Mr. Fussy

Title       : Mr. Fussy

Author  : ReeneReenePott

Maincast : Choi Seul Rin (a.k.a vanflaminkey97), Kim Kibum/Key

Genre   : Comedy to Romance (??)

Rating   : PG – 13

Length  : Drabble

Before story : It’s Sleep Time | Baby! Baby! Baby! | Good Person | Think of You |Sweet Dream |

Seul Rin’s Side : Mr. Fussy

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2NE — SCENE 5: Apakah Kembali?

2NE — SCENE 5: Apakah Kembali?

Written by Zikey


.:: This events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person, institution, or events is merely coincidental ::.

Main Cast: Kim Jonghyun, Chae Yoo Jin, Song Joong Ki

Supporting Cast:

–          CAP as Bang Min Soo (Teen Top)

–          Jina

–          T.O.P (Big Bang)

Genre: Angst, Mystery, Family, Life

Length: Sequel – Stand Alone

Rating: General

I can’t look, I’m so blind
I lost my heart, I lost my mind
Without you, without you

[David Guetta ft. Usher – Without You]

Rumah Yujin, Buam-dong

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