Kekepoan Taemin

Kekepoan Taemin

Story 1

Dicintai atau Mencintai?

 Title                : Dicintai atau Mencintai?

Author           : Natali Tamashii

Main Cast      : Lee Tae Min

Support Cast : Choi Min Ho, Kim Hye Kyo (OC)

Length            : Oneshot

Genre             : Life – Romance

Rate                : G

Disclaimer     : I just had OC, plot, idea and this fanfic. Except that is belong to God. Don’t put anything in this fanfic without permission.

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Feelings Stored [2.2]

Feelings Stored  Storyline by ainayanf [2nd Section/Final Section|

with Krystal Jung and Choi Minho as main cast|

and Choi Sulli and Lee Taemin as Other Cast|

friendship,romance, fluff, a bit of comedy  Genre|


Twoshot Duration|

[inspired by f(Krystal, Luna and Amber) feat EXO K’s D.O –Goodbye Summer]

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feelings stored 

“Something I know, that I’m falling in love with you ,

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