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Title            : Ppoppo

Cast(s)       : Kid!Taemin, Choi Minho and me

Genre         : AU, Fluff, Family

Length        : 618w

Rating         : PG


You wanna too?

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Summer Rain

Title       : Summer Rain

Cast(s)   : Choi Minho and Lee Taemin

Genre    : AU, Slice of Life

Length   : 757w

Rating    : PG

A/n         : Based on Sfforel’s mini-comic. Please give ‘em lots of love.


It’s still raining

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Title              : Chewy

Cast(s)          : Kim Jonghyun & Lee Jinki

Length          : drabble

Genre            : Fluff, Shounen ai

Rating           : PG 13

Disclaimer  : I own nothing but the plot. Non-profit work.

Chewing Jonghyun is not bad.

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You and I – 3rd Encounter : Cold


Title                      : Cold

Cast(s)                  : SHINee Jonghyun & me

Length                  : Sequel

Genre                   : Romance

Rating                   : PG

Disclaimer           : I own nothing but the plot. Non-profit works but don’t try to plagiarize nor steal it.

a/n                         : Inspired by Zaky’s Americano

 It’s a cold day

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Love Means Never Say Sorry – Part 2

Main Cast :
Kim Jonghyun
Lee Jinki
Han Hyejin (OC)

Support Cast :
Jang Yoomi (OC)
Lee Taemin
Choi Minho

Length : Sequel

Genre : Romance, Friendship

Rating : PG

Summary : “Aku jatuh cinta. Aku merasakannya, bahwa dalam hitungan detik aku mencintainya, aku mengaguminya dan aku ingin memilikinya. Bahkan sekarang aku merasa bahwa takdirku dilahirkan ke dunia ini adalah untuk mencintainya”

Love Means Never Say Sorry [2]

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