Unpredictable Marriage – Part 4

Unpredictable Marriage Part 4

Author: Anissa Anggi

Genre: Romance, Friendship, Sad, Life

Main Cast: -Kim Kibum

                    -Lee Hyo Min

Other Cast: Choi Minho, Krystal, Appa& Umma Kibum, Appa&Umma Hyo Min, Dokter Lee Jinki dll (msh terus berubah)

Length: Sequel

Rating: PG-13 (turun tuh hahaha)

Disclaimer: This Story is Mine. I don’t own them(SHINee), they’re belongs to God except some imaginative characters such as Lee Hyo Min.  Please, give me some critics. AND PLEASE DON’T COPY THIS STORY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR WITHOUT WRITE MY NAME AS AN AUTHOR. WE HATE PLAGIARSM!

Hmm…. Baca aja deh. Jangan lupa ngasih komentar ya!! 😀 😀 (readers: tumben ye basa basinya dikit). Gue: ‘…’

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