Author : Choi Putri Shawol SonElf KPoplovers

Main Cast : YOU, Key

Support Cast : Seohyun SNSD, Onew, Yuri SNSD, Yoona SNSD, Sooyoung SNSD, Sohee WG, Luna F(x), Krystal F(x), Sulli F(x) à slain Seohyun, Cuma nyempil namany doank 😛

Length : 1869 words

Genre : Romance

Rating : General (kykny)

NB : berhub. Ini FF debut, jdi harap maklum klo FF ini sangaaaaat jauh dri kata SempurnA Continue reading ONLY YOU

Shout Out With – Love Part 5

Shout Out With Love

Part 5

Author: Annisa Nisa a.k.a SHINvisble Nisaa~

Main Cast: Kim Jong Hyun, Choi Min Ho, Nam Hee Ra

Cast: Han Seung Hee, Choi Ji Ah, Lee Jin Ki, Lee Tae Min, Nam Ha Na, and many more

Length: Sequel

Genre: Friendship, romance

Rating: General


I don’t own SHINee, they are belong to SMEnt and their family, but i do own this story. And I do own some of the cast (Nam Hee Ra, Choi Ji Ah). Continue reading Shout Out With – Love Part 5