Someone Important

Someone Important

Author             : Faciikan

Main casts       : you (explicitly), Onew

Support cast    : Minho (he’s being a jerk here  :p)

Length             : Ficlet

Genre              : Romance

It had been more than hours—to you—even you didn’t recall why you were there from the very first time. For the umpteenth time you sighed again and again. The novel next to you was the talk of the school but you didn’t even want to touch it. The conversation next to your couch was the hot issue but you didn’t feel like joining. So you flung yourself and secretly hoped that the couch would just suck you and no one notice. Eventually, your empty eyes looked at him. The boy who was quiet, sitting alone just like you—but he sat upright—struggling with some study materials. You wondered, and it was the same man, the guy you always know

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Luky Wings – Part 5


Author : Lee mincha

Main Cast : Park Min cha, Lee gi ump, kim sanbi, SHINee Minho, key, onew,

Support Cast: taemin , jonghyun, chaejin

Genre : NC17+, imajination, romance

Rating : General

Summary : ff ini tentang harapanku, berharap bisa ketemu minho yang itu semua g mungkin terjadi sehingga mulai ngelantur dan berimajinasi aneh dan menciptakan ff ini. And ini ff special buat kedua chinguku semoga sesuai dengan yang mereka harapkan kekekekekeke Continue reading Luky Wings – Part 5