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Hampir sama kayak One Shot, cuma bedanya untuk stand alone ini sebenernya cerita sequel. Cuma, tanpa perlu baca cerita sebelumnya kita juga akan tetep ngerti

A Month Later

A Month Later

Author             : Hanakimchi a.k.a Hana Unni

Main Cast        : Lee Jin-ki, Lee Chae-rin

Support Cast  : No one

Length             : One shot (flashfic), Stand Alone

Genre                          : Romance

Rating                         : NC-21

Summary         : After that night, ‘that’ thing happened again……

A.N                 : This story based on author point of view. For readers who have read “One night, between Jin-ki and Chae-rin”, this is the first sequel. Actually, this is NO CHILDREN rate but I SKIPPED it in some parts. Lee Jin-ki owns himself but Lee Chae-rin belongs to my imagination. This story and all inside belongs to mine.

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