I Love Your Brother – Part 3

I Love Your Brother – Part 3

Title : I Love Your Brother – Part 2
Author : Park Sung Rin aka dorkyflames
Main Cast : Choi Minho, Krystal
Support Cast : Sulli, Jessica, Yuri, Taemin
Length : Chapter
Genre : Romance,Friendship, Family
Rating :  PG-15
A.N : akhirnya udah part 3 .. Sebentar lagi mau end nih.. mkasii ya masih mau baca cerita geje ini, hhee.. Happy reading ^^

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To Be With You..

Tittle : To be with you..
Author : Iheartaemin.
Rating : PG 15.
Length : Oneshoot.
Genre : Fantasy.
Main cast : Hyemi,Lee Jinki(Onew).
Support Cast : Seungyeon KARA,Other SHINee members.
Disclaimer : This is purely my imagination!i own nothing except Hyemi and plot!Lee Jinki belongs to the right owner.
Don’t be a plagiator cause plagiating wont make you good.so back off.
Comments are loved :]
Don’t blame me cause I’m not a good writer..i’m still learning 🙂
Don’t bash me!!!
Check it out ^^~

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This Is My Love Story (END)

This Is My Love Story (END)

Tittle                :  This Is My Love Story (END)

Author             :  KeroroKey aka Navia

Cast                 :  -Kim Ki Bum (Key)

                           -Park Yeong Eun

Suport Cast     :  -Kim’s Family

                           -Park’s Family

                           -Park Hyo Ae

                           -Go Hye Mi

Rating             :  General

Genre              :  Romance, Fantasy(dikit juga), Sad(may be)

Length             :  Sequel (4 of 4/END)

A.N                 :  FF ini terinspirasi dari filmnya Hyun Bin yang ‘A Millionare’s 1st Love’.

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