Another Day

Another Day


Author: AelloPan

Main Cast: Song Aerim (OC), Choi Minho (SHINee)

Support Cast: Lee Jinki(SHINee), Shim Chaesa (OC)

Length: Oneshot

Genre: Romance, Friendship, School Life

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer : Plot is based on my own idea but I don’t own member of SHINee. Do not copy, do not plagiarize, do not post somewhere else without my permission. Please, respect me as an author

Summary: Where did you go? ‘Cause you’re not gone. Everyone knows that something’s wrong. The wires were cut and I’m alone”Paramore, Another Day

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Try to Catch Onew – Part 4

Try to Catch Onew part 4


Author: Lee mincha

Cast: Choi hyejin, Onew, minho, key, jonghyun, taemin, jung rim, kai, menejer and many others

Length: sequel

Genre: romance

Rating: general

Summary: aku kembali ke korea untuk mengejar kembali onew oppaku. Hyejin hwaiting^^

Sorry for typo ya readers, dan yang pasti mohon maaf atas segala kesalahan tata bahasan #bow

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