Annyeong haseyooo yeorobuunnn.. 

Olenmanieyoo chingudeuulll.. huhuhu maaf sekali baru update FF Verify lagi.. (Maafkan saya ya..#plakk…)

FF verification 21 ini akan memuat semua FF yang masuk di inbox dari bulan April – July 2013. 

“Kok lama bener sih min..? baru muncul lagi..?”

“Kok cuman dari April – July aja..? Yang lain mana..?”

\(*0*)/.. \(^3^)/ Harap tenang ya yeorobuunnn.

FF verification ini dibuat sebenranya sebagai filter atau info FF siapa aja yang sudah masuk di inbox kami, nah untuk FF  Verify bulan Jul – Aug 13sudah kami muat di twitter kami di http://www.twitter.com/SF3SI dan akan tetap kami muat di blog kita tercinta ini.

OK. now lets check our FF Verification 21 Kajjajaaa…!!!

  1. [CHAPTER] Annyeong…!
  2. [DRABBLE] Taemin’s condition
  3. [DRABBLE] Ultra Dorm
  4. [DRABLLE]Asylum
  5. [FF party] Disaat SM Town Salah gaul (SHINee Vers)
  6. [FF Special] ME!
  7. [FICLET] Black Umberella
  8. [FICLET] Destiny
  9. [FICLET] Sadar Taemin Sadar. Woy !
  10. [HALF DRABBLE]You’re President of My Heart
  11. [ONESHOT] (Special For Jonghyuns B’day) SHINee UFO Reply
  12. [ONESHOT] [SEQUEL] I Got  Ma Gir
  13. [ONESHOT] 24 Hours!
  14. [ONESHOT] 6 Hours of Love
  15. [ONESHOT] A Long Afternoon
  16. [ONESHOT] A Side
  17. [ONESHOT] Always Love
  18. [ONESHOT] Blue
  19. [ONESHOT] But Not Me
  20. [ONESHOT] Dear Friend
  21. [ONESHOT] Dimana Ayamku…???!!!
  22. [ONESHOT] Dream Girl
  23. [ONESHOT] Dreaming
  24. [ONESHOT] End
  25. [ONESHOT] Englishmen
  26. [ONESHOT] Eomma, Saranghae
  27. [ONESHOT] Fantasy ELF
  28. [ONESHOT] FF Special Lima Jari
  29. [ONESHOT] Foolishness and Confession
  30. [ONESHOT] Harum Bunga
  31. [ONESHOT] Hindar
  32. [ONESHOT] Hold The Loce
  33. [ONESHOT] Hujan
  34. [ONESHOT] I Remember You Said
  35. [ONESHOT] I see the light or i see
  36. [ONESHOT] In A Lifetime
  37. [ONESHOT] In The Bus
  38. [ONESHOT] Just For One Day
  39. [ONESHOT] Kenapa Bukan Aku
  40. [ONESHOT] Kiss Note
  41. [ONESHOT] Lost
  42. [ONESHOT] Magnet
  43. [ONESHOT] Mid Night Call
  44. [ONESHOT] Minho Love Story
  45. [ONESHOT] My Rival My Love
  46. [ONESHOT] No Perfect Marriage
  47. [ONESHOT] Not A Frozen Smile Anymore
  48. [ONESHOT] Oppa
  50. [ONESHOT] Teganya Dirimu
  51. [ONESHOT] The Day When I Cried
  52. [ONESHOT] The Last Journey
  53. [ONESHOT] Why So Serious?; Nightmare Gift
  54. [ONESHOT] Without a Heart
  55. [ONESHOT] Y.O.U – Year of us
  56. [ONESHOT] Young Love – Taemin Version
  57. [ONESHOT] Your Presence
  58. [ONESHOT]The Reason
  59. [ONESHOT]Why So Serious?; Just a Dream
  60. [SEQUEL] 24 Colors [Part 1]
  61. [SEQUEL] Artificial Intelligence
  62. [SEQUEL] Behind Their Glasses
  63. [SEQUEL] Egoistic Marriage – The One (IX)
  64. [SEQUEL] Family Business : Black Shuck
  65. [SEQUEL] Family Business : Bloody Mary
  66. [SEQUEL] Family Business : Myling
  67. [SEQUEL] Family Business : Pick Her Up
  68. [SEQUEL] Finally, We Opened Up Our Minds – Chapter 1
  69. [SEQUEL] First Love Never Dies (Part 1 – 4 End)
  70. [SEQUEL] Gamer in Love
  71. [SEQUEL] I Hate U, but I Love U Part 5
  72. [SEQUEL] Jinja We Are Twins..? [Part 1]
  73. [SEQUEL] Jinki’s Sacrifice
  74. [SEQUEL] Naega Saranghae “Our Marriage” [Part 9A-B, 10]
  75. [SEQUEL] Oops
  76. [SEQUEL] Secretly Love (Part 10,11,12)
  77. [SEQUEL] Sweetest Rosa
  78. [SEQUEL] That XX
  79. [SEQUEL] The Curse
  80. [SEQUEL] Undisclosed Desire [Part 8-12 End]
  81. [SEQUEL] We got Married
  82. [SEQUEL] Who is??? Part 1-4
  83. [TWOSHOT] Antifans or sasaeng fans? [Part 1, 2]
  84. [TWOSHOT] I Need that One Thing
  85. [TWOSHOT] Love Sick [Part 1]
  86. [TWOSHOT]The Misconceptions Of You
  87. Because of You [Part 4.4 End]
  88. Best Man
  89. Can’t Stop Loving You [Part 1]
  90. Is He or Him? [CHAPTER 1]
  91. My Housemate [CHAPTER 1]
  92. One Litre Of Tears [Part 1]
  93. The Destiny
  94. The Girl in a Glass
  95. The Story! [‘Countinued’ of Because Of You Part 1-5]
  96. This Kind of Marriage [Part 1-5]
  97. U [Part 1,2]
  98. Uri Dongsaeng
  99. Who is??? [Part 5 – 15 End]
  100. XYZ [Part 1,2]

Sekian list FF Verification 22, untuk FF Verification  selanjutnya, harap ditunggu ya..

Thank you for the warm attention everytime!!!^^ We’ll become that kind of person who always putting the sincerity and true heart into anything we do!! We will try my best, for everything…^^.

Thank you for kindly attention and If you have any question, write down on the comment box!! OR send it to my email, rismahariati[at]gmail[dot]com ^^ OR prefer my twitter for the easier @RismaHariati  See you next FF and don’t forget to give Give Me Oxygen



4 thoughts on “FF VERIFICATION #21”

  1. Wah… admin chingu…
    Tuh This Kind of Marriage udah sampe part5 ternyata
    Buruan dong dipublish… ^__^
    Yah… yah… yah…

  2. yang this kind of marriage cpet dong d lanjutnya 😉 yg “my housemate” mana?? trus “it start because of my blood” ?? huaaaa di tunggu klanjutannya 😉

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