It’s My Turn to Protect You – Part 1

Author: Sungrin ibnida~

Main Cast(Tokoh Utama) : Lee Taemin and Hyemin

Support Cast (Tokoh Pembantu) : SHINee

Length : Two Shoot

Genre : Romance

Rating : General

Annyeong~ sebelumnya, ini ff SHINee aku yg pertama dan pake bahasa inggris. karena terpaku sama bahasa korea jadi bahasa inggrisnya jeblok.. hahahahaha

maaf kalau ada yg salah~~ hope you’ll enjoy guys!~ ^^

It’s My Turn to Protect You


it was a beautiful morning. Hyemin go to school earlier than the other days.

Hye: annyeonghaseyo! Anyone here?

Taemin: yeah.. I’m here..

Hye: sleeping again?? Lol. Finished your homework? Today we get math test..

Taemin: ohh.. AA! I haven’t finish the last point!

Hye: which one? I’ll show you the way..

Hyemin and Taemin are close friends since elementary school. Taemin always get bullied by other. As a friend Hyemin can’t let it always happen.

Lunch time~

Taemin: ya! Hyemin.. Have you eat your lunch?

Hye: mmm.. I think i can’t eat it.. I must study for the test.. Omo.. I’m so frustated..

Taemin a bit worried about her.

Taemin: jinjja?

Hye: jinjja.. Just go first.. I’ll go later..

Taemin: okay then, hwaiting Hyemin!

10 minutes later..

When she was walking to meet Taemin, she heard the girls are talking about her..

Girl1: what a joke.. Hyemin protect Taemin just because she want to close with him.. Huh.. I can’t believe it..

Girl2: ne. But i heard that actually she was close with Taemin from elementary school..

Girl3: jinjja??? Btw, the boys said that they are gonna bullying him again after school today..

after hear their conversation , Hyemin run to canteen as fast as she can.

Hye: gwaenchanayo?

Taem: gwaenchana.. But whats wrong?? Did anything happen?

Hye: ah.. Glad you ok.. Oh! Anyway.. After the last class.. Wait for me ok?

Taem: b-but..

Hye: jebal…

Taem: arasseo..

after the last class, Taem get out from class first. Hyemin still doing her test. Taem is waiting for Hyemin.

Hyemin’s mind:

it seems he have another schedule too today. I’m gonna finish it fastly. God.. Please at least let me to help him..

Taemin who waiting for her heard the boys conversation.

Boy1: what a poor girl.. Hyemin is Taemin’s friend, but she become Taemin’s bodyguard don’t you think?

Taemin feel guilty for her. Then, Taemin knock the windon slowly, as Hyemin see him, he said, “i’m going first.. I forgot theres an important schedule today.. See you..”

as soon as Taemin go, Hyemin run after him.. She saw Taemin with the boys.

“ya! Do you think become an artist is make your way easily? Huh!” said the one of the boys and spill to Taemin. Taemin keep silent and try to dont care with them.

“Taemiiinnn!!!!” hyemin is running as a flashlight and come to Taemin.

“hey you! go out from here now!!!!!” shout Hyenim loudly.

“hahahahahaha who are you? Taemin’s bodyguard? Hah?!”

Taemin hold hyemin’s hand tightly.

“you’re quite pretty to be his bodyguard. You should be my girlfriend! Hahahahahaha” said the other boys to her.

As soon as possible Taemin grab hyemin’s hand and put her to stand behind him.

“are you trying to protect her? Huh!” suddenly the one of the boys hit Taemin’s cheek.

“OMOO!!” shout Hyemin loudly. Taemin hit the boys back and they’re fighting behind their school.

Hye: Taemin you shouldn’t do that.. What will happen if your manager know?

Taem: nah, it’s okay.. I’m always like this.. Btw, let’s go home..

in the night, Hyemin got text message from Taemin..

*to: Hyemin

annyeong, what are you doing right now? I’m so bored…*


annyeong.. I’m just looking at the stars right know. Whats wrong? You only send me text message if you wanna say something important =.=*

*to: Hyemin

for tomorrow school trip… I cant*

*to: TaemTaem

o-k. Arasseo..*

Hyemin mind:

hahhh! Otoke? I make a bunch of lunch box.. How can i eat it? TT^TT

taem.. You haven’t change right?

~~~~~~ 8 years ago~~~~~~

Hye: Uwoooo~ TaemTaem-ssi.. Your dancing is soo amazing..

Taem: jinjja?

Hye: jinjja.

Taem: hehe.. Thanks.. You too hyehye.. You’re a girl, but you can fight.. Cool!

Hye: yeah. My dad teach me, so i can protect the one i loved..but… What kind of girl do you like Taem?

Taem: …mmm.. Idk.. Cute? Hahaha

Hye: cute.. Oh..

Taem: now i ask you.. Who is the one you loved??

Hye: should i say it? It’a a secret~ hahahaha..

Taem: aw.. Come on.. Who is he? who is he??

Hye: i tell you when you have a girlfriend.. Hahahaha..

Taem: … .

Hyemin mind:

oh god.. Even i don’t know if he still wanna know who is the one i loved. Doesn’t he realized it a bit? The one who i wanna protect.. The one who i loved.. The one who make me this strong.. Maybe i’m not cute and cannot have you.. So at least i can protect you.. This photo.. Cute.. Hahaha..

Its school trip today, they all going to planetarium. In there, they can see the stars. Hyemin was sitting alone and looking up to the stars.

Hyemin mind:

woahh.. So beautiful.. If just i can see this with him..

When its lunch time, they all eating in the garden.. Hyemin sitting under the tree.

Hye: this lunch.. How can i eat this all????? Jinjja.. Otoke??

Boy1: just eat it with me and with love..

“you’re the boys from yesterday!” shout Hyemin and stand up. The boys take her lunch. “wow.. Its so full.. Let’s eat it girl..,” said the boys.

“what’d you think kind of girl i am?!” Hyemin slap the boys.

“how could you… Are you wanna die!!!?”

then everyone surrounded them and shout, “fight! Fight! Fight!” and they fight.

The next day, when Hyemin come to school, she doesn’t see Taemin.

“hhh.. He’s not coming again..,” sigh Hyemin.

After school end..

“YA! YOU!” shout the boys.

“mwo?” ask Hyemin.

“come with me!”

“mwo?? For what?!”

but the boys just continue walking.

“YAAA!!” shout Hyemin then she punch him.

“where are you going to take me??!”

“you must pay about yesterday school trip fight!”

“what!!?” shout Hyemin shocked and punch him again. And then they fight. Hyemin run away safely, but all her face is blue and hurting. Suddenly her phone ringing.

Hye: eh? Taemin? Yeoboseyo

Taem: yeoboseyo

Hye: what?

Taem: how the trip?

Hye: nothin much, just focus to your job. Bye

Hyemin mind:

jinjja.. I can’t go to school tomorrow, i can’t let Taemin know about my face.. Ahh.. I believe my face all blue.. -.- i hope Taemin alright if he come to school..

the next day, Hyemin really can’t go to school.

Taemin who come to school confused.

Taemin mind:

where is she? Why is she absent? Did something happen yesterday?

Then Taemin ask to the girls.

Taem: excuse me, did something happen to Hyemin? Why is she absent?

Girl1: didn’t she tell you? She was fighting 2 days in a row with the boys..

Girl2: she’s a girl too.. If i’m her, it must be very hurt..

Girl3: i know, but she’s strong..

Taem: 2 days in a row!!!?? Jinjja??

Girl1: jinjja.. When the school trip at lunch, then yesterday after school..

Taem: arasseo.. Gomawo..

Taemin was totally shocked. He send a message to Key.

*to: Key

today i can’t go practicing.. Mianhae.. I need to go to my friend house..*

*to: Taemin

ya! Tomorrow we have a big concert! This is the last day to practice!*

*to: Key

but my friend hurt.. Sorry.. I’ll be practice with you guys after come to my friend house.*

In Hyemin house..

She was sleeping.

Hye: nghhh… Umma?

someone: no i’m not.. Why didn’t you tell me? Your face is all blue..

Hye: What are you doing here?

Taem: they said you fight 2 days in a row.. Babo ya! Think about your safety too!

Hye: that fight is not your bussiness.. You have big concert tomorrow right? Don’t you have to practice? I’m okay.. I told you just stay focused to your job

Taem: jinjja.. Whats wrong with you? You.. You’re my friend.. Why are you like this..

Hyemin mind:

i dont care about my face.. Even i cant feel the hurt in my face.. Hearing he says “friend”.. Should i sad? Happy? My heart couldn’t answer it..

Then, Hyemin cry..

Taemin: Hye? Why are you..

Hye: sorry taem.. You should go now..

After that day.. The two of them become awkward. But still, everytime Taem get bullied, Hyemin always help him and go.

One night, Hyemin get message from Taemin.

*to: Hyemin

Hyemin.. I’m gonna leave the school and come to the new one.. Bye.. Hope you’ll be enjoy now..*


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16 thoughts on “It’s My Turn to Protect You – Part 1”

  1. I’m the First?? Really?? hehe
    I like this.. just keep going the next part!!
    don’t take a long time to publish the next part

  2. huwaaa si hye dah ketauan suma ma taem, tapi tuh taemin sebenernya suka ngak sih ma hye ?!!
    kenapa taemin pindah .. 😦
    huwaaa pasti hye sedih bgt ..
    lanjutkan thorrr

  3. Indonesia aja boleh ya? Kk
    Sumpeh nyesek aja sebelum tbc nya! Kenapa harus pindahhh Taeminnyaaaa???
    Hyemin nya gimana dong? Gehh pasti deh kalo sahabatan gitu akhirannya ada yg suka-sukaan kk
    Terusin yaaa!! Jangan lama-lama! 😀

  4. jahat bener deh yang ngebully taemin -___-
    untung aja ada hyemin yg selalu nolongin. hehe :p
    kenapa taemin mau pindah sekolah? hyemin nya gimana dong?

  5. hedehh… jadi keki sendiri.. udah sahabatan gitu.. kenapa harus pindah??? padahal udah sering ditolongin 😥 *frustasi* cepet thor lanjutinnya~^^

    well, your english is pretty nice. you just have some error grammars. you used present tense and past tense in one story. hahahaha…
    i have wrote some FF in english too, so let’s learn this together! 😀

    oh ya, kalo selama ini aku baca FF inggris, dalam menceritakan itu menggunakan past tense. tapi untuk konversasi baru pake present tense :))

    hwaiting for the next update!!! 😉

  6. hwaahhh gawat!! bhs. ing quw kan jelek hehehe jadi aku ga mudeng hehe
    bisa ga pake bahasa indonesia aja??kn disini banyak orang indonesiany?

  7. Waa, taeminnya pindah sekolah.. Aduh jadi gak tega ma Hyemin. Aku suka karakter Hyemin, she is just like Wonder Woman, and she can protect someone whom she love is. Haha

  8. my first time baca ff bhs inggris d blog ini nd i like it XD
    karena saia jg lg dlm tahap blajar 🙂
    keep going on yaa,, d tnggu next part^^

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