Without Words

Title: Without Words
Author: Han Jaerin
Cast: SHINee – Lee Taemin, YOU
Length: One-shot
Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Romance
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: Plot is mine.
Note: English fic. Pardon my fail grammar and vocabularies. Original cast was supposedly the greasy man Nam Woohyun from the sexy boygroup INFINITE.


Taemin was laying comfortably on the couch, half-asleep, when he smelled something nice from the kitchen. Must be her cooking.

He went into the kitchen and apparently there were two bowls of kimchi jjigae on the table.

“I was just going to wake you up.” A sudden, familiar voice tickled his ears.

“It was because of your kimchi jjigae.” He responded.

“Yeah, this has been your favorite. Unless your taste has changed.” She smiled. Without being hesitate, he quietly sat down while she prepared for the utensils.

They both had the soup with silence. Might be effected by the midnight circumstance. Until his thick eye pocket and skinny figure that weren’t supposed to be in him caught her attention. Work is probably the most reasonable answer to it.

“You looked really tired. You should rest more.” She finally broke the silence.

He paused eating for a moment, didn’t expect her to notice.

“I know. But this work just won’t let me to relax.” She was right.

“And you’re getting skinnier. I haven’t seen your chubby cheeks for ages too.” Caused both to giggle. “How is your girlfriend doing? You haven’t told me about her.” He stopped giggling, and she continued eating innocently. Noticed there was no response, she looked at his sudden expression-change.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“No. Nothing’s wrong. Really.” He stopped for a while. “Let’s go out for a walk.”

She knew there was. DEFINITELY was. The sudden subject-change attempt just doesn’t work. She would just let it flow; he wouldn’t stand hiding something from her. He’s always been like that since they’ve known each other from high school.

“Okay. I’m going to get my jacket first.” As she left, he told himself. He’s gonna tell her. There’s no more reason to hide anything from her. He is definitely going to tell the truth. Or never.

There’s another long silence while they’re walking through the neighborhood. They used to tell jokes and pranking each other, or prank on somebody else, laugh about it. Since they’re both getting more mature, the senses were slowly disappearing.

“Let’s have some tteokbokki!” She broke another silence and pointed at the small tteokbokki stall on the pavement.

They just had kimchi soup and now she wanted to have tteokbokki.

“Your big appetite never changed.” He flicked her forehead.

“It hurts!” She took revenge by pushing him hard until his butt touched the street and immediately ran to the tteokbokki stall, left him alone. There’s of course a slight pain, but he admitted that he missed those moments. Gained his consciousness, he quickly got up and went after her who had welcomed him with big grin.

“I’ll pay.” He said as soon as he caught up.

“No no no. I’m the only one eating and you’re the one paying? Big no.” She took out her money fast, but he’s faster. She chuckled.

“You will pay me later.” He winked.

“I know you’re up to something!”

“Here comes the loud you.” And they laughed hard until they felt pain in the stomach.

“Okay.. Stop this for a moment. My belly hurts.” She continuously laughing.

He giggled, and eventually managed himself to stop. Seeing him came to his sense, she also calmed herself down.

“Listen, you really want to know what happened to us?” Again, she was right.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.” He stopped walking and stood in front of her.

“I seriously don’t get what you mean. Please be more specific..”

“Since when we’re having such a detailed convo? We don’t even have to look at each other’s eyes to know what each were thinking about.” She remained silent, so he carried on. “We broke up since weeks ago.”

Surprisingly, it hardly shocked her. But she couldn’t help wondering.

“Why would you do that?” He approached her, which made her stepped backward.

“Because.. I don’t know. I’m going crazy..” He muttered, “..in love with somebody else.”

“What?” She barely heard his voice.

“I fell for somebody else. And it’s you.” He tried to speak clearer but something got into his throat, blocking his voice to come out. That must be only his feeling, though.

“Stop kidding me, Taemin. Let’s go back to my place.” She quickly took steps and left, but he grabbed her wrist and turned her to him.

“Don’t try to run away. I know you feel the same way.” She tried to deny, but he knew her too well.

Memories of them started to filled her mind. How they first met at the school. How they always fooled around in class – causing the teacher to give both detention, when they graduated and celebrated it at the amusement park, how she felt when he told her he dated a girl. She thought the feeling she felt was a normal reaction to had their best friend taken, but it was not. That’s why she has been avoiding him for past weeks – and again, it wasn’t because she felt guilty. It was because she’s afraid of being hurt.

Then she realized – she ‘was’ always be the one he came to for the first place when he needed somebody. Her apartment ‘was’ the first destination he would visit when he felt bored. He always felt that her dishes were the best. And how rarely he would ever mention his girlfriend in front of her. The world was like spinning for only both of them when they were spending time together.

Now she knows. Everything’s just right when they were together. Nothing else.

She felt the grip on her wrist loosen.

He stared to her eyes, treasured them carefully.

“Be mine.”

She tried to keep herself balanced, because she felt her knee weakened to every single word came out of his mouth. It’s not the thing he said, but his voice made her to.

They looked into each other’s eyes, and without even questioning her, he’s already known the answer.

The raindrops didn’t stop them – instead, he closed the distance between them by pressing their lips gently.


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12 thoughts on “Without Words”

  1. Jesss..u have not changed Mr.Nam’s name >,<! kekeke

    Anyway,did I say I love the-be mine-scene before? Guess, I change my mind now. I love it when Taemin (?) grabbed her wrist n said 'i know u feel the same way' it's so sweet, Jess.. *melted*

    Ah! I always find myself smile everytime I read ur fictions. Love it =*

  2. very nice FF^^
    i think it will be awesome if you make the longer version, ahhahaa.
    but i still like this one^^

  3. wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…
    so romantic.. :3
    yeah.. Ive imagined it as ME hahaha
    well.. its good if get skinnier because Im big now.
    and sure I’ll melting because of him.
    keren loh 😀

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