Kids Become Teens? [Prolog]

Kids Become Teens?  [Prolog]

Main Cast :

Kim  Hye Sa

Lee Jin Ki

Lee Tae Min

And Other Cast that you will find in part 1;)

P.S : Ini prolog loh=)) ceritanya belum main, cuma prolognya emang beda sama prolog-prolog yang biasanya haha enjoy this prolog!!;)

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Shout Out With Love – Part 3

Shout Out With Love…

Part 3

Author: Annisa Nisa a.k.a SHINvisble Nisaa~

Main Cast: Kim Jong Hyun, Choi Min Ho, Nam Hee Ra

Cast: Han Seung Hee, Choi Ji Ah, Lee Jin Ki, Lee Tae Min, Im Ju Hwan, Lee Min Ji, Nam Jong Woon and many more

Length: Sequel

Genre: Friendship, romance

Rating: General


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