Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker

Author: Han Jaerin

Main Cast: SHINee – Kim Jonghyun, OC – Park Hyunmin

Support Cast: f(x) – Choi Sulli, SHINee – Lee Taemin

Length: One-shot (2090 words)

Genre: Romance, Friendship, Fluff, Comedy

Rating: PG-15 (T)


Disclaimer: Plot is mine.


Note: English fic. Stand Alone, so there might be a sequel.



Today was a special day for Hyunmin. Because today’s her birthday – and she’s celebrating it in the garden inside her house. It’s supposed to be fun for her, but she didn’t feel so. Even though people from the neighborhood were coming, she still felt lonely. People including her parents were busy having fun. Hello, it’s her birthday not theirs. Urgh. And more thing..

“Hey birthday girl!” A familiar voice came out.

“What?” She lazily answered.

“Why aren’t you joining the elders?” Ugh. Like it’s his problem.

“None of your business.”

“Haish. Why can’t you be nice to me just once?”

“And since when you’ve been nice to me?” Yeah. She’s gonna win.

“Just admit it.. You like me right? Don’t play hard on me~” Oh he’s such a badass.

“Shut the fuck up Jonghyun!!” Her temper got heat up.

“Seriously.. Since today is your birthday, I’m gonna give you a shot..” he winked. She’s disgusted.

“GO AWAY!!!!”

Why must her mom invited this jerk that lived next door as well?!?!

~the next day~

Hyunmin was frustrated. Everyone in the college’s like ignoring her. What did she do wrong? No idea.

“Sulli-ya! Have you done yesterday’s homework? Can I borrow it? Please please..” She begged her best friend.

“Why don’t you just do it yourself?” Sulli got up from her seat and left. She’s usually not like this.

And when the lunch time, they usually asked her to join them. But not for today.

“Sorry Hyunmin-ah. There’s no more seat here. So I think you should sit somewhere else.” Taemin sarcastically told her. Uh, well. Actually there was still one more chair but why he said it’s full. Clearly stated that they DIDN’T want her to be with them. Fine.

Class was finally over.  She’s walking in the corridor by herself when suddenly..

She got hit on her head. “What is this?” She rubbed her head. It was flour. Don’t say this was…..

Before she thought more, she received another hit. This time, eggs. Who the hell was behind this?

“HYUNMIN-AAAAH, SAENGIL CHUKHAEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” There were Sulli, Taemin, and the others. Wait, there was Jonghyun too.

“Thanks guys. But this is really unnecessary.” She cleaned  up her hair.

“Actually.. this is Jonghyun’s idea.” Sulli said. She should’ve known.

“You should thank me, Hyunmin-ssi..” Jonghyun paused for a while, “..LET’S THROW HER MOOOOORE!!!”

“Errrr.. Guys..” There’s no use. What she had to do was…. RUUUUUN.

“Ya, Hyunmin-ah don’t run!!!!!” They chased after her. She ran upstairs, they followed. She hid in the toilet, they would chase after her. Until she reached the gym room.. And there she was. She regretted entering that room. Behind her was a swimming pool – meanwhile there were the jerk’s army in front of her.

“READYYYYYY..” He instructed.

“Ya guys! Please stop. You know I won’t jump there because I can’t sw..” Too late. She got attacked right away and moved backward unconsciously then..


Hyunmin’s life was gonna be over. IF the pool was 2 meters deep. Or more. Panicked, she kicked as hard as she could – but her feet touched the ground. And she could stand up. Oh, it’s not that deep. Quickly getting up to the surface, and laughter was heard.

“Ahahahahahahaha. At least the floor and eggs’ scents are disappeared now.” Jonghyun laughed loudly. Maybe the loudest from all of them.

“Kim Jonghyun, you’re so dead!!!!!” She cursed.


“Hyunmin-ah, come ooooon. We’re really sorry about this afternoon’s incident, but since today is your birthday we should hang out and have fun.” Sulli said, with her aegyo.

“I’m lazy, Sulli-ya. And my birthday is not today.”

“I know, but it’s only been a day. Let’s go!” Sulli pulled Hyunmin’s hands with force. Hyunmin couldn’t fight back because Sulli pulled her hands strongly. She must’ve worked out a lot at the gym with Taemin.

“Okay, so now we’re going to play a game.” Taemin said in enthusiasm.

“What are we going to play?” Sulli’s so enthusiastic as well.

“It’s truth or dare. But each player would spin this bottle and the other person’s pointed will be the one doing the truth or the dare one. If he/she chooses truth, they can consider to answer or not but they have to take one shot. Understand?” Taemin explained.

“Arasseo. Let’s play now!” Sulli’s over-excited  now.

“Wait. Is it going to be only three of us?” Hyunmin asked.

“No. I’m joining as well.” Jonghyun suddenly appeared from nowhere. Great..

“Yay! More people more fun!!” Sulli clapped her hands happily.

“My turn!” Taemin spinned the bottle. And it’s getting slower, and slower, and slower.. The atmosphere’s so quiet. It’s almost got Sulli, but it actually stopped at Hyunmin. This must be her unlucky day.

“Hyunmin-ah! Truth or dare?” Taemin asked, stared at her.

“Hmmmm.. dare?” She hesitatingly answered.

“Okay! Then I want you to prank anyone on the phone. And it has to be funny! Right now!!” Oh. It’s not an easy task to do.

“Since I’m a good drinker, I’ll just take one shot.” Hyunmin quickly took a glass and poured a little wine into it.

“Aaaaah, you’re no fun Hyunmin-ah.” Sulli pouted.

“Hahaha. So now’s my turn, right?” Hyunmin ignored her and continued the game. The bottle spinned, and it landed on….. Bingo. That jerk. She smiled evilly and glared at him.

“Uh.. Since I’m a man, of course I choose dare.” Jonghyun said.

“Alright, then.. I think you made a very nice decision,” she paused. “It’s easy. I would die for this challenge.” Her words left all of them curious.

“What is it, Hyunmin-ah?” Taemin asked curiously. She smiled, again, for a while.

“I want you to order this,” she pointed something on the menu, “and finish this by yourself.”

“No way.. Just take a shot, Jonghyunnie-ah!” Sulli said, unbelievably. Jonghyun’s still in shock.

“Can I be the black knight?” Taemin volunteered himself.

“No you can’t. Are you scared, Kim Jonghyun?” Hyunmin said, proudly.

“Of course I’m not! Okay, I’ll do it.” Jonghyun accepted the challenge. After he finished one plate, he felt like puking. But still, he wants to continue.

“Are you okay, Jonghyunnie?” Sulli asked.

“I’m okay.” Hyunmin giggled a bit. “My turn now!” He spinned the bottle quickly and he’s got his revenge. It landed on Hyunmin.

“Nice. I’m gonna play safe since I know you’ll get me revenge. Truth.” She said.

“Fine. What color is the bra you’re wearing right now?” He asked lightly. She choked.

“Red. Satisfied?”

“If you’re lying, you have to take the dare.” He challenged.

“Let me check it!” Sulli peeked a look. “Oh, she’s honest.” Hyunmin smiled un-eagerly.


The next day, Jonghyun didn’t attend class. The three of them – who played with him yesterday, were the only ones to know why. Umm, not really..

“Guys, do you know where is that Kim Jonghyun?” Somebody said.

“I heard his allergic is relapsed. He shouldn’t have had shrimp.” The other one answered.

“And guess what, his body is full of red dots right now! I can’t imagine that. HAHAHAHAHAHA” Everyone laughed at the comments. Hyunmin gulped. Is she feeling guilty now? Am I going too over? No, she denied.

As she walked home, she passed through his house. She took a look at the house, wondering what’s he doing right now. Oh stop, she should be happy that she’s got her revenge for her birthday last time. She went inside her own house and entered her bedroom directly, threw herself to her bed. As soon as she just laid down, her phone rang.

“Yes, Sulli.”

“Taemin and I are going to visit Jonghyunnie. Will you go with us?”

“No way. You know we don’t have good relationship at all.”

“This is your chance then!”


“Uh, Hyunmin-ah. I think you should apologize to him.”

“Are you being on his side, Sulli-ah?”

“It’s not like that! But it’s just a bit serious. No, I mean..”

“I’m hanging up now.” She threw her phone. It’s not her fault, right?

A few days have passed. Jonghyun has fully recovered and back to school. Everyone’s welcoming him back, but not Hyunmin. Not because she’s not happy, but not she’s happy too. She’s just doesn’t like avoiding him all the time. Scared, or worried, no idea.

“Seriously, Hyunmin-ah. How long will you guys act so childish like this?” She remembered what her best friend Sulli said.


“Hyunmin-ssi. You have to stay here after the class’s over.” Lee-seonsangnim told her.

“Ne, seonsaengnim..” Hyunmin’s report recently has been not good since the last semester. The teacher recognized so. She sighed. After the bell rang, everyone went out immediately – except her.

“So Hyunmin-ssi, do you have any problem with all of this? You used to do well, but why not now?” Lee-seonsaengnim asked right away.

“No, seonsaengnim. I just need to study harder from now on.”

“But don’t push yourself too hard, okay? If you have any problem, just contact me.”

“Ye, seonsaengnim..”

“Then I’m going now. Clean the board first, will you?”

“Ne.” As soon as the teacher left, she quickly did what he said and went out. When she reached in front of the class, somebody’s standing by the wall next to the door which successfully made her jump out of surprised. That was.. him. What to do, what to do.

She tried to act cool by passing him, but he blocked her way.

“Hey miss, don’t you think you know me?” Now she’s doomed.

“What if I say I don’t?”

“Then you’re in big trouble, miss.” He smirked.

“What do you want now?”

“So.. you’re mad when I’m the one who’s supposed to. Don’t you think I was suffering from that allergic?” He looked pity now.

“Well, are you okay now?”

“You’re care now, huh?” He smirked again. She’s going to mad at him again, but she remembered that she shouldn’t have, because it’s also her fault.

“Listen. I’m just going to say this once,” she took a deep breathe and spoke in low voice, “I’m sorry.”

“What? What did you just say?” He said in disbelief.

“I’m sorry!! For everything.”

“Did I hear wrong? Woah, this must be a dream. Park Hyunmin is apologizing, I should pinch myself.” He’s gonna pinch himself when she stopped him.

“No you’re not. I just think we shouldn’t be this way all the time. I mean.. Let’s fix our relationship. I’m sick of arguing and fighting and so on,” she paused, “but fine if you don’t want to!” She’s going to get out from that place before he caught her hand.

“Was that a.. confession?” He teased. She suddenly thought she shouldn’t have said that. This guy is no mercy.

“You.. Argh. Dammit.” She rubbed her eyes. There’s something got into it.

“Ya, are you okay? Let me blow it.” He blew her eyes, and for a moment, their faces got so close to each other. She quickly pulled off.

“It’s fine now.” What an awkward atmosphere.

Jonghyun broke the silence. “Let’s grab a coffee.” Strangely, Hyunmin didn’t refuse.


“HYUNMIN-AAAAAH~” Sulli yelled out of excitement.

“YOU DON’T HAVE TO SCREAM, SULLI-YAAAAA.” Hyunmin answered with the same action as her.

“Sorry, I’m just too excited. I heard you and Jonghyunnie have been better now.” She said.

“Hmmm I think so. How did you know that?”

“Of course, everybody has known as well.”

“YOU GUYS JUST KISSED YESTERDAY, RIGHT?” Taemin suddenly interrupted.

“Wha..what are you talking about, Taemin-ah?” Hyunmin got confused.

“Well, there was a picture of you two kissed at the hall yesterday.” Sulli showed the picture. No way, it was when he blew her eyes. With a big headline title: IS IT WHAT WE CALL HATE BUT  ACTUALLY LOVE? “To be honest.. it’s now spread everywhere. ”

Hyunmin’s getting more shocked.

“No no no. We did not kiss. He only blew my eyes because…”

Jonghyun suddenly came out of nowhere and cut her, “Don’t try making up reasons now, miss.” He then wrapped his arms around her, which made her quickly let that go.

“Chukka chukkaeeeeee.” Sulli and Taemin said at the same time. “We’re not going to interrupt you two now.” They left.

“What is this, Kim Jonghyun?” Hyunmin glared at him.

“Hmmmm. R-e-v-e-n-g-e?” He smirked. “By the way, everyone’s looking at us now. Let’s be more natural.” He turned her to face him then quickly pecked her cheek and left her speechless.

Just as she thought that they’re friends now, he already started the flames again.



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16 thoughts on “Trouble Maker”

  1. Kalo ada sequelnya kayaknya seru nih kk
    Bikin dooong 😉
    Kalo revenge nya gituu… Asik kali yaa ahah-_- hyunmin nya juga udh gitu kan ke jonghyun
    Dibikin sequelnya yaaa ^▽^

  2. hah this my first read ff in english
    wow, so amazing thor
    i don’t know many word in engslish, but i can understand this ff
    really make me smile myself, hahahaha
    i like crazy people now, but i like it lol
    jonghyun so naugthy and hyunmin too
    but jonghyun better xD
    good job for author!!!^^

  3. Oh god, i’m so dead
    ini ff nya lucu, bagus, serius ^^v
    Sering2 tulis ff yaaaaa ^o^
    lumayan buat aku belajar juga hahaha~
    Btw ini Stand-alone kan? kalo gitu aku tunggu ah next story nya 😀

  4. Oh oh what a soft english 😀
    Thanks god this ff is so easy to understand
    aku berharap banyak yang baca ini sekalian buat melatih bahasa inggris 😀
    Btw… ini ff nya bagus tauuuukkkk~
    Jonghyun nya di siniiii oh woooww~
    aku suka pas Jonghyun nanyain soal warna bra


  5. LOL. XD
    gara-gara Jjong niup mata Hyunmin dikira ciuman? 😀
    ahh~ what a nice couple they are. 😀
    tapi disini mereka belum jadian yah. 😦
    i need the sequel. 😀
    hwaiting author. ^^

  6. huwaaa… kerenn .. si jjong … ini bener2 deh!!!
    pertanyaanya ngak bgt .. eh kasian tuh jong di suruh makan udang .. -_-”
    suka bgt ma jjong disini .. karakteristiknya !! bukan orgnya … *nyadar key ngasih dead glare*

    heheh authoorrr…. keren2 … ahahahahahah hyomin .. hati2 tuh .. benci jadi cinta …

  7. What a sweet story!
    Hyunmin tinggi banget tuu egonya, masak bikin orang sakit gak di jenguk, kasian abang jjong nya doong ㅠㅠ

    But it still is a great story after all!!! Great jooobb.<3<3
    Gonna wait for the next chapter!!!!! And it has to be suppppaaa fast pwease????????? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    화이팅!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

  8. This is a light and cool story! Jonghyunnie is really really…naughty? Lol! Daebak! Wait for your another FF 😉

  9. waaaah ternyata uda di-post disini!!!
    thanks for the feedbacks yeoreobuuuuun. >.<
    jadi pengen nulis FF SHINee lagi (karena akhir2 ini lagi fokusnya ke infinite gyahahahah) #plak
    just wait for my other fiiiiic.
    skali lagi, maaciiiii :****

  10. wow!! great story thor…!!!
    kereeeeen… gaya bahasanya enak, gampang dimengerti.. hehe
    masa ya baca fanfic ini bikin ketawa ketawa sendiri thor .___.
    ngebayangin jonghyun yang nakal nakal gimana gitu… hahahaa .___.v
    inimah mesti keluar sequelnya thooor…
    kurang kalo cuma oneshot, hehehee
    ditunggu ya thor sequelnya ^^,

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