim Key bum

Support Cast :

Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, Kim Jonghyun

PG : all age

Length : Sequel

Genre : Romance

Another Fanfiction from Author Hyo, this story belongs to me, if there’s any part similar with other, there’s must be some accidental.

Anyeong, jangan bosen baca FF saya yah *wink* kalau ceritanya ga bagus, bilang ajah, curhat ajah *ga ada yang mau*. kekekeek, gomawo yahh sebelumnyaa

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