[FF PARTY 2012] Resolution


Author             : Faciikan

Main Cast        : Choi Minho and her

Support Cast   : -none-

Length             : ficlet

Genre              : friendship

Rating            : General

Summary         : He was in stress, and he snapped, and she was sort of angry.

A.N                 : If only this thing could be a little bit better *tearing


The room was crowded with men and women in classic suits and dresses and he was in between feeling confused and having a little of headache by the chirping sounds of the executives. He—desperately—wanted to go somewhere else. It was not like he hated the party or the people inside this ballroom but the thing he had to do that time was way more important than saving a billion grand of money.

He actually tended to enjoy this party but it wasn’t as planned. The problem he suffered kept running on his small head making him feeling less comfy. I got to go, it was spinning on his head, but how, it was another matter.

After avoiding some conversations; some people; some executives and some label mates, he eventually out of the room to the long eerie corridor. He sighed in relieve and how he hoped he’d survive the next day because of the escaping from company annual New Year party. But he was extremely happy.

He drove his red convertible literally like slicing the metropolis city. He drew some attention—not to mention his car was quite cool—and he was not even budge. He knew where she was only by his terrific guessing—or because he just knew her too well. He didn’t manage to put on any kind of disguise things he went out with merely him with his ultimate black coat; still in silver holy Armani tux, well made hair that marked him as star.

The place was too crowded so no one literally recognize him. His head circled here and there scanning the place to find her lovely face. Instead of face, he found her back. The red cashmere trench coat she wore that day and the must-be-hand-knitted white beanie he pinned in his head, it must be her, and it had to be her.

He patted her shoulder, and in split second he was mesmerized; like she always did unconsciously. She was with some of her girl friends and he knew how dangerous it was to speak with her in that very place.

She was a bit shocked by his sudden appearance before her own two eyes. She tried to let his hand off her wrist but as she always knew he had strong grip. But she managed to whisper, “we will talk,” then he grinned, “After I tell my friends.” So he nodded in response and watching her from behind as she talked to her friends.

He started to draw some attention and people recognize him. He pulled her into his cool convertible and they stayed in silence. He drove to a silence hill outside the crowd. She got out from the car and found a bench to sit there. The view was good and he placed himself on another side of the bench, sat there—both of them—in silence.

“I desperately wanted to talk to you,” he couldn’t bear it any longer so he snapped.

She answered coldly, “and talk you shall.”

“I know I am the wrong one, I’m feeling guilty as hell so that’s why I beg your forgiveness,” he faced her.

She was still on her poker face mode, “about what?”

“About everything, sorry I ditched you that day I, I..,”

“I was in fight with my girlfriend,”

“And the company freaks me out my brain!”

“About some drama offers and the script,”

“I was just,”

She sighed, “I know, since when I don’t understand that? We have been best friends from ancients ago. What I don’t get is why did you snapped at me and ditched me when I asked you what happened.”

“I’m so sorry,” he pouted.

“I know it was just a stress side effect. Stop playing tough,” she stroked his head. “Oh, and I have one more thing,” she said. She started to stir off her bag.

He saw a long black muffler and how loved the fact that she loved to knit. “I made it for you for your birthday present actually. But that time we were in some sort of awkwardness, so, here you go, good sir.”

Then they waited for the fireworks to burst. It was the New Year Eve, and that silent hill was just perfect.

“It is strange that I have a girlfriend, you got a boyfriend and we are still like this. Seems like you are way more important than my own girl,” he starred to the view.

She blew her breath out loud, “look Minho, I don’t really care. You are my best friend; it is poles apart from my boyfriend.”

He grinned, “yeah, the truth is I somewhat treasure you more than my girlfriend.” Not so long after, the fireworks filled the night sky. He could see twinkles in her eyes.

After the fireworks show was done he asked her, “so are we cool?”

“I’m hot, you’re cool,” she answered with a chuckle.


©2011 SF3SI, Freelance Author.

Officially written by ME, claimed with MY signature. Registered and protected.

This FF/Post legally claim to be owned by SF3SI, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at SHINee World Fiction

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19 thoughts on “[FF PARTY 2012] Resolution”

  1. End?

    Oh, i didn’t realize~ Um, is Author-ssi is from Indonesian? You can speak Indonesian, right?

    Anyway, ’bout the FF. LoL, I love the ending part~ *laughs*. Hm, honestly, I’m confused for some part in this FF, I’m sorry, it’s because my bad english Dx

    But I got the important part, so I can understand the FF overall! It’s good and there’s a little bit humor, I like it.

    Keep writing, K? ;3

    1. GOSH! Really?
      Aku Indonesia dari ujung rambut sampai ujung kepala… 🙂
      Banyak yang mbingungin ya? Simply sorry *hide
      Not your bad English, buru-buru waktu nulisnya hehe…
      thanks for the review…. :))

  2. Totally like this 🙂 you have an impressive skill, the story is written in ‘real English’, not in ‘Indonesian taste’. Simple, but meaningful 🙂
    Just found some typo on several dialogues which were not started with capital letter
    Nice to know you and your story 🙂

  3. Been a long time read english fiction, hm~
    I got no conflic even after I read it for 2nd time, I don’t mean it that this ff bad, my english just bad haha. Even I did translate some words in dictionary just to find the plot *poor me*
    So, the most ridiculous thing is when I do think that Minho and the girl is in a romance relationship, back then, they just friend indeed. Though, i feel the romance between them.
    The implicit message that bestfriend is more important, hm, I love the way Minho say it.
    Good ff!

    1. the conflict was just too small. It was like no conflict at all. Based from personal experience, so just stick with it 😀 . Thanks for reading and you gave me a compliment! I am so overwhelmed!

  4. I didn’t realize it before
    Actually they are best friends, but the way MinHo snapped her is too much. I means that was too rude. Love the ending, I mean a bit humour.
    Good job author

  5. dear Author, are you Indonesian people?
    Osh, english fan fic. When I read this ff, there’s no dictionary on my hand. So, some words can’t be understood by me. But I still got the point of this story.
    At the first, I didn’t feel the interesting side of it. Then I re-read from start line until finish until my brain ‘wake up’, haha.
    I love the ending of your story! It’s unique and make me feel smile and say ‘whattt?’.
    your english is so amazing, huhu… My poor english…

    1. yep! I am so Indonesian and pin it; I am so Indonesian.
      Thank your for the compliment! I really glad you actually read it, this fic was a rush. It is not your poor English it is my little pleasure of circling a sentence.

  6. aah, jadi inti ceritanya mulai dari tengah2 cerita toh..baru ngerti aku
    bacanya kudu pelan2 krna ditranslet satu2 di otak. bbrapa kata aku translet asal aja, yg penting feelnya dapet..xD

    aah, suka niih endingnya. menggelitik menurutku. sahabatan lebih sweet dari pacaran..hahha…

    keep writing ya!

  7. Hi there, author! Reading your name, I’m sure that you’re Malaysian. Just correct me if I’m wrong ^^v
    well then, I love the idea of your fict. So simple. And it seems like a cutting-scene of a drama.kekekek. Friends become lovers, rite? I do need sequel!!! .hha.
    Hemm.. my suggestion is… maybe you should shorten your sentences. *Since I found there are lots of long and confusing sentences* you can use pause or full stop to give a space between one idea and another.
    for instance –> It was not like he hated the party or the people inside this ballroom but the thing he had to do that time was way more important than saving a billion grand of money.
    maybe you can cut the sentence into two–> It was not like he hated the party or the people inside this ballroom. But, ….

    Since literature is freedom. So, I don’t have any authority to correct the grammar. and I’m sure you’re gonna like “D’Oh!” if I do leave comment just to correct grammar. *such a scumbag.* .hha.

    Woow! my comment is the long one I think. Hopefully, you’ll consider my suggestion as your reference in the future. Keep on writing 🙂

    1. Hi there, too! I am so not Malaysian… Javanese head-to-toe kkk….
      It ain’t friends become lovers, they are just simply best friends.
      Yeah, beberapa kalimat emang puanjang banget dan personally aku lebih suka yang agak njelimet. And for editing, Ms Word is my best friend in editing, sadly T__T
      Thank you for your time to read it! –since it’s terrible!
      I’m writing, just don’t know yet to publish it or not!

  8. aah friendship between man and woman often has misunderstanding.
    deep meaning.
    love the taste of the story
    thumbs up 🙂

  9. Hai^^
    Waaaah… bingung mau komentarin apa .___.
    soal penulisan dan kesalahan tanda baca atau kapital, kali ini aku gak bisa komentar, agak sulit untuk dikomentari hehehe

    Baca bagian awalnya udah nebak-nebak si minho mau nemuin cewek, tapi gak tau hubungan mereka apaan..
    Dan ternyata, mereka itu teman akrab yang lagi ribut *bener kan?*
    Suka endingnya, no romance, just pure friendship 😀

  10. Annyeong. ^^
    Simple story with a lil bit sweet part. Karena bahasa inggrisku gak bagus, ngomong pakai bahasa indo aja ya.. Dibagian ini:

    But she managed to whisper, “we will talk,” then he grinned, “After I tell my friends.”

    He di sana harusnya she ya? Lalu soal penulisan, dalam naskah inggris pun, tetep menggunakan hurup kapital di awal direct speech. “We will talk”.

    Bagian ini:

    “About everything, sorry I ditched you that day I, I..,”

    “I was in fight with my girlfriend,”

    “And the company freaks me out my brain!”

    “About some drama offers and the script,”

    “I was just,”

    Karena itu semua Minho yang ngomong, mungkin lebih baik digabung aja dengan menyelipkan sedikit keterangan emosi. Misalnya:

    “About everything, sorry I ditched you that day I, I…” he started to speak hardly, “I was in fight with my girlfriend.” Minho took a single breath and continued, “And the company freaks me out my brain!” his tone got higher, “About some drama offers and the script. I was just…”

    Soalnya karena dipisah gtu jadi sedikit bingung dan harus mikir, ah ini masih bagian Minho atau kapan ceweknya mulai ngomong.^^

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