Y.O.U – Year of Us – [One-side POV]

Title : Y.O.U – Year of Us – [One-side POV]

Author : shnajworld11

Main Casts :

  • Young (OC)
  • Lee Taejin
  • Lee Taemin

Support Casts : –

Genre : Romance, Fluff

Length : Oneshot

Rating : PG – 13

Posted : @ my wp – fjesscjeje53.wordpress.com

A/N : Akhirnya FF Oneshoot-ku yang pertama selesai juga! Dedicated for the one who requested, one of my besties, and all of FFs’ lovers esp. Shawols ma Taemints. Comments are really needed. So, please don’t be a silent reader. Once again, khamzahamnida! Happy reading guys^^!

Warning! : Typo bertebaran. The plot of this FF is MINE!

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