It’s My Turn to Protect You – Part 2 [END]

It’s My Turn to Protect You

Author(*) : Sungrin imnida

Main Cast(*) (Tokoh Utama) :  Lee raera , Taemin

Support Cast(*) (Tokoh Pembantu) : SHINee

Length(*) : twoshoot

Genre(*) :  Romance

Rating(*) : General


One night, Hyemin get message from Taemin.

*to: Hyemin

Hyemin.. I’m gonna leave the school and come to the new one.. Bye.. Hope you’ll be enjoy now..*

Hyemin mind:

mwo? Enjoy? How can i? I cant hold it anymore.. I must tell him..

“Umma! I’m gonna go to Taemin’s dorm! Bye!” shout Hyemin.

On the way to Taem dorm, she was crying hard. When she’s running fast, the driver of a mini bus was driving sooooo fast and didn’t see Hyemin.

Its been 2 month.. Taemin was visit the old school..

Taem: excuse me.. Do you know where is Hyemin?

Girl: oh Taemin! Don’t you know? She had an accident 2 months ago and leave the school..

Taem: MWO!? Accident!?Go-gomawo!

Then Taemin go to Hyemin house. He ask her mom if the accident is true.. Her mom says that Hyemin got amnesia and her mom want Hyemin remember all the things she must remember first before going to school. Taemin was so shocked. He ask her mom to let him see Hyemin condition.

Taem: Hyemin…

Hye: yea, i’m Hyemin but.. Who are you mister??

Taem: me? I’m.. Someone..

Taemin cant believe it that even she cant remember his name..

Taem: mam, dont you think bringin her to school can help her remember everything?

Hye mom: nah.. I know she often fight with the boys.. I scared that the boys will do anything bad to her..

Taem: okay mam.. I think i should going now.. Thank you..

When Taemin go, Hyemin see her mom.

Hye: mom who is he? Why i feel.. Know him?

Mom: he’s your friend..

Hye: oh.. Mom i’m going to the Seoyoon garden okay? Bye..

On the way to the garden she saw Taemin with the boys.

Boy1: do you think with leave the school you can abonded us too? Huh?

Taemin doesn’t replay. When the boys gonna punch him, Hyemin come to guard Taemin.

Hyemin get punch and she kick back the boys.

“don’t distrubing my friend!!” shout Hyemin.

Boy2: what the heck!? You’re the one who distrubing us Hyemin!!

this time, when the boy gonna slap her, Taemin hold the boy hand tight and stare at him with a scary one, then the boys run away.

Taem: gwaenchanayo?

Hye: gwaenchana

Taem: but your cheek?

Hye: nah.. Its okay.. My mom say you’re my friend.. Who’s your name?

Taem: Lee Taemin.. wow you’re a girl, but you can fight.. Cool!

Hye: yeah hahahaha…. My dad teach me, so i can protect the one i loved..

Taemin mind:

she still the same hahaha.. It reminds me 8 year ago.. She said the exact same thing..

Taem: do you remember the one you loved?

Hye: ani.. But i can feel it..

Taem: who is he?? Who is he?

Hye: secret~ hahahaha..

Tae: wanna eat ice cream? I treat you..

Hye: ani.. I’m the one who gonna treat you.. You’re the one who protect me..

Tae: ani.. You’re the one who hurt, so i treat you..

5 minutes pass like that. They are tired and Hyemin gonna treat Taemin ice cream. When the two of them eating ice cream, Hyemin hear the girls are screaming Taemin’s name.

Hye: ya! Taemin? Do you know all that girls? They are screaming your name..

Taem: its not good.. Lets back..

Taemin and Hyemin leave the ice cream shop. They arrived at Hyemin house..

Hye: thanks for today.. I’m going first..

Taem: okay.. Rest well..

Hye: bye, TaemTaem…

Taem: mwo? What did you say?

Hye: eh? Mianhae.. Mianhae.. Idk.. That word come out from my mouth..

Taem: hahaha thats okay.. Bye..

The next day, after school, Taemin visit Hyemin house.

Taem: annyeonghaseyo.. Can i see Hyemin mam?

Hye mom: yes, she is in her room..

When Taemin go upstair to see Hyemin, knock the door and open the door…

Hye: arghh… TaemTaem?

Taem: whats wrong??? Hyemin??

Hye: my head… So.. Hurt.. *fainting*

right away, Taemin take her to hospital.

Hye: nghhh… Taemin where am i?

Taem: hospital..

Hye: mwo?! Wae?

Taem: babo. Don’t push yourself too hard.. Doctor says that your head hurt because you trying remember everything too hard!

Hye: i trying to remember you! I feel guilty ’cause i can’t remember you at all!!! *crying*

Taem: thats okay even you can’t remember me..

Hye: no its not! You’re Lee Taemin from SHINee right? Am i really your friend? How can i be your friend?

Taem: ….. I’m going now.. Bye…

Taemin heart was so hurt after hearing Hyemin ask things like that.

A week later..

Taemin come to her house again.

Taem: you still doesn’t remember me?

Hye: no.. Mianhae..

Taem: thats okay.. Anyway.. Lets go out tomorrow.. I wait you at Hyosung park okay?

Hye: okay..

The next day at Hyosung park, Taemin was waiting Hyemin. Hyemin then come with white cute dress and jacket. Even Taemin can’t take his eyes off of her. Its the first time he see Hyemin this cute.

Taem: your..

Hye: mwo? Does my dress looks bad?

Taem: mmm.. N-no.. I’m gonna go a bit to buy us drinks.. Sit here okay..

Then Taemin run with a blushing face. When Hyemin waiting for Taemin, she see the boys from the other day. She was gonna leave to search Taemin, unfortunately, the boys saw her..

Boy1: Ya! You! Come with us! Wanna play?

Boy2: daebak! You’re so pretty with that dress.. Lets play with us!

Hye: andwe! I dont want to!

Boy3: jinjja.. Lets just take her..

Hye: mwo!!!? Wa-wait!!

When Taemin back, he doesn’t see Hyemin. Then he heard Hyemin scream. “Taemiinnnn!!” shout Hyemin and run to him.

Taem: Hyemin? Whats wrong?

Hye: that boys.. *pointed her finger to the boys*

Boy1: You! How can you kick us!? Pay for that! *gonna punch her*

Hye: take this!!! *punch him*

Taem: Hyemin, don’t do this again.. Now, its my turn to protect you! *fight all the boys*

after that fight..

Hye: Taemin… Are you okay?

Taem: yea.. I’m always like this.. Jebal.. Dont hurt yourself more than this.. Just let me protect you..*hugs*

Hye: Taemin…….thanks to protecting me.. Nghhh.. Ah.. Not again.. My head..

Taem: are you okay? Your head hurt again?

Hye: its okay.. Lets continue walking.

That day, the two of them walking together and see the flower.. Its so beautiful.

When Hyemin back to her house, she really tired and put her bag in the desk. Then, she saw a photo.

Hye: photo? Who? Me? And…… Taemin? 8 years ago….

After she look at that photo, she cried. She doesn’t realized that Taemin was in her house.

Taem: tok..tok.. Hyemin.. I’m back cause you left your phone in my car. Hahaha i cant believed it your phone wallpaper is our pic 8 years ago..

Hye: jinjja? *took the phone and stare at it and at the real photo*

Taem: Hyemin? Are you crying??? Wae???

Hye: i remember it! I remember it! That day.. You dont know right why i have an accident!!? *crying hard*

Taem: Hyemin…. *hugs her*

Hye: i… Want to meet you before you go! I want to tell you something before you leave the school! But… Then.. An accident.. Sorry to make you wait this long.. *still crying*

then Taemin kiss her to stop her from talking.

Taem: saranghae..

Hye: mwo!? Tae-Taemin? What are you doing!? Dont you like a cute girl?? I’m not cute at all! What i know is just to fight!

Taem: ani.. Just hearing you call me ‘TaemTaem’ its cute enough for me… I was sooo happy when you call me that name.. Why are you always protecting me all this time?

Hye: i though i’m really not cute at all.. at least i can protect the one i loved!

Taem: ya babo! Wa-wait.. What did you say? Do you mean…

Hye: nado… Nado saranghae Taemin!

Taem: Hyemin…. From now on the one who must protect you is me! Okay?

Hye: no.. We must protect each other.. Hehehehe…

Taem: okay! Deal! Hahahahaha! You know how i miss you soooo much?

Hye: then you know how hard i remember youuuuu??

Taem: hahahahahaha…

Hye: ……TaemTaem…… *blushing*

Taem: m-mwoo?!

Hye: for now on too…. Can i call you..TaemTaem?….

Taem: of course HyeHye! ^^ *kiss her forehead*

~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~

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