You and I – 7th Encounter : Going Out


Title                      : Going Out

Cast(s)                  : SHINee Jonghyun & me

Length                  : Sequel

Genre                   : Romance

Rating                   : PG

Disclaimer           : I own nothing but the plot. Non-profit works but don’t try to plagiarize nor steal it.

a/n                         : Inspired by Zaky’s Americano

Holy crap!

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Many Little (domesticated) Romances

Many Little (domesticated) Romances

Author              : Faciikan

Main Cast        : SHINee and their respective lovers

Support Cast     : -none-

Length             : little drabbles

Genre              : fluff, romance, SHINee domestic!au,

Rating             : PG-15

Summary          : Collection of short domesticated SHINee

A.N                  : Karena aku payah bikin cerita panjang-panjang.

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