Title                       : Stay

Author                  : Chrysalis

Casts                     : SHINee Minho & me

Length                  : Drabblet [254 words]

Genre                   : AU

Rating                   : PG

Disclaimer          : I own nothing but the plot. Non-profit works but don’t try to plagiarize nor steal it.


What do you mean by stay?

Don’t leave.

I ain’t leaving.

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Try to Catch Onew – Part 5 (End)

Try to Catch Onew part 5 end


Author: Lee mincha

Cast: Choi hyejin, Onew, minho, key, jonghyun, taemin, jung rim, kai, menejer and many others

Length: sequel

Genre: romance

Rating: general

Summary: aku kembali ke korea untuk mengejar kembali onew oppaku. Hyejin hwaiting^^

Sorry for typo ya readers, dan yang pasti mohon maaf atas segala kesalahan tata bahasan #bow

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