Talk To Love – Part 2

Talk To Love Part 2

 Title                 : Talk To Love

Author             : EmoonKey_Kyu

Main Cast       : Choi (Jung) Hye Bin, Key,  Kim Jonghyun, Park Eunmi

Support cast    : SHINee’s member, Choi Nikka

Lenght            : Chaptered

 Genre              : Romance (maybe), friendship

Rate                 : PG-16

 Summary        : Love come to you without permission.

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Touch Your Heart – Part 3

Title         : Touch Your Heart part 3

Author     :  tiara_jinki

Main cast  : Lee Taemin, Choi Yoona

Other cast  : Choi Minho, Kim Hyo Min, Kim Jonghyun, Key (Kim Kibum), Onew (Lee Jinki), others.

Genre         : romance

Rating         : PG

Length        : Sequel

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