Someone Important

Someone Important

Author             : Faciikan

Main casts       : you (explicitly), Onew

Support cast    : Minho (he’s being a jerk here  :p)

Length             : Ficlet

Genre              : Romance

It had been more than hours—to you—even you didn’t recall why you were there from the very first time. For the umpteenth time you sighed again and again. The novel next to you was the talk of the school but you didn’t even want to touch it. The conversation next to your couch was the hot issue but you didn’t feel like joining. So you flung yourself and secretly hoped that the couch would just suck you and no one notice. Eventually, your empty eyes looked at him. The boy who was quiet, sitting alone just like you—but he sat upright—struggling with some study materials. You wondered, and it was the same man, the guy you always know


Your mind was running here and there, you didn’t pay a notice to the boy. But he did, he somehow noticed you looked at him but not really looking at him.

He always knew. About your obvious habits to all of those little details like a hot honeyed lime without sugar every time rain was in. He knew even smaller like you always put back the graphite tip of your pencil lead from your yellow mechanic pencil.

Sounds creepy but it turned out to be something lovely at the end.

For sometimes, you were lost in your mind of depression. But you need fresh air so you came out the room.

Ten steps; until your legs were far too weak to support yourself. Ten steps; until your eyes finally put out the tears you’d been holding. Ten steps; until he rushed to put you in his embrace.

“Let’s go somewhere,” he gently leaded you to the empty backyard. There was a bench and he sat you there. You were still I in his embrace, crying over the petty things you had back then. You knew you stained his brown sweater vest and even his cotton button-up collar, but you didn’t want to let go, just yet. And he seemed like didn’t care either, because he softly stroke your hair and kept telling, “Just let it out, let it out.”

Not so long you could feel that he stopped stroking your hair and his head turned. And you could hear the voice that you didn’t want to hear the most.

“Hyung,” That deep heavy voice that you longed, but you didn’t want to hear. Just, not at that moment.

You pulled out from his embrace brushing off every trace of tears from your face. You trained some of your usual facial expression to face him. After that, your eyes met his, and he was shocked. In split second time just like collided before your eyes.

“This can’t be happening,” he said as you got up. He grabbed your elbow and made you face his eyes. You didn’t even budge to escape, he always a strong guy unlike the guy who was watching you two from the bench. His deep voice approached your ears again, “what is going on?”

“Nothing,” you answered coldly.

“Why were you crying in his arms back then? You can always cry on me,” he touched your cheek, “am I not always for you?”

He was such a big—handsome athletic cool tanned popular muscular adorable—liar. And you felt pathetic to yourself. The thick cold air of spring hit your skin as he said that and your tears wanted to come out again. Somehow you were kind of stronger rather than your usual strength so the tears didn’t fall out and your expression was still cold towards him.

“Why were you with Onew-hyung rather than be with me?”

After that question, you knew perfectly well what you wanted to say to him. “Let go of me,” you said, “just let go.”

And so he did, he let go of your elbow but keeping you close.

And so, you tried to say the thing. “Because, it’s not like it’s Onew who’d deceive me.”

You walked out the scene. Onew knew you were too weak to walk with the things on your shoulder so he lead supported you. He lingered you and grabbed the crook of your hand, making sure you could walk.

You felt like it was far enough from Minho as you turned you head to see him. His head hung low but he stood up right, it was like a reminiscent of you a few hours ago. You secretly hoped he learned something. You didn’t intend to leave him; you really didn’t, if you have a choice you’d rather return to him. It’s not like he was two-faced something, he was just too innocent.

Apparently, the clouds were so dark and when you and Onew reached the school’s building, the rain arrived. Onew sat you on the cafeteria and told you to wait awhile. You wondered why he was such a gentleman like you had never expected. You didn’t remember you did something remarkable to him except when you covered his Basic technology education a few months back, and after that, seems like none.

When he came back, there were two backpacks he was carrying and one of that was yours that you had left awhile ago. He put the backpacks in front of your face and went to order something. You were thinking about what was Onew up to that time.

He sat in front of your face and hand you a glass cup, filled with the light yellow green liquid you longed, hot honeyed lime without sugar. Onew had a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon seated. You played a bit with your drink and secretly taking glances to him.

“I know you’re looking at me,” he said and you were so candid. So you turned back to your lime and stirred it.

“So, Onew, I’m just wondering how did you know about,” you pointed your index finger into the cup, “this thing.”

After the question, it was his turn to be candid. He choked and gasped of the drink that burned his tongue. You gave him your bottle of water and he almost finished it. You could see that he blushed and his eyes gaze became harden. His head hung low. You turned your head to understand the situation but you just didn’t get what in the world was happening.

“I, I will tell you,” He raised his head, “but, but, you shouldn’t laugh. You are not going to laugh, swear that!” He said, and you simply nodded to his condition. He wiggled, not comfortable to his position. He kept shaking and you started to think that he wanted to pee something but in time you finally understood that he was nervous.

“I always have a soft spot for you,” he started and your brain was warmed, “well, you may not remember about some unnamed message to you around five months ago, I guess?” Apparently you had–and still—a short time memory which made you think hard that time.

His head once again hung low, “I know that you won’t remember. It was silly, by any chance. And somehow you told every single secrets you had back then,” at this point you started to become insecure. And also you started to remember the unnamed messages, what if, what if it was Onew’s?

“It was me,”

And you blew up.

“I, I like you. I really do, but after I heard that you date Minho I’m backing off. I am just a geek compared to Minho and well, that’s all. But after saw you cried and seemed so weak,”

“That’s rude,” you cut him off.

He mumbled ‘sorry’ and you nodded. “After I saw you cried and what you told Minho before, ‘It’s not like it’s Onew who’d deceive me,’ something like that, I finally decided, rather than being your secret admirer I’d prefer be your–everything.”

You frowned, not getting anything from his words.

He saw you perplexed, he saw you being in your dumb face. He dumbfounded you. “You know, you can call me anytime, you can rely on me when you need to, you can cry on me. I will be your friend, I will be your brother even if you want to I can be your nemesis,”

You giggled.

“You swore not to laugh!” He snapped. You giggled again, more like holding your laugh actually.

“I swore not to laugh, I still can giggle,” you joked. You looked straight to his eyes and so he did. You two stayed in that moment. It felt like time froze and just like you and he left in this world. You felt like you could possibly stay in that moment forever staring to his eyes. His eyes wasn’t like Minho’s you could swear that Minho had the most beautiful eyes but Onew’s are just so… tender. Small, hidden but still so clear, his eyes were deep and you remembered it easily.

You, eventually, had fallen head over heels to this guy.

“If only,” your voice trembled, “I asked you to be someone important to me, would you?”

He nodded as soon as you said it, “I’ve told you. I’d be your—everything.”

So you promised to yourself. As you learned to love this person, his title to you would be someone important.

©2011 SF3SI, Freelance Author.

Officially written by ME, claimed with MY signature. Registered and protected.

This FF/Post legally claim to be owned by SF3SI, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at SHINee World Fiction

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7 thoughts on “Someone Important”

  1. I love this one..keep writing and btw about you explain about minho with “handsome athletic cool tanned popular muscular adorable” im totally agree! Kekekekekeke

  2. Huwaaa….
    Keep on read this fic, then find the ‘strange words’ in my electronical dictionary,
    *my bad vocabularies*

    I’m kinda confuse, who are they in the beginning,
    then when Minho call to ‘you’ , “Hyung” , what?? Is this Shounen Ai?
    When Onew appears, I imagine that ‘you’ in this story is Keybum,

    Keep on writing, ne?

  3. Tes tes
    waaaaaaahhh glad i found this english fiction
    eh btw, kayaknya udah refleks ya kalau seorang reader bakalan komen pakai bahasa inggris kalau baca ff english walaupun yang nulis orang indo hehehe
    ada satu kata yang jadi new vocab, thanks to you keke~
    menemukan beberapa typo, ya cuma agak salah ketik aja sih. acceptable

    Kritik boleh ya?
    Entah ketidak fasihan aku dalam berbahasa inggris ngefek atau enggak, but i found this ff still lack on something. Bukan teknik penulisan or else, tapi feel. Mungkin karena kecepetan kali ya? Maksudku, kondisi dia sama Minho masih kurang clear menurutku. Terus, Onew was her secret admirer kan yah? Mereka sahabat udah lama gitu ceritanya?
    kan tadi katanya si cewek ini gak berniat ninggalin Minho, malah dia kepingin balik ke Minho. Tapi dengan mudah si cewek fallen for onew just a sec after she gave Minho a ‘lesson’

    Nah pujiannya, woooowww… you’re such an english expert, dont you?
    formatnya termasuk rapi, tapi aku gak bisa judge grammar. bahasa inggrisku belum sebagus kamu
    this one is T.O.P! ^O^

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. I. Love. It.

    Oke, 6 kata itu yang harus Author-ssi tahu. Sama kayak Zikey Eonnie, aku nggak bisa nge-judge grammar, karena masih abal-abalan T_T

    Aku suka penggambaran semuanya, mulai dari waktu, tempat, bahkan penggambaran karakternya. Keep writing~ <333

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