Unpredictable Meeting

Unpredictable Meeting


Author : Vanesa Choi aka Choi Eun Neul

Main Cast : Onew SHINee as Lee Jinki ,Choi Eun Soo (OC)

Support Cast :,Song Hyerim (OC),Choi Minho SHINee,Lee Taemin SHINee,Lee family and Eun Soo Appa

Genre : Romance,Family,Comedy

Rate : PG17

Lenght : One Shoot

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Because I Need Her

Tittle : Because I Need Her.

Author : Enisa Dildar (@Enisa_D)

// Length : Oneshot // Genre : Romance, Friendship, Comedy // Main Cast : Minho // Support Cast : Taemin, Jonghyun, Key // Rating : General

Disclaimer : Minho is belong to himself, the story is mine, and I’m not take any profit for this story. It just for fun, so please enjoy! 😉

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