Piece of Memory – Part 3

Piece of Memory [Piece 3]

Author             : ZaKey

Main Cast        : Choi Minho, Lee Taemin

Support Cast    : Choi Jinri (Sulli), Kim Kibum (Key)

Minor Cast      : Kim Jonghyun, Lee Jinki (Onew)

Length             : On Going

Genre              : Life, Shounen-Ai

Rating              : Teen

Disclaimer       : I do not own the character – they belong to God and themselves. The plot and the story are mine; it also published at my own wp

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SMTown “Super” Salah Gaul!

Judul: SMtown “super” salah gaul!

Author: Jenny

Casts: all SMtown singers

Lenght: one shoot

Genre: comedy yang sangat tidak kocak(?)

Rating: NC! ya nggaklah eike masih polos getooh~~ #PLAAK

ini adalah FF salah gaul. walaupun “super” salah gaul bisa aja dalamnya ga bener2 “super” #DUAGH.

mohon maaf atas segala kegaringan yang terjadi di FF ini. Happy reading~ 😀

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The Sweet Summer – Part 8

The Sweet Summer (Part 8)

Tittle                : The Sweet Summer (Part 8)

Author             : Ichaa Ichez Lockets

Main Cast        : Shin Hye Rin, Shin Eun Kyo, Lee Taemin, Kim Ki Bum (Key), Choi  Minho, Kim JongHyun (Jjong), Lee Jin Ki (Onew).

Genre              : Friendship, Romance, Family.

Length             : Series (Chaptered)

Rating             : PG

Disclaimer      : This story is originally mine. This is only a FICTION, my IMAGINATION and the character is not real. Enjoy reading!

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