Title                       : Flu

Author                  : Chrysalis

Casts                     : SHINee Minho & me

Length                  : Drabblet [446 words]

Genre                   : Fluff

Rating                   : PG

Disclaimer           : I own nothing but the plot. Non-profit works but don’t try to plagiarize nor steal it.

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A Decision [2.2]

A Decision

Title  : A Decision [2.2] END

Author : Natali Tamashii

Main Cast  :

  • Lee Tae Min
  • Kang Rae Mi (OC)

Support Cast :

  • Kim Jong Hyun
  • Lee Jin Ki
  • Kang Min Hyuk
  • Park Min Ri (OC)
  • Cho Hye Ra (OC)
  • Kim Hyun Ae (OC)

Length : Twoshots

Rate : PG-16

Genre : Life – Friendship – Romance

Summary : ~Apa yang kita inginkan belum tentu yang kita butuhkan dan apa yang kita butuhkan belum tentu yang kita inginkan~

Disclaimer : All of plot, OC, and this fanfic are mine. Made by my own brain. Other cast belongs to God, themselves and their family.

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