Out of Many

Out of Many


Author             : Faciikan

Main Cast        : you and a SHINee member, pick it out yourself

Support Cast    : -none-

Length             : drabble

Genre              : romance, angst, songfic (SHINee’s Selene 6.23)

Rating             : General

Summary        : It was the first time ever that I realized we had something—though it wasn’t so fascinating—in common

A.N                  :I don’t know what is this


Now Reading    : The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Maybe that is the most memorable SNS update that I had ever posted on the net. I remember the exact date, the exact time, the exact place where I posted that. It was stitched into my brain, my heart, and my memory, and if I try to get it off me, I will die; just like what Matt Damon did on Elysium.

I also remember the exact reply that he gave an hour forty-seven minutes after.

Cool! RT @ksehwa: Now Reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

            It was the first time ever that I realized we had something—though it wasn’t so fascinating—in common. We loved book.

A week after, we gathered for a meeting. I was in the school’s senate board whilst he was the president. Before the weekly meeting, he dragged me for eyes-to-eyes talk. I tried to play it cool and not making a scene to myself. Thank God, none of anything embarrassing happened. He asked about the book that Stieg Larsson wrote and the possibility of me lending him the series. I told him that it was a cool suspense-thriller story and that he should read the book thoroughly. I was willingly let him borrow the book.

He was not financially supported to buy imported books. So he constantly borrowed those books. He borrowed many; almost all of my Paul Coelho collections, J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, all of the books that Dan Brown wrote, he even borrowed some of Nicolas Sparks books that my sister bought specially for me.

He was so special. Every time he texted me saying that he wished to borrow a book, I always prepared the book with all of my heart. I wiped the dust off, sprinkle it with some cedar-wood perfume and renewed the bookmark. I always made excuses inside my head like; “the book is my child, I am just doing what a mother would do,” or something like that. But no, I just want to impress him, I want to show him that I love my books and I am also capable of loving him just like how I love  my books. But he never noticed, as he was always dissolved into the stories’ beauty.

He was so special. Every time we spitted out a fun-fact or a movie-related thing that none of the board members know, I always the first person to say, “Yeah! I know.” It was no lie. I spent too much time on the internet to know all of those things. He was impressed, but like it was enough.

The board members always teased him with another board member, the vice president. They never got together, but I could see the sparkles in his eyes whenever they teased him. The vice president blushed and said a number of denials, but I knew how she liked it. Don’t ask how, I just knew. My heart died a little; my brain tried to reason logics with my heart.

I have no right to be jealous right? We were just book buddies. He was the school’ senate president; I was the school’s senate Fraction B’s Head. He was a year older with girls lined up to date him; I was the chubby junior that excelled in nothing but thesaurus and chemistry formulas.

The year passed so quick like a fast-forward.

The new school’s senate president election and I was a candidate. He won the year before because the other four contestants were not really into being a president and they tried them best not to be elected. On my year, I was elected because I was so great at delivering speeches and my awesomely furnished thesaurus.

After they announce my triumph and I delivered an impromptu speech, the crowd went off to their business. After the handshakes and congratulatory, I helped the other board members to clean up the school hall. As we finished and I was resting on one of the chair, he approached me.

“Congratulation,” He said. “Take care of the senate. You are the first female president and I know you will do well. Take care of the school and do the programs well.”

I only nodded and couldn’t look at his eyes. I was known for being cool and if I got a look from those eyes, I was more than possible to lose my cool. “Yeah, it’s huge.”

“I thought so too. In the middle of the year, I want to just give up, but you know I can’t, right?” He patted my head a little. “I know you’re the one…”

I brought my chin up to see his face. His warm smile decorated the face and his eyes formed curves. “You’re the one for the job.”

Yeah, of course I was the one for the job.

“Thanks, sunbae. Just worry about the SAT and graduation.” I answered bitterly—though I didn’t show it within my tone.

“Oh, and one more,” He took a step closer. “Wait for me to text you, you know, to borrow book.”

He smiled again. He was going to graduate within six month and he probably opting for a great university and he would have countless part time jobs. He was going to get off my sight. He shook my hand again and turned around to gather with other seniors.

I saw his firm back getting smaller. I saw how his arm lingered on the other seniors’ shoulders.

I led the senate extraordinarily well that year. All of the programs went success, all of the students, the teachers pleased by my job. None of them know that my intention of doing so was just to impress him, not like they need to know anyway.

But he never once noticed nor did text me to borrow a book.

Out of so many people who passed by his life, I was just one of them and I am nothing but ordinary. I should’ve known.

@2013 SF3SI, Faciikan


Officially written by faciikan, claimed with her signature. Registered and protected.

This FF/Post legally claim to be owned by SF3SI, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at SHINee World Fiction

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22 thoughts on “Out of Many”

  1. Sedih ya, pas kita hanya di jadiin korban PHP gitu…
    Aku masih belajar bahasa inggris dan nggak begitu bagus juga jadi aku gak bisa kasih kritikkan. Maaf ya.
    But, overall ceritanya udah bagus kok. Bikin nyesek yang baca -_-
    Hehehe aku tunggu karya kamu selanjutnyaa~

  2. wow, sepertinya ada yang sedang curhat
    well, this story pretty close to everyone’s life, isn’t it?
    hanya angin lalu, i should’ve known. Ouch, that must be hurt.
    aku gabisa komentar soal grammar or else sih, not in the position.
    tapi kalau aku pribadi ini masih sedikit kaku, ya gak sih? apa enggak? ya udah lah yah hahah

    thanks for the story ^^

    1. Ini bukan curhat ohmaigat… well, oblivion will come eventually, it’s rather inevitable.
      Kaku? Ya kali, nggak tau, btw makasih kritikannya
      Thanks for reading uwu….

  3. This…..
    same with my personal life…..
    just, I and him aren’t senate member……
    hampir aja nangis….

    just, I don’t know how to criticize this, I don’t have a word after read this…
    well done

  4. I’m reading this while streaming Jjongie’s BN then the **** neo wa naui geori pops out
    and I’m now suffocating since that ******* JjongD screwed my mind
    okay, I’ll stop complaining to Jjongie right now

    “Out of so many people who passed by his life, I was just one of them and I am nothing but ordinary. I should’ve known.”
    You really got me a paper cut
    actually I was starting my ugly sobbing on the ‘congrats’ part and the explosion was on the last part when the song just reach on the calling your name but no use
    I broke down into suffocating sobs
    It’s too short though but . . .
    you just poke on my soft spot (in this already screwed mind and roller coaster mood) and that’s really annoying ya know? –”
    thanks for the story btw
    you help me to clear my head, a bit 😀

    1. Actually, it was inspired by the part “sumanheun saram jung hana (I’m just one out of many people pass by you)”

      Uwuwuwu… Don’t cry. Glad that it helped
      Thanks for reading uwu

  5. “Out of so many people who passed by his life, I was just one of them and I am nothing but ordinary. I should’ve known.”
    Periiiiiih 😦

  6. Aku masih belajar english tapi yaaa pokoknya gitu deh inti ceritanya. NYESEK.
    Gak pake backsound pun udah merinding/? Bacanya d(TTvTT)b
    Tapi aku malah suka cerita yg sad kaya beginian bc yaa ini my true story juga huahaha kasian deh aku. Ditunggu karya slanjutnya. Hwaiting!

  7. sek sek nyesekkkkkk /sobssssss/
    aku kirain bakalan happy ending, fluff gitu.. ternyata..gantung ihㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    ff yg mengasah english ku~~
    thankyou for this masterpice~

  8. at the first word i read the story i thought of taemin as the sunbae, but in the middle of the story i just forgotten about taemin and thinks onew as the sunbae.. good storyy.. bikin nangiss, but fine *sob**sob*

  9. Its such a unrequired love… So sad. I imaginary to be this girl, and its feel so hard to try the best make him impresed with our job. Fighting… Make best fanfic again. Daebak for writer 👍👍

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