trauma cover

Title: Trauma

Main Cast : Lee Jin Ki, Lee Ji Na (OC)

Support Cast: other SHINee members and Choi SiWon

Length: Oneshoot

Genre : Family, a bit friendship

Rating : General

Summary : “I Will do anything, I will give everything, Only to see your smile again”

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Worth Keeping

Worth Keeping

tumblr_mxq8txO1mh1siyrhqo1_500Written by Zika

Main Cast: Choi Minho, Lee Jinki

Minor Cast: Kim Kibum

Genre: Friendship, Bromance, Life

Length: Ficlet

Rating: G

Note: Happy Late Birthday, dear Minho & Onew ^^

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There’s a reason, why some things are worth keeping. And there’s always a reason, why the-worth-keeping-things are often called secret. Continue reading Worth Keeping