Key’s Big Family – Part 4

Key’s Big Family – Part 4


Title: Key’s Big Family

Author: Iinna96

Main Cast: All Member SHINee

Support Cast: CL 2NE1, Nicole KARA, Kevin U Kiss, Dongwoon Beast, Minhyuk CN Blue, Jaejin FT Island, Chunji Teen Top, IU, Shin Sekyung.

Length: Sequel

Genre: Humor, Friendship

Rating: G


Happy Reading^^


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Noona Neomu Yeppeo

Title : Noona Neomu Yeppeo

Main Cast: Kim Jonghyun, Key (Kim Kibum), Onew (Lee Jinki), Lee Taemin, Choi Minho, No Name (a very pretty noona)

Author: HeartLess

Other Cast: Un-named namja

Genre: Romance, Friendship

Length: one shot

Attention: this is just a fiction, some of the mentioned person or place maybe exist in the real life, but whatever written inside is not a fact. This is just an imagination and a way of expressing creativity by author ^^

This is my first FF… jadi mohon maaf kalau masih kurang memuaskan..hehee jangan lupa kritik dan sarannya yah^^

Happy Reading! J

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I Hate U, But I Love U – Part 1

I Hate U but I Love U Part 1


Title: I Hate U but I Love U

Author: Hyeonnie

Cast: Kim Ki Bum (SHINee)

         Kang Yun Ji (YOU)

Support Cast: SHINee members, Park Ji Yeon, Kim Mi Ri (other castnya akan ada di next part)

Genre: romance, family, friendship

Length: sequel

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer : This mine. Don’t copy this ff !!!!! I do not own Key, his belongs to SME. Other cast belongs to themself. I do own this plot story that’s belongs to my imagination. I hope you like it. Enjoy..  (editanku?? Berantakan!) Happy reading and don’t be silent reader! *SILENT READER,, NYEMPLUNG DI LAUT AJAH!! :)*

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