Sister Wishes – Part 3

Sister Wishes [Chapter 3: The Hangout]

Author: ainayanf (nai)

Main Cast: Choi Minho with Jung Soojung aka Krystal Jung

Other Cast: Choi Sulli |Lee Taemin| Kim Jong-In aka Kai| Kim Nayoung (OC)| Bae Suzy

Genre: romance, life

Rating: Teenager

Length: chaptered

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Nai note: for all our readers, diceritakan di fanfiction ini bahwa Sulli lebih muda dari Krystal, umur Krystal dan Sulli berbeda 2 tahun, Krystal lebih tua.  Thank you for our attention, sorry for our mistake(s) and typo(s). happy reading!

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